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DIY American Flag Shorts on What I Wore DIY American Flag Shorts on What I Wore What I Wore: Have an old pair of shorts laying around? Instead of throwing them out, you can show your patriotism by turning them into a wearable flag! I collaborated on this project with my intern Val who is a fashion design student at Indiana University.
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It was purely by accident that I figured out this method of transferring a printed image. It is simple to do and you don't need any special paper or products! If you can print it from your computer then you can transfer it to a fabric or wood surface. Now, this project I am about to show you is not very exciting, but it will give you the idea of how the transfer is here it goes. I decided to cover my old and dirty mouse pad that looked like this:

Transfer Images Using Freezer Paper

Transfer Images Using Freezer Paper
The Next Bird: Bleach-ness The Next Bird: Bleach-ness Tere is nothing more disappointing than "ruining" a good article of clothing with something like bleach. There is also nothing more satisfying than finding a crafty solution! Unfortunately for my favorite leggings they got a splash of bleach on them. My Solution - more bleach and a little awesomeness. I used a bleach pen that you can find in the cleaning aisle at the grocery store or Target. Place a piece of foil, paper bag, or something thick between the layers of your piece.
Make your own fabric prints using the sun The folks who make Inkodye sent over a sample the other day. Inkodye is light-sensitive dye for textiles or any natural fibers, including wood and raw leather. It acts like the Sunprint paper you might have used as a kid, only you can brush this dye on anything you want and it comes in lots of colors. Like orange, of course. For my first test of this magical stuff, I planned to make a safety pin print on fabric. Something quick and easy in case it was a flop. Make your own fabric prints using the sun
I’ve been thinking about written letters a lot lately and how much I love them as an excuse to use stamps. I’m a bit of a stamp hoarder (thankfully I can hide them at my office now), so I thought it would be fun to round up my favorite hand-carved examples on Etsy. There are some pretty decent stamp sellers on Etsy right now, so there is a TON to choose from here (organized into groups: love, symbols and shapes, nature and random). My favorites are kinda quirky, but hopefully there will be something here for everyone. Who doesn’t love getting real mail with a little stamp on the seal? It’s the best. hand-carved stamps: 50 of my favorite hand-carved stamps: 50 of my favorite
After revealing my little boys’ airplane room, I had several inquiries asking for tutorials on various things in the room so I’m going to try to take you through a few of them. I’m going to start with how to stencil a design on a pillow using fabric paint and vinyl. The cool thing is, you can stencil ANYTHING! Pillows, rugs, furniture, wood, canvas, anything! You will need: DIY Stenciled Pillow {with fabric paint and vinyl) DIY Stenciled Pillow {with fabric paint and vinyl)
English I love to carve stamps! is one of my favorite crafts. » Blog Archive » Stamp Carving tutorial- Tutorial Sellos de goma » Blog Archive » Stamp Carving tutorial- Tutorial Sellos de goma
DIY : Print Your Own Fabric DIY : Print Your Own Fabric Guest post by Karina from Maple Ash and Oak Hello there, I am Karina from Maple Ash and Oak. Here I will show you a simple and inexpensive way to create your very own fabric pieces. No need for large screens, squeegees, and emulsion. Beautiful prints can be created with simple methods and materials.
Hammered Spoon Tutorial Hammered Spoon Tutorial Hammered spoons are a beautiful addition to your wedding tabletop. Perfect for an elegant, rustic wedding, use them as favors, escort cards, or table numbers – the options are endless. I’m so happy to have McKenzie Brickl of La La Soiree and Kate Sommers of KNG Sommers Photography stop by EAD today to share a step-by-step tutorial for creating your own hammered spoon place cards, and you can see them in action on a lovely olive green and gold tabletop they created! Scour local thrift stores, flea markets or yard sales for spoons and make sure that they are not stainless steel – look at the handle – which appears too shiny and is very difficult to pound out. Select pieces that are made of silver (you can tell because it does tarnish).
Jul14 by Cindy Hopper This is a super simple sandpaper printing technique that will keep your kids busy and make one cute shirt! The best part about this fun little craft is that the supplies were bought at the Dollar Store, even the T-shirt! We used crayons we already had so we only spent $2.00 on our new T-shirt. Supplies for Sandpaper Prints

Sandpaper Printed T-shirt Kids Craft

I've been promising this little how-to for a while. I like to add a little homemade sewing label to certain projects, especially my pillows. I've had several people ask me to explain how I make them, and I'm glad to share my technique. You've seen my labels before on my Acorn Patch Pillow, Vintage Postcard Pillow, and Scrap Buster Fall Pillow... I'm going to show you two different methods, and both are super quick and easy to make. Gwenny Penny: Homemade Sewing Labels

Easiest Design Transfer Method You’ll Ever Find

In the middle of a new project that I was working on, I realized that I had a problem. I needed to transfer a very large design (think 4 feet by 4 feet!) than I want to paint onto a primed piece of wood, and I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I laid the printed design out on the wood and thought I could just trace the design on the paper with firm pressure and a little impression line would be left on the wood that I could just go back and trace. Um, nope.
Bleach Stenciled T Shirts A friend of mine (Hope from the Mom and Tot Shop in Huntsville, TX) showed me a shirt she did with her MOPS (mother of preschoolers) group. They found all kinds of objects to lay on their shirts as the stencil including wall decor, magnets, etc to make designs on thier shirts. I decided to try it to make personalized shirts for my kids. Here is how I did it: Supplies needed are bleach, spray bottle, letters - I used cricut cuttin' up cartridge at 6", t shirts, adhesive spray optional Next I layed out the letters the way I wanted them to look on the shirt.
DIY: Bleached Out Tees Hello, Friends! Ralph finished up his sibling Christmas gifts this weekend. He created great-looking bleached out tees, each one unique and representing something he thought each individual sibling would love. They turned out super cool. And I’ve got the images and techniques ready to share. Find the full DIY below.
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