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Smilin' Buddha Cabaret. “He would close the door sometimes and just let things thrash out and eventually the noise would stop and people would wander out onto the streets...

Smilin' Buddha Cabaret

" “Some nights you couldn’t get in. There were lineups. But I wouldn’t call them lineups—if you couldn’t get in, you’d just party out on the street. But inside the place, it had a fairly decent stage. I, Shithead: A Life in Punk (Large Print 16pt) - Joey Keithley. Vancouver Sun: Marco Polo Restaurant, “Canada’s Only Oriental Revue” By JOHN MACKIE, Vancouver Sun November 16, 2012 There used to be a thriving nightclub scene around Hastings and Main.

Vancouver Sun: Marco Polo Restaurant, “Canada’s Only Oriental Revue”

On this week in 1964, party people had their pick of going to the Harlem Nocturne (343 East Hastings), the Smilin’ Buddha (109 East Hastings), Frank’s Cabaret (44 East Hastings), the Kublai Khan (442 Main), and the New Delhi Cabaret (544 Main). The entertainment ranged from Watusi Dancers (“the latest Hollywood dance craze”) at the Harlem Nocturne, to singer Leon Warrick at the Kublai Khan, and the “naughty but nice” Miss Lolita at the Buddha. Victor, Harry and Alex Louie took notice, and decided to turn their popular Marco Polo restaurant into “Canada’s only Oriental night club.” - Upcoming Events. Worldwide Green Eyes - Old Smiling Buddha, 109 East Hastings St. Vancouver, May 17, 1998 <! Sex, Lies, and Cigarettes: Canadian Women, Smoking, and Visual Culture, 1880 ... - Sharon Anne Cook.

Reconsidering Canadian Curriculum Studies: Provoking Historical, Present ... SBC Invite Final. Smiling Buddha Cabaret » Vancouver Blog Miss604. From the NEW Punk History Vancouver page.

Smiling Buddha Cabaret » Vancouver Blog Miss604

People often criticize the city for looking “too new” and not having “enough history”. That by being in its infancy on the world’s stage, Vancouver has none of its own culture, just a melting pot of others. It’s not that we don’t have history, it’s that we’ve glossed over several chapters that might not have been the most prim and proper. When I was a teenager growing up in Surrey there was nothing more bad ass than coming downtown on the weekend and cruising Granville Street.

SBC Restaurant at 109 East Hastings, V6A 1N5. Burlesque West: Showgirls, Sex, and Sin in Postwar Vancouver - Becki Ross. SBC Restaurant Ltd · 109 E Hastings St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1N5. Show cause hearing [business license hearing] - Sports Cafe - 109 East Hastings Street. Vancouver As It Was: A Photo-Historical Journey.

Film # 198 Back door at 109 East Hastings Smilin' Buddha Sep 20, 1980. Vancouver Neon - Smiling Buddha Cabaret, 109 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Weeda Stamps: News. Victoria-born artist known for his 'modern' public sculpturesTimes Colonist - March 15, 2013 An acclaimed Victoria-born artist whose works are familiar to many died this week at Mount Edwards Court care home.

Weeda Stamps: News

He was 84.George Norris is best known for his sculpture of the metal "crab" fountain outside the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre in Vancouver, but his work can be seen in several B.C. communities.Another of his sculptures is in the atrium of the Greater Victoria Public Library's main branch, a piece Norris called simply the Dynamic Mobile Steel Sculpture.Tracy Cromwell, director of development and marketing at the Space Centre, commonly known as the planetarium, said the crab sculpture is an attraction. "If we had a quarter for every person that stopped to take a picture of that fountain, we would never have a funding difficulty again," Cromwell said.Like many of Norris's works, the crab is unnamed.

Skull Skates presents Return to the Scene of the Crime with D.O.A. Skull Skates presents “Return to the Scene of the Crime” The former home of the historic Smilin’ Buddha Cabaret, located at 109 East Hastings St. in Vancouver, was renovated and reopened as the SBC Restaurant in December 2013, complete with 65′ wide skateboard ramp and the capacity to host skateboard events, live shows, art shows, mixed media and various community events.

Skull Skates presents Return to the Scene of the Crime with D.O.A.

SBC operators understand the importance of this heritage site and the historic value of the art that has been and now continues to be created there. Plaques in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Bloodied But Unbowed - Punk Movie and New Wave Music Documentary. In the Summer of 1977 the first Vancouver punk shows were staged at the Japanese Hall on Alexander Street.

Bloodied But Unbowed - Punk Movie and New Wave Music Documentary

They were organized by “You-Begged-For-It Productions,” who were Ross Drummond (RIP) and Kat Hammond. The Japanese Hall shows ended following vandalism at an Avengers/DOA concert in April 1978. Concerts in community halls rented by promoters or bands themselves were common. They were a quick and convenient option that allowed bands to play for all-ages audiences.

The trick was finding an affordable hall, whose management didn’t care easily. Alienated in Vancouver: The Smilin' Buddha returns. And DOA plays there on Saturday! Sounds of a booming city: B-Lines. B-Lines vocalist Ryan Dyck is all smiles, and that’s sort of messed up.

Sounds of a booming city: B-Lines

He’s a friendly fellow, but he’s likely to sport the same goofy grin on-stage singing about drinking Krazy Glue as when he’s tossing a mike stand or beer bottle at your ugly mug. It’s unnerving. Judging by B-Lines’ self-titled debut, his bandmates—guitarist Scotty Colin, bassist Adam Fothergill and drummer Bruce Dyck—are used to his antics by now. They’re too busy concentrating on pumping out the hookiest Vancouver hardcore since D.O.A.’s War on 45 to worry about getting bonked on the noggin by the occasional beer bottle. December14_2011_02. The Museum Display opens October 13th 2011 and runs until August 12th, 2012.


More than 100 guests and members of the Museum Of Vancouver turned out to usher in a new Museum Exhibit called NEON VANCOUVER | UGLY VANCOUVER this evening gracefully acknowledging the dismantling of many infamous icons of downtown Vancouver's neon history. Guests filter through two exhibits after an opening speech by Kate Follington (also MC) Joan Sieidl (Museum of Vancouver curator), Jacques Duguay (Pattison Signs) Nancy Noble (Museum of Vancouver Board Director) and Audry Capel Dorag (Vancouver Artist).

There are two major displays in the museum that explore the 1940s to 1970s in restored signs made possible in part by Pattison Signs of Vancouver and neighboring Okanagan Valley Neon. Photos - Frames left and center: Annette Dress Salon during the 1960s shone its neon at 1423 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver Center frame: The Blue Eagle Cafe graced 130 East Hastings Street 1946 to 1950 Other important links. Keith mckellar. ‘Hard Core Logo’ — a crucial oversight explained. The Royal Theatre screened a trilogy of Bruce McDonald films Thursday night — Road Kill, Highway 61 and Hard Core Logo – as part of the launch of, a new website about Canadian film.

‘Hard Core Logo’ — a crucial oversight explained

I saw the latter, a 1996 mockumentary about the reunion tour of a legendary Vancouver punk rock band. Early on in the film, the character Bucky Haight is introduced, a seminal figure in punk rock left a double amputee by some shotgun-wielding psycho, leading to the reuniting of Hard Core Logo for a benefit concert and subsequent Prairie tour.