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8 Simple Tweaks That Will Skyrocket Your Blog’s Traffic, Growth, and Impact. It’s not as difficult as it might seem to get your message the attention it deserves, especially when so many others are doing it so poorly.

8 Simple Tweaks That Will Skyrocket Your Blog’s Traffic, Growth, and Impact

All you need to do is to make a few small changes to really move the needle. Blogger and speaker Jackie Bledsoe is a regular guy with a important message to share on helping men lead and love their families. He’s getting traction, but not the kind he needs to really break out from the crowd. He has a book coming out soon, and he knows a bigger platform would dramatically improve his chances of success. However, he’s not sure where to start. In my new, free video series, Your Platform Makeover I give Jackie an intensive, high-octane reboot. I share eight simple tweaks with Jackie that I’m confident will have a major impact on his traffic. The fact that most people will never make these adjustments creates an enormous opportunity for you. Develop a compelling value proposition. How to Become a Twitter Influencer: Science and Practice.

Do you want to be a sought-after resource in your niche?

How to Become a Twitter Influencer: Science and Practice

Do you need tips on how to become a Twitter influencer? To be a leader on Twitter, it’s important to understand the dynamics of Twitter conversations and the role of influencers. In this article I’ll show you the two most important types of Twitter influencers and how you can become one. Find out how you can become a Twitter influencer. Study and Map Twitter Conversations. How to Use Google Analytics: Getting Started. Do you need a deeper understanding of Google Analytics?

How to Use Google Analytics: Getting Started

Do you know what data each section of Google Analytics offers? A few important details and settings can improve your Google Analytics reporting. In this article I’ll share the basics of navigating Google Analytics and what you need to set up now to make the most of its data. Note: This post assumes that Google Analytics is already set up for at least one of your websites. If you have not set up Google Analytics, you can find a thorough walk-through of the setup process in the Google Analytics Help Center. HTML5 MAKER Editor. Guide to Authority Site Building - K2 SEO tips and tricks. I’m going to write this article as though you’re building your sites on WordPress.

Guide to Authority Site Building - K2 SEO tips and tricks

You might not be, and that’s fine if you’re not — many of the suggestions found here are applicable to any content management system. Your #1 enemy when it comes to ranking your site is overoptimization. Out-of-the-box with default settings, WordPress is an overoptimization disaster. The truth is that it injects far too many keywords into pages. Tags, tag clouds, categories, additional redundant menu systems, recent post titles widget, how you named your blog and its tagline, all these add up into an overwhelmingly high keyword density that pushes your articles completely out of Google. There are a number of SEOs who will laugh at you when you mention “keyword density”, as if the notion is a 5-year-old concept which is outdated and has been replaced by newer Google algorithms.

5 Hashtag Tracking Tools for Twitter, Facebook and Beyond. Are you using hashtags in your social media campaigns?

5 Hashtag Tracking Tools for Twitter, Facebook and Beyond

Do you want to find tools to help manage your hashtags? The right tools can help you launch, track and analyze hashtags across social networks. 25 Growth Hacks Your Content Marketing Desperately Needs. Growth hacking is a marketing technique that “uses creativity, analytical thinking, and social metrics to sell products and gain exposure”, according to Wikipedia.

25 Growth Hacks Your Content Marketing Desperately Needs

When your product is your content, applying growth hacks to it makes perfect sense. If there’s anything you want for your content, it’s exposure. Why Do I Need Growth Hacks For My Content Marketing? One of the things that we have been talking about quite a bit on this blog is a concept that we’ve come up with called content hacking. It’s about learning to get more from your content than just another blog post with the occasional tweet. It’s about getting results, in other words. With that in mind, here are 25 killer ways that you can hack your content marketing, in no particular order.

True Social Metrics: Social media analytics. Web analytics strategy. iDoneThis. Social Media Courses Around The UK On A Monthly Basis. Can you see that Social Media offers countless opportunities, but don’t know how to use it?

Social Media Courses Around The UK On A Monthly Basis

Or maybe you’ve ‘had a go’ at Social Media Marketing before and haven’t seen the desired results? If so, then this intensive 1 day workshop is for you. Whether you are a complete novice with Social Media, or you already have a foundation of knowledge, we take you by the hand and show how any company, in any market sector, can be profitable with Social Media Marketing. Jason delivered an exceptionally useful seminar on Social Media for Business last week; good presentation and all our team got involved.

10 Excellent Platforms for Building Mobile Apps. If you've ever wanted to build an app for your business, blog, product or service, but the heavy investment of both time and money put you off, you're not alone.

10 Excellent Platforms for Building Mobile Apps

The good news is that entering the mobile market no longer necessarily requires thousands of dollars and months of work. There are many mobile platforms available to help you build an app on a budget — quickly, and with no coding knowledge required. With a small investment, you can create and manage your mobile site or application using one of the platforms listed below, and start reaping the advantages of offering your customers a dedicated mobile experience, including increased awareness, engagement and revenue. Show As Gallery. Aaron Lee Twitter - How Aaron build 400k followers on twitter. Aaron Lee explains how he built up 400k followers on twitter since he joined. He also explains how to has a very engaged audience and is very responsive despite having such a huge following.

Aaron is a good friend and it’s a great honor for me to have him guest post. This post provides some fantastic actionable advice. Ok, over to Aaron…. I joined Twitter on March 20 th 2009. Google Realtime Search Gets Home Page, Conversation View, Alerts & Geosearch. Google Realtime Search has finally gained its own home page, as well as some new tools including “conversations view,” Google Alerts for real time content and the ability to see tweets filtered by geography.

Google Realtime Search Gets Home Page, Conversation View, Alerts & Geosearch

New Home Page Back in June, my Can Google Real Time Search Have Its Own Home Page Now? Covered how frustrating it has been that there’s no way to point people directly at Google Realtime Search (the product now goes from being “Google Real-Time Search” to “Google Realtime Search” — one word — with this launch). Now we get it, a sign of the service growing up.

A Scientific Guide to Posting Tweets, Facebook Posts, Emails, and Blog Posts at the Best Time. 10.7K Flares 10.7K Flares × We’re pretty keen on optimal timing for social media here at Buffer, and I figured it was high time I collected all the information we have about online communication into one place.

A Scientific Guide to Posting Tweets, Facebook Posts, Emails, and Blog Posts at the Best Time

I’ve collected research and stats on Twitter, Facebook, email and blogging to help you find the best time to communicate with others in each format. The tricky thing I’ve come across is that since the web is still so new, a lot of the research available to us is conflicting. A Scientific Guide to Writing Great Headlines on Twitter, Facebook, and Your Blog. 5.9K Flares 5.9K Flares × Ever since we started Buffer a little over 2 years ago, people have been asking us about one question very specifically: How can I write great headlines for social networks and my blog?

The topic is a very tricky one, as the accuracy for what works best is hard to nail down. Whilst we have some specific techniques that we are using for our own postings and article headlines every day, I thought looking at the most cutting edge research is definitely required. So I thought of combining all the research we’ve done for the Buffer social accounts and our blog as well as the best research out there and combining them into one comprehensive guide. How To Create Perfect Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Facebook & Twitter Posts: Version 2 [Infographic] Social media works at a fast pace, Vine has only been around for 8 months yet it’s taking on the big social networks and is now used as a key aspect of many campaigns. If you read our last Perfect Post infographic then here’s a recap – but we’ve now included how to best use Instagram and Vine to your advantage. If you’re new here, well, we can’t wave a magic wand and give you top-notch engagement across all your social platforms – we’re old fashioned and believe you have to work at it – but we’ve tried to make it easier for you.

Here is what you can do to create ‘perfect social media posts’: Copy and paste the code below into your web page to embed this infographic. How to Join a Google+ Hangout with Dell. URL Shorteners: Track Links Faster Than Kevin Bacon. A Tweet's Effect On Rankings - An Unexpected Case Study. Let me tell you a tale of an unexpected case study on the value of a tweet on a page's ranking and traffic.

This tale will mostly be told using graphics, as the images tell the story better than I can. Let's begin... Last Monday while I was checking the morning tweets, I noticed a ton of tweets about our Beginner's Guide to SEO. It didn't take long to realize that Smashing Magazine had tweeted about it and the retweets were seriously rolling in. (And yes, they really did spell Beginers wrong ;). The Big Book of SEO Tips. Tools for a Small Budget That Make a Big Impact.

There is a huge selection of online marketing tools available to business owners today. The question is, which tools are necessary and fit a small business sized budget? The Best Times To Post To Social Media: Introducing the Burrito Principle. Guest post by Darian Rodriguez Heyman, Founder of Nonprofit Boot Camp and Co-Founder of Social Media for Nonprofits As the end of the year draws near and nonprofits large and small start thinking about strategies to break through the clutter and raise big bucks, StayClassy asked me to share a simple yet important tip for ensuring that your message is heard when you put together your email appeals and online fundraising campaigns.

You may have the best, most creative ideas for your holiday fundraising campaign, but if you don’t effectively convey your message to supporters, people won’t be aware of your fundraiser, and the campaign will fail to meet expectations. There are lots of factors to consider when planning and marketing your campaign, but a big one is strategic use of social media – what, how, why, and when you post. How to Find Influencers in Your Industry. No matter what type of business you have, there are likely some people who could be considered influencers in your industry, or one closely related to it. 6 Ways to Constantly Produce Quality Blog Content. 6 Ways to Constantly Produce Quality Blog Content. 10 Super Powers All Great Social Media Marketers Have. There are good and bad social media marketers. When I follow a brand on Twitter, and I immediately get a DM from that brand telling me to follow them on Facebook, I cringe. When I follow a brand on Twitter, and I get a tweet from them introducing themselves, I smile.

Social Media Management In 30 Minutes Per Day. Time is a commodity that most people don’t have in abundance. Today the world is spinning ever faster, and we are left confused and stressed about simple tasks that wouldn’t have worried anyone a couple decades ago. We’re online and plugged in as if our lives depended on it. To some extent, it sometimes does, especially if you are a business owner. Social media management takes up time, and sadly, it’s usually what keeps us from making the most of the time we’ve been given.

How To Really Measure Your Facebook Success. Since the launch of Facebook, a few years back, it has been the primary topic when it comes to social media. The Power Of Accurate Hashtag Practices. By now, anyone who has been on social media for a while should know that hashtags are the one way you can reach further than the edges of your own following. Six Essential Things to Build an Integrated Online Marketing Strategy - The Website Marketing Group Blog. Online marketers are often rollicked whenever people discuss the latest trends within their industry, such as omni-channel marketing, new and clever ways to leverage mobile, or the advent of changes in user behavior such as multi-touch/multi-devices. Most of them want to be on the cutting edge of technology/innovation, and no one wants to feel as if they are lagging behind.

Unfortunately, there are hard resource constraints, whether it be time or money. Simply put, no one has time to do it all. The Future Of Social: Close to the Madding Crowd. The Inbound Marketing Process. Content-Marketing-Landscape_NEW.jpg (4500×2400) 50 Tools to Jumpstart Your Content Marketing Efforts. 10 B2B Marketing Infographics Outlining Strategies & Tactics for the New Year.

Infographic: Integrating Online Marketing With a B2B Sales Process. Users from Hermanus South Africa [61 - 80], total of 265 found Google. The Best Google+ Features for Your Business Social Media Examiner. Win R5,000 in cold, hard cash (and headphones) Incredible Connection trade-in deals, other tech bargains. 12 Dos and Don'ts of Facebook Page Management.

Passion-Digitals-Facebook-Best-Practices-2014-Infographic.png (1500×5595) 3 Ways to Boost Your Lead Generation With Social Media. Career Management - Six Work Lessons Marketing Pros Can Learn From Social Media Best-Practices. Reach your customers on mobile with Pinterest. 18 Ways to Improve Your Facebook News Feed Performance Social Media Examiner. 10 Tips to Maximize Your Facebook Engagement. [INFOGRAPHIC] 12 Fantastic Facebook Contest Ideas To Grow Your Email List. [INFOGRAPHIC] 12 Fantastic Facebook Contest Ideas To Grow Your Email List. 7 Ways to Stand Out on Google. This Week's Twitter Travel Chats: Monday 2014-01-20. Profile for #LoveOverberg. All Woobox Plans & Pricing. Our Pricing Page - Facebook app designer - ShortStack.

Track your stats. Facebook Page Trick: Find Out What Your Fans Like. Tracking Tools. How to Use Twitter: Twitter Best Practices and the T.W.E.E.T. Framework - Claire Diaz Ortiz. Wp-content/uploads/2012/02/ 10 ways journalists can use Storify. How to Steal Your Competitor's Social Media Followers. 6 Best Things Companies Do on Facebook Today. Mari Smith - NEW Facebook Page Insights went live for all Page... 26 Ways to Engage Your Fans on Facebook. Business Blogging Services, Social Media Consultant. Market Intelligence Solutions - Kapow Software™ Social Lead Freak — Fresh New Leads = Fresh New Money. Analytics for Twitter - The IdeaGraph - Whiteboard Friday. Internet Marketing Software - Search Marketing Tools for SEO & PPC. How to Post to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ at the Same Time.

Blog Carnival - About Blog Carnival. How to Create an Online Book Tour With Social Media. 10 Creative Ways to Use the Pinterest Place Pins Feature. Pinterest Referral Traffic Statistics. 12 Most Wise Ways to Use Twitter. 10 Companies That Hit the Bullseye With Online Contests. 7 Tips for Building a Social Media Audience. Social Calls-to-Action Work. 8 Ways Businesses Can Use Facebook Embedded Posts. The 10 Biggest Facebook Marketing Blunders in 2013. Timeline Photos. How to get started with Google AdWords. Tips - AdWords Help. How To Design The Perfect Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Everything Your Business Needs for Social & Mobile. Infographic: SMB’s Relationship With Social Media Options. 12 Googletastic Reasons Why Google+ Communities Are the Bomb. 7 Big Facebook Changes You Should Know About for a Better Facebook Strategy. 6 Creative Ways to Use Embedded Facebook Posts. 8 of the worst tips about content marketing and going viral. 8 of the worst tips about content marketing and going viral. Visit Venice. 7 Essential Social Media Tools To Stand Out Online.

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