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15 Dynamo DIY Projects That Cost Less Than $20 Best of 2011
travel bugs Well, it's official. My friend is now in Brazil. Olá, meu amigo Robyn, over the equator and far away! travel bugs
Crystal Egg Geodes - Martha Stewart Easter Geodes can be grown without using egg dye. The resulting crystals are clear to milky white, like quartz. While large chicken eggshells are suggested in this process, larger eggshells can be used. Crystal Egg Geodes - Martha Stewart Easter
Design is not always about expensive branded items. At times, it is about human ingenuity which surprises us occasionally by finding use in what appears useless. We hope this post inspires you to seek new ways to ‘Reduce, Re-use and Recyle…’ Mieulin believes you can make a box out of used plastic bottles. Ingeniously re-used products Ingeniously re-used products
Dew" It Yourself Jewelry Stand Dew" It Yourself Jewelry Stand Given that title and my penchant for puns, I'm guessing it will take you guys exactly 3.7 seconds to guess what my new jewelry stand is made from: Aw, you only needed two seconds, didn't you? I knew it. Yep, this pretty green number is made from four plastic Mountain Dew bottles and exactly $3.72 worth of materials from the hardware store. Not too shabby.
diy {jenga keychain} diy {jenga keychain} A while back ago I purchased a Jenga wood block game on sale for just $3.99. I thought to myself, "I'm sure there's something cool I could make with all these wooden blocks..." So I brought them home and began to think of a way to use them and this is what I came up with, Jenga keychains! These make great gifts and are sure to liven up any old set of keys. Going on a trip this summer?
Festive Stars made from Recycled Drinks Cans Festive Stars made from Recycled Drinks Cans November 1st, 2011 I’m preparing for a couple of craft fairs (details coming soon) at the moment and decided to have a go at making some Festive decorations by recycling some drinks cans I’ve been collecting. I found this tutorial the other day and thought I could adapt it to me own needs. Først skal du have fat i perler, hvis du ikke allerede har dem, du kan købe dem billigt i f.eks. IKEA 1. Du skal have fat i skåle som kan tåle at gå i ovnen, når du har dem smøre du dem ind i almindelig mad olie, du kan bruge køkkenrulle til at smøre olien rundt i skålen, – Olien gør at perlerne slipper skålen med det samme når den er færdig 2. så drysser du perlerne rundt i skålen, brug hånden til at fordele dem op af siderne, sørg for der ikke er for store huller i melllem perlerne 3.
Crayon Hearts - Martha Stewart Crafts






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Repurposing Craft Ideas
It’s a good idea to use free paint chips: Check out the 31 ways paint chips are used in all kinds of projects!! Some of these you may have seen around blogland others are from Etsy. 1.PaintswatchWall2.SnowmanOrnaments3.cut leaves 4. Note booklets 5. It’s a good idea to use free paint chips:
Dyed Buttons | Rit Dye Dyeing buttons and beads is fun and easy to do, enabling you to get the exact color you want whether using the buttons and beads on a coat, a pillow cover or in a necklace. They also look beautiful in a vase as part of a flower arrangement, helping the flowers to stand tall. Most buttons and beads are made out of nylon and Rit is one of the few dyes that will color these materials (it also dyes wood buttons!). Dyed Buttons | Rit Dye
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