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DIY: Cork Clutch on What I Wore. DIY Studded Sneakers + Vans Giveaway. Studding sneakers has been on our DIY to-do list for awhile now.

DIY Studded Sneakers + Vans Giveaway

But the idea of hand piercing hundreds of holes through thick canvas was daunting enough to allow such procrastination. Enter E6000, the crème de la crème of adhesives. As you probably know by now, it’s our secret weapon for quickly and effectively attaching metal to fabric. So after the recent release of Vans‘ brushed twill pastel Authentics, we thought it was the perfect summer shoe to adorn. When I first came across Matthew Williamson‘s gorgeous clutches from his Spring Summer collection I was giddy.

I love anything with color, texture and a little sparkle. Naturally those feeling subsided when I saw the nearly $1.5k price tag. So I took things into my own hands to create my MW inspired clutch for a LOT less. So here’s how you can re-create the bag on your own! *Note: While I LOVE the above clutch as is – I have two of the same one! MaiTai's Picture Book: Scarf knotting cards - Vol II. 10 Pretty Ways to Display your Necklaces at Home {DIY} {Shelterness} {Gadora Wilder} {be different act normal}

10 Pretty Ways to Display your Necklaces at Home {DIY}

Designer showcase of stunning yet easy-to-make beading projects with free instructions -

For clothes, belts

Necklaces. Earrings. Rings. Hair,hats. Pulseras. Make Photo Necklaces, Earrings, Magnets and More Using Shrinkable Plastic. Seems like everything keeps getting smaller these days: computers, dogs, headphones… And now even photographs are joining in the smallness, thanks to the magic of biaxially oriented thermoplastic polystyrene (that’s Shrinky Dinks to you). You can print photos on plastic using your inkjet printer, and shrink them down small enough to make into necklaces, fridge magnets, earrings, or practically anything you can think of.

See? DIY Gold Leaf Faux Jewelry. Inspired by a shoot styled by Mandy of Oracle Fox where gold leaf was applied in the form of makeup and jewelry, I immediately had to try it myself.

DIY Gold Leaf Faux Jewelry

It’s an instantaneous and temporary solution for a lack of bling. Plus, it looks super fly! Magic Braided Leather Tutorial. Seriously this tutorial is magic.

Magic Braided Leather Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to share it with you for about a year now, but it’s taken me so long to sit down & figure out the best way to explain myself. See, I discovered how to do this while mindlessly watching an episode of House. Better than Tiffanys. Have some spare time?

Better than Tiffanys

Feeling crafty? Check out this old school way to make ring I just HAD to try! Here is a simple ring that is MADE from money. So how bout changing this: Yep, I did it! What I Wore - A Personal Style Blog. Diy 来自mrdilllll在堆糖网的分享.