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Vantier Shoes

Vantier aims at creating an Indian global footwear brand, which shall display the art of leather in its every shoe. Vantier shall re-invent the luxury for men from each pair of shoe that has been designed and created by Italians from exclusive and exquisite European leathers.

Reasons to buy quality shoes – Vantier Shoes. Some men feel that shoes are just for fashion purposes, they end up buying a handy pair and at other times buy cheap shoes to save money.

Reasons to buy quality shoes – Vantier Shoes

Unfortunately, cheap quality shoes are bad for the feet and the pocket. The three ranks of shoe-making - Vantier Shooes. Shoes are one of the most important parts of a men’s wardrobe, most of them are obsessed with it.

The three ranks of shoe-making - Vantier Shooes

In this age, where we have to be on our toes at all times, might as well do it in a comfortable pair of shoes. A pair of good shoes support your feet, balance your whole body-weight, and become better when worn. Handcrafted leather shoes are the topmost category that gets better with time and it depends on how they are crafted. To know this in detail, we have segregated the three tiers of show-making for you.

Sport the right look at a house party! - When it comes to house parties choosing the right outfits can be tricky, a slip-up is just around the corner!

Sport the right look at a house party! -

Whether it's a friend's place or you are meeting new people, you probably want to dress to impress, without looking flashy or untidy. However, dressing for house parties is not definite, of course, depending on the occasion or the people around you. Considering an average style house party, following are some impeccable suggestions. On occasions like a party, with more than 5 guests, you are supposed to wear a crisp shirt, slogan T-shirts and sweaters with no shirt underneath is a big NO! Combine the shirt with a wool sweater or a casual jacket. Bottom Opt for dark colors and tight cuts for the lower half of your outfit, they look more elegant instead of loose fits and lighter colors. Flaunt your sartorial styles at weddings this season, try these outfits! It's wedding season and we are sure you have received tons of invitations for intimate ceremonies, thanks to the buzz-kill pandemic.

Flaunt your sartorial styles at weddings this season, try these outfits!

As the gatherings are going to be limited it's very important to dress aptly. While women know their fashion hands down, men are always worried about over-dressing. Today we will let you know a few awesome options you can sport and fit right in, not too flashy yet outstanding. Micro-trends for men A/W2020. It's that time of the year again where trends get bolder, concept clothing on runways are finally making their way to stores, in the form of wearable fashion.

Micro-trends for men A/W2020

Not everyone follows runway fashion, but fortunately for you, we’re here, to guide you through stuff you should be wearing. Today, we are focused on micro-trends for A/W 2020, these fashion trends are very specific but they can add spark to your ensemble. Let’s find out these trends, Happy shopping!! Oversized scarves Last winter, harry potter scarves were trending to the moon, massive padded and knitted scarves have made a comeback for AW2020. International brands have launched loose weaves and oversized woven scarves for this season. Just one scarf can shift your fashion vibes, from dressed to divo. Crossbody bags An extension of the micro-bag trend, still ruling the charts, chain-link cross body bags and built-in belts fanny packs are in for AW20.

Look sharp with these style tips – Vantier Shoes. Most styling tips revolve around suiting up or whatever is trending but some of us are just looking to make a better first impression on people we meet in everyday life.

Look sharp with these style tips – Vantier Shoes

We want to look good without looking flashy, just trying to look like better-dressed versions of ourselves. If we are on the same page, then you too are looking for some casual tips to dress right. Well, in that case, you’ve come to the right place. Top 5 wedding attire ideas for men: Look exclusive and attractive - Vantier Shooes. Weddings are all about fun, dancing insanely, and yummy food although the most tiresome decision is “what should I wear?”

Top 5 wedding attire ideas for men: Look exclusive and attractive - Vantier Shooes

, especially for men. But not anymore, we’ve got you covered this time. Keeping the latest trends in mind, we’ve made you an easy-to-dress list. Let’s cut it short and check out what’s in this wedding season. Two essential dress shoes for men. Many people would agree that you can tell a lot about a man by the shoes he wears.Choosing the right pair of shoes enhances your attire and can transform an ordinary look into one that stands out from the crowd.

Two essential dress shoes for men

It is a well known fact that all men possess at least one pair of leather footwear. That is because of the versatility and the comfort that they provide. Handcrafted and Handpainted Styles – Ft. Exotic Collection – Vantier Shooes. Someone has rightly said, “To wear dreams on one’s feet is to begin to give reality to one’s dream!”

Handcrafted and Handpainted Styles – Ft. Exotic Collection – Vantier Shooes

It is one of the profound facts that leather footwear is known to be a symbol of class, luxury and status. It is the best footwear a man can add to his wardrobe because it is vital for each man to be dressed appropriately at all times. India is a country known for its craftsmanship and artwork. Artisans here are so versatile that you name a thing and they will mould their creations into various impressive realities. With the help of the highly skilled craftsmen of India, we have got you the most exotic range of handcrafted and hand painted shoes in various styles and designs.

Get yourself prepped for the wedding and parties with the best leather shoes - Vantier Shooes. With the party season going on and tons of weddings and party invitations coming your way, you surely don’t want to be under dressed.

Get yourself prepped for the wedding and parties with the best leather shoes - Vantier Shooes

Leather dress shoes that get the work done. Fashion trends may come and go- leather shoes remaina classic. When it comes to footwear, you should only settle for the best. Your footwear is directly proportional to the impression you create on someone. They reflect you and your personality. A shoe not only portrays your fashion sense, but they also tell a lot about your status, income and much more. Best Leather Hand crafted shoes for men – Vantier Shoes. Being able to present a polished appearance is a valuable life skill that every gent should have in his arsenal. Leather shoes for Fashion forward men - Vantier Shooes.

You would frequently hear that leather accessories are expensive and un-affordable. Thus, to clear your doubts, our assortment of leather shoes is evaluated at reasonable expenses. A good pair of leather shoes is considered to be man’s best friend. Vantier shoes have always had the vision to provide our clients with the best leather shoes at nominal prices. Our motive is to curate the most stylish leather shoes, keeping the comfort of the shoe-wearer in mind. Reboot your style with these handmade leather shoes. Leather shoes have stayed in trend for centuries due to its versatility and has been adapted with the times to suit every style that has come and gone. They are undoubtedly a gentleman’s best friend from time immemorial. Your shoes reflect your personality, your lifestyle, your status, your sense of style and much more.

Exotic Range of handcrafted leather shoes – Vantier Shoes. Leather shoes are classic and can never go out of fashion. They are elegant, sophisticated, and add weight to your entire look. All men need a stylish, functional shoe wardrobe. Afterall, shoes play an important role in the impression you create on someone. Most of the times, we invest a lot of energy on choosing our garments however neglect to concentrate on our footwear. Best Handmade Indian shoes of the season - Vantier Shooes.

The Best Party Shoes That Every Man Should Own. Wedding season is an integral part of our lives, not only does it bring a whole lot of happy moments but also gives us several reasons to shop. So you can’t deny the fun and excitement this season has to offer you. One thing that’s often overlooked by many of us is the footwear. Buy Leather Casual Shoes for Men & Women Online – Vantier Shooes.