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Sites importantes para I&D

Working with computers (Cognitive factors) visualisation : European map by : Age, All ages, answer : Almost all of the time - Eurofound European Working Conditions Survey 2010 EWCS2010. 3D Printing Service i.materialise. Resource Center - Ergonomics Plus. Working with computers (Cognitive factors) visualisation : European map by : Age, All ages, answer : Almost all of the time - Eurofound European Working Conditions Survey 2010 EWCS2010. Visual thinking.

Visual thinking is a way to organize your thoughts and improve your ability to think and communicate.

Visual thinking

It’s a way to expand your range and capacity by going beyond the linear world of the written word, list and spreadsheet, and entering the non-linear world of complex spacial relationships, networks, maps and diagrams. It’s also about using tools — like pen and paper, index cards and software tools — to externalize your internal thinking processes, making them more clear, explicit and actionable. Why is visual thinking important? Página Principal - CNPD. Siemens Publications App - Siemens Healthcare Global.

Moloni - Facturação Online Grátis. Programas. The Simulation Toolkit, part of the Simbios project. The LaTeX project public license. Current version of the LPPL The LaTeX project public license is a free software license.

The LaTeX project public license

The most recent version of the LPPL is version 1.3c. The latest version, in plain text, can always be found at There is also a LaTeX version of the license, which authors of LPPL software are encouraged to include in their manuals. Biomecanica. Biénio 2013-2014 Coordenador:António Fernandes Costa Tesoureiro:João Moreira.


Our Digital Marketing Advice. Startup Tools. Startup Tools 1.

Startup Tools

Startup Tools Click Here 2. Lean LaunchPad Videos Click Here. The Lean Startup Circle Wiki / Customer Interview Templates and Resources. Tips for B2B Customer Development Interviews by Sean Murphy 3 Great Steps to Customer Development (Google Spreadsheet) by Ray Wu The Achilles Heel of Customer Development by Ash Maurya Customer Problem Interview Form by Ash Maurya Tips for Customer Development Interviews: Templates and Pressure Points (LSC Forum) by Jaime Pabon Customer Development Interview Template by Jaime Pabon.

The Lean Startup Circle Wiki / Customer Interview Templates and Resources

Toolkit for Clinical Researcher. IpHandbook of Best Practices: Sample Agreements. 15 Best Sites For Logo Design Inspiration. Designing the perfect logo is a tough ask as you can often find moments that you can’t think of anything good, Getting some inspiration before starting to design the logo makes this difficult job somewhat easier.

15 Best Sites For Logo Design Inspiration

Figuring out early stage startups. In my first company, I tried to act extroverted, because I thought that’s what good leaders did.

Figuring out early stage startups

It was exhausting and counter-productive. Moby - methodology for business dynamics. AnyBody Technology: Publications. Agile Project Management - Project Management Tools From Organizing Flexible Projects Agile Project Management is about developing successful solutions in a fast-moving environment. © iStockphoto/aluxum Picture a start-up technology business, where the founders are trying to carve out a sustainable business niche.

Agile Project Management - Project Management Tools From

The sector is changing fast, and they must quickly develop a service that users are prepared to pay for. Project Service Centre. Difference between Bluetooth and Zigbee. Bluetooth protocol is not much encouraged for long duration applications due to power consumption limitations.

Difference between Bluetooth and Zigbee

Hence, for small gadgets which run on battery or limited power source, a new wireless data transfer protocol was needed which could manage working with low power consumption. To fulfill these requirements, a protocol named Zigbee was announced just at the time when Bluetooth was getting popular i.e. in 1999. However, Zigbee caught attention for commercial applications around 2005. Conductive yarns + fibers for anti-static protection. Kindly note that this product is no longer in our program.

Conductive yarns + fibers for anti-static protection

Swicofil will try to find a suitable alternative. Electrical conductivity in textiles Applications of conductive textiles are more and more numerous in technical areas to satisfy functions such as heating, conduction, or EMI shielding, prevention of static chargers build-up. The electrical properties (conduction, resistance, etc.) are used in numerous solid materials, which are for the most part metal or metal derivates. In the textile field these properties are more difficult to highlight or engineer due to the various requirements in suppleness, handle and care proper to such materials.

Battery Life Calculator – Online Conversion Calculators. Free Resources: E-Textiles. Home - Ecolabel - EUROPA. Laboratório Aplicações Fotovoltaicas e Semicondutores. Portal das Energias Renováveis. Home » INL. E-Textile Waste — V2_Institute for the Unstable Media. Mika Satomi kicked off the evening with her observations of eTextile waste from the starting point of a single sweep under her working table, finding parts of conductive thread, soldering waste and cut-off threads.

She then proposed to come up with two sets of guidelines for recycling e-waste, one for the waste that comes up during production and the other for the end of life of e-products. Probably it is a good option to start thinking about the waste already during the design process. In the planning of projects one may be able choose to use more sustainable or at least better recyclable materials. Other considerations that one could keep in mind are the scale of the production (do we want to produce 1, 10 or 10000 pieces) and the life cycle of our product (1 or 10 years?). Download the slides as PDF Andreas Koehler presented his research regarding e-waste. There is no recycling industry for eTextile products yet. Download the slides as PDF Download the slides as PDF Materials. Creating the future of textiles. Conductive Fiber Manufacturers Council. Motionry. News. Technical Textiles Suppliers Directory - Find Local Technical Textiles Suppliers - Trusted Technical Textiles Suppliers Reviews.

Resource Library for Medical Device Professionals. Advanced Textiles Source. Embroidering techniques for smart textiles. Links. Textile Futures Research Student Group. The canvas library for visual thinking. Wearable body sensor: Topics by Sample records for wearable body sensor from A Study of Implanted and Wearable Body Sensor Networks CERN Multimedia Recent advances in intelligent sensors, microelectronics and integrated circuit, system-on-chip design and low power wireless communication introduced the development of miniaturised and autonomous sensor nodes. These tiny sensor nodes can be deployed to develop a proactive Body Sensor Network (BSN). The rapid advancement in ultra low-power RF (radio frequency) technology enables invasive and non-invasive devices to communicate with a remote station.

U.S. Army Medical Department Center & School Portal. Entrepreneurship Courses. University Research and Collaboration. IBM has a strong tradition of research collaboration with academia. We go beyond the boundaries of our IBM labs to work with colleagues in universities around the world to address global grand challenge problems. We also foster collaborative research related to transformation and innovation of businesses and governments, relationships through fellowships, grants, and funding for programs of shared interest. University Awards IBM offers awards to support research, curriculum development, and educational assistance in areas of innovation. Centers for Advanced Studies Programs at these worldwide centers foster the exchange of academic research and real-world industry challenges.

Tutorials. New! Getting Started with LTspice LTspice is a high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer with an impressive library of passive devices. Over 1000 models are included in the download but you can also add third party models. RFID Basics An overview of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology. LIS3DH Hookup Guide. Resources / Kitronik. Bioelectronics & Biosensors Group. Advanced Materials : Science + Technology.

Materials technology is vital to industrial competitiveness, energy security, sustainability and innovation across all sectors, including healthcare and the environment. Underpinning future requirements is the need to develop novel materials with tailored properties, to make radical advances in materials processing, to optimise manufacturing and engineering through knowledge-based design, and to establish innovative tools for predicting and characterising performance. The underlying challenge is to characterise processes at an increasingly localised scale to enable prediction and manipulation of macroscopic behaviour and the production of materials and systems with managed properties.

Small Business and Entrepreneurship. Fritzing. Sensors Web Portal. Journal of Sport and Human Performance. The Journal of Sport and Human Performance will review, and publish at the recommendation of the Section Editor and one co-Editor-in-chief: Original Research, Literature Reviews, Sponsored Research, White Papers, Pilot Studies, Short Reports, and Invited Commentary. JSHP will publish editorial articles or recurring columns posed by editors, and accepted. We will begin to publish recurring columns, as issues increase. We are in a unique position to publish "special issues," including conference works, graduate student works, and other editions suggested to us.

JSHP will publish originial, basic science, clinical, or applied on cutting-edge research in the broad field of Human Performance. This field includes topics from Kinesiology, Biomechanics, Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Athletic Training, Work Physiology, Sports Performance, Sports Psychology, Strength & Conditioning anywhere to Biomedical Engineering. WiMAX Forum Technical Specifications. PhysioNet.