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Varun Backliwal

Born and brought up in New Delhi, Varun received his B. Com degree from Delhi University and spent eight years working in his family business, before moving to Spain to complete his MBA from the prestigious IESE Business School in Barcelona. He is an avid photographer who has not only worked with an acclaimed fashion photographer, but is also deeply passionate about travel photography and has travelled to scenic beauties like Tibet, Ladakh, Tanzania and over 40 other countries. Being the fourth generation of a family that has been associated with the fine arts and handicrafts business for over 70 years, and having worked in the online retail space, Varun used that knowledge to launch Artisera, an online destination to discover and buy the most exquisite pieces of fine art, collectibles, furniture and home décor. He currently resides in and runs his company from Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Buy Art, Collectibles, Luxury Home Décor & Furniture Online. Reflections in Resin: How Abhigna Kedia Uses Abstract Patterns to Expr – Artisera. Abstract patterns in warm hues of gold, brown, bronze, orange and blue, sparkle in the mellow sunshine pouring in through the windows.

Reflections in Resin: How Abhigna Kedia Uses Abstract Patterns to Expr – Artisera

This is how you are welcomed into the space that Abhigna Kedia uses as her studio in Bangalore. Unique resin artworks adorn every wall of the emerging artist’s studio, where her creativity is fueled by music and poetry. “I always have great music playing when I’m working,” she says, adding that she goes through different phases with music, and is currently listening to Jimmy Sax. An Early Love for Art Abhigna Kedia’s passion for art runs deep - she has loved sketching and painting for as long as she can remember. A Highly Complex Process Abhigna spent over 18 months understanding the complexities of working with resin, before the outside world got to see her art. Many of Abhigna’s artworks are circular or semi-circular, as she finds rectangular and square-shaped surfaces slightly restrictive.

(Abhigna's studio in Bangalore) (Abhigna spreading paint on wood) The Nine Gems of Indian Art – Artisera. India has, over decades, produced some of the most exceptional masters in the field of art, who have manifested the culture and tradition of the land by creating a visual harmony of emotions.

The Nine Gems of Indian Art – Artisera

In 1972, the Government of India, led by Indira Gandhi, passed The Antiquities and Art Treasures Act, which restricted the export or movement of antiquities and art treasures that came under the purview of this legislation, outside the country’s borders. Over the course of the 1970’s, artworks by nine artists were declared ‘national treasures’ under this Act, thus disallowing their sale outside India. 6 Famous Paintings With Hidden Meanings That Will Blow Your Mind – Artisera.

For years, some paintings have held the attention of art lovers, not just because they are beautiful, but because they hold within themselves, unsolved mysteries and hidden secrets.

6 Famous Paintings With Hidden Meanings That Will Blow Your Mind – Artisera

While many theories about the real meaning or possible interpretations have been debunked as mere attention grabbing speculations, here are 6 paintings with secret meanings that will make you look at them in a completely different light! 1. The Creation of Adam – Michelangelo It is well-known that Michelangelo was an exceptional artist, architect and sculptor. However, not many people know that he was also an expert anatomist, who used to dissect corpses with the intention of producing anatomical sketches! There are reasons to believe that Michelangelo left such anatomical illustrations behind in many of his works. 2. And sure enough, if one looks closely, you can see that the painting features twelve seated diners and a standing server, and what could be seen as a cross behind the central, long-haired figure.

Art is Meditation for Abstract Artist Madhuri Kathe – Artisera. “I don’t paint,”, she says, on being asked about the process she follows before enlivening a blank canvas.

Art is Meditation for Abstract Artist Madhuri Kathe – Artisera

It throws us off, until Madhuri Kathe, an artist renowned for her stunning abstract creations, elaborates, “I just play with colours, and the paintings come to be.” This statement alone, tells you about the artist’s spiritual rootedness; a way of life that guides her art and reflects in her creations. Madhuri Kathe grew up listening to doctrines of saints such as Lord Vithala, Sant Dnyaneshwar and Sant Tukaram. Her father was an avid reader of their philosophy. Over time, her interests in these subjects grew, and it is this influence that is evident in her artistic and spiritual evolution.

Abstract was not always Madhuri’s chosen artistic style. The Lost Wax Technique of Casting – How the Finest Sculptures Are Made – Artisera. The craft of making sculptures using different metals dates back thousands of years.

The Lost Wax Technique of Casting – How the Finest Sculptures Are Made – Artisera

Since the earliest of civilisations, metals have been melted, cast and shaped in moulds to create statues. But the level of intricacy and detailing achieved can vary significantly, depending on the process of casting. The lost wax casting technique was invented to create the finest level of detail in sculpting. It is a method of metal casting, in which hot metal is poured into a wax model, which is ‘lost’ during the process. Taking its name from the French term “cire perdue”, the lost wax casting technique originated more than 5,000 years ago. The History of Lost Wax Sculptures in India In the olden days, castings in India were often made in pure copper, but bronze (an alloy consisting of copper and other metals) quickly became the preferred material for statuary, as it is stronger and more tensile.

The Dancing Girl Source: Art by India’s Top Artists. 9 Useful Tips on How to Buy Art Online – Artisera. Over the past decade, shopping has truly gone digital.

9 Useful Tips on How to Buy Art Online – Artisera

From flight tickets to electronics, groceries, furniture and jewellery, we now buy everything online. But when it comes to purchasing high value art, some of us are not quite as comfortable with online shopping. Despite the obvious benefits to buying art online, such as access to a large collection and no geographical constraints, many hesitate to make a purchase without any physical interaction with the seller, or feel unsure about the authenticity of the artwork. Here are nine useful tips from Artisera that can help you enjoy your online art buying experience with confidence. 1. Typically, while buying art, you’re either looking to adorn your home, or considering it as an investment. 2. Unless you are a collector who has more art than space to store it, chances are you want to display the artwork on a wall in your home. Another factor to keep in mind is the aesthetic of your home.

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