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How to Choose Between Canvas and SVG. Canvas and SVG are two exciting graphics features introduced in Internet Explorer 9 and are hardware accelerated.

How to Choose Between Canvas and SVG

These technologies can be used to address a range of graphic scenarios on the modern Web. With a lot of excitement around Canvas, there has been a tendency to ignore SVG, which, in many cases, is the better choice. Here I offer some thoughts on when to choose Canvas, SVG, or a combination of the two. High Level Summary of Canvas and SVG The following is a high-level summary of Canvas and SVG meant to frame a discussion of when to use one particular vector graphic technology over the other. SVG is known as a retained mode graphics model persisting in an in-memory model. Canvas is a bitmap with an immediate mode graphics application programming interface (API) for drawing on it.

The Scenarios The following sections describe the technical benefits and limitations of both technologies, including a common sense approach to determining when one is appropriate for a given task. 42 Outstanding FREE UI Kits for Web Designers. Internet is full of freebies for web designers and developers.

42 Outstanding FREE UI Kits for Web Designers

Today, we will be covering 42 free UI Kits and templates. All of them are editable in PSD format and mostly covering all of the basic UI elements such as textfield, checkboxes, radio buttons, buttons, drop down menu and some other cover extensive list of elements. Well, you might say, "They're gorgeous! Visualizing Time with the Infinity Hour Chart. This is another experiment in visualizing 24-hour cyclical data.

Visualizing Time with the Infinity Hour Chart

My last post explored a method of linear representation (the Double Time Bar Chart). Linear representations have problems when it comes to showing the cyclical nature of time data (ie there is no start or end of a 24 hour cycle). 15 Useful Infographics For Designers And Developers. Writen by Bogdan / Comments Off on 15 Useful Infographics For Designers And Developers Information graphics or infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge.

15 Useful Infographics For Designers And Developers

These graphics present complex information quickly and clearly,[1] such as in signs, maps, journalism, technical writing, and education. With an information graphic, computer scientists, mathematicians, and statisticians develop and communicate concepts using a single symbol to process information. In this article you will find 15 useful infographics for designers and developers. 10 Websites with some unusual and interesting Navigation. Just a few days , i was browising through a site called 75B , the site had a pretty interesting navigation with images where the images moved around within the category .

10 Websites with some unusual and interesting Navigation

So i thought i will list few other websites that i came across that had prettty unusual but yet interesting navigation in the website Here’s the list of 10 sites that has unusual and interesting navigation 2. Yuna Kim 3. 4. Look out for the Panoramic style Navigation in the site . Looked somewhat similar to the people’s hub in Windows Phone… 5. First time users might find difficult with this navigation but still The Navigation by drawing on the screen looks good 6. A Newspaper style with the panoramic effect thats interesting tool. Snow – A Slick And Modern Web UI Kit. This set of user interface elements was created specifically for light, modern websites and applications. Color Theory 101 » Color » Design Festival. First impressions are everything.

Color Theory 101 » Color » Design Festival

How you look and how you present yourself can determine how you are perceived. The same goes for our design work. The impression that our work gives depends on a myriad of different factors. 30 Excellent Examples of Color Usage in Web Design. Choosing the right color scheme for a web design is extremely important.

30 Excellent Examples of Color Usage in Web Design

It will set the mood of your design probably more so than any other component. Sometimes it’s appropriate to go big with an assortment of bold colors, while other times it’s better to play it safe with a minimal color palette. For today’s inspiration, we’ve gathered 30 web designs that make excellent use of color. Enjoy!

Five Ajax best practices. This article is introduces you to five practices that you can adopt while doing Ajax development in your web applications: These practices help you write JavaScript code that is more robust and executes your Ajax code faster, which is better for your users.

Five Ajax best practices

Ajax overview Ajax is a relatively new term used to describe technologies that have existed for quite some time: JavaScript code, XML, and objects that can make asynchronous calls over HTTP. Ajax is often used to prevent an entire HTML page from being submitted and reloaded, especially when a user performs an action that doesn't require the entire page to be reloaded. Over the past few years Ajax has been used more widely as the tools for developing Ajax-enabled sites have improved. 60+ Awesome UI Dribbbles. What are you working on?

30 Fresh Web UI, Mobile UI and Wireframe Kits. Following-on from our previously popular Web UI and Wireframe Resources articles, in this round-up we felt we should bring you right up to date by taking a look at some of the freshest freely available UI resources.

30 Fresh Web UI, Mobile UI and Wireframe Kits

All of the templates, kits, stencils and even the Photoshop Actions we have in this post have all been designed to help make the initial rapid prototyping stages of web and mobile development that little bit easier, quicker and smoother. As you would expect all of the kits are fully editable and available in a multitude of various formats (.psd, .ai, .eps, .png or even .kth (Keynote), .ppt (Powerpoint) or Omnigraffle formats). So, whatever your preferred format is you are guaranteed to find it in this post. Way Cool CSS3 Typography Experiments. CSS3 opens up new avenues for design and creativity on the web, with the ability to better control the display of content through the browser.

Way Cool CSS3 Typography Experiments

One of the major areas of improvement in CSS3 are new methods that can be applied to text and typography to create unique results. 10 Easy To Use Free Online WYSIWYG Editors. What You See Is What You Get, also known as WYSIWYG editors are incredibly useful for web designers, developers, and bloggers. WordPress comes equipped with one by default, to enable quick post writing and minimal interaction with the code, unless the user wants to use it. As such, having a WYSIWYG editor for your own work can save a lot of time and stress. There are different editors for different applications, depending on what you’re looking to work on, how lightweight you want the editor to be, and how flexible you want the functionality to be. We’ve gathered up 10 easy to use, free, online WYSIWYG editors for you to use.


WEB optimization. 20+ Brilliant and Advanced jQuery Effects. Wicked CSS 3d bar chart using only CSS3. RandomThink Labs. Google Images Box - CSS 3D example. Google Images Gift Box - CSS 3D example Your browser may not support CSS Transforms. 8 Best User Interface Guidelines for Desktop and Mobile Applications. By anthony on 09/16/10 at 2:23 pm You have all used desktop and mobile applications before. Internet Trend Map 2006/2007. 1143801067_43c74dfa90_o.gif (833×581) Influence Summary. Fonts Stuff. Tecnics. HTML. Controlers. Web Design Resources. Design Patterns.


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