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An Error Occurred Setting Your User Cookie. This site uses cookies to improve performance. If your browser does not accept cookies, you cannot view this site. Setting Your Browser to Accept Cookies There are many reasons why a cookie could not be set correctly. Below are the most common reasons: You have cookies disabled in your browser. Why Does this Site Require Cookies? This site uses cookies to improve performance by remembering that you are logged in when you go from page to page. What Gets Stored in a Cookie? This site stores nothing other than an automatically generated session ID in the cookie; no other information is captured. Graphene producers. Graphene Inks: introduction and market status. What is ink?

Graphene Inks: introduction and market status

Ink is a mixture of ingredients formulated to create a substance containing pigments or dyes that is used to color a surface. Inks usually come in liquid or paste form, and can be divided into four general classes of aqueous, liquid, paste and powder. Most inks contain four basic components: colorants (that grant color and opacity), binders (mostly resins that serve to hold together other components), additives (like wax or chalk, used to grant specific traits) and carrier substances (like oils, which allow the ink to flow, spread and transfer).

Workplace Ergonomics 101 - Ergonomics Plus. Quer ser empreendedor em 2015? Conheça os conselhos dos investidores. Wearable Health. This market is being enabled by high performance and sophisticated ICs.

Wearable Health

These ICs have been power optimized so they can provide body signal monitoring functionality using small light-weight rechargeable lithium-ion batteries or replaceable nonrechargeable coin-cell type batteries. While many of these products' main features are implemented via firmware algorithm, the physical design provides a platform to host these features. Once a platform is developed, it can be re-used for an array of different products. Power and Battery Management. iOS 8 - Health. The Ergonomics Plus System - Ergonomics Plus. How to Recognize Ergonomic Risk Factors in the Workplace. Recent studies in the field of ergonomics identify both occupational and non-occupational risk factors which lead to MSDs.

How to Recognize Ergonomic Risk Factors in the Workplace

This article focuses on occupational, ergonomic risk factors. The most important factor that results in the formation of MSD is the balance between local soft tissue fatigue and the individual’s ability to recover from this fatigue. Sufficient blood supply is a critical factor in controlling local soft tissue fatigue. Ergonomics iOS app. Prototyping and Short Run Manufacturing. Creative Materials provides prototyping services for printed electronics to demonstrate proofs of concept and for short production runs.

Prototyping and Short Run Manufacturing

Our prototyping services can shorten your product development cycle and time-to-market by providing focused project consultation. Our prototyping services include providing the best product formulations for your project, drawing from our line of standard products or developing custom formulations as required. In addition, we will make recommendations for the design concept, create artwork, provide project oversight, and manage printing based on your exact specifications.

Our project team will work closely with your design engineer throughout the prototyping process and can often make final adjustments to formulations in real time based on testing during print runs. Medical Electronics LED Lighting Automotive Solar Cell Semiconductor. FleX - American Semiconductor, Inc. FleX™ Silicon-on-Polymer is a revolutionary process for creating high-performance, single-crystaline CMOS with multi-layer metal interconnect on a flexible substrate.

FleX - American Semiconductor, Inc.

FleX enables a new generation of durable, pliable ICs that greately improves the ability to integrate CMOS functionality in flexible electronics. Biomedical Implementation of Liquid Metal Ink as Drawable ECG Electrode and Skin Circuit. Abstract Background Conventional ways of making bio-electrodes are generally complicated, expensive and unconformable.

Biomedical Implementation of Liquid Metal Ink as Drawable ECG Electrode and Skin Circuit

Here we describe for the first time the method of applying Ga-based liquid metal ink as drawable electrocardiogram (ECG) electrodes. Such material owns unique merits in both liquid phase conformability and high electrical conductivity, which provides flexible ways for making electrical circuits on skin surface and a prospective substitution of conventional rigid printed circuit boards (PCBs). Methods Fundamental measurements of impedance and polarization voltage of the liquid metal ink were carried out to evaluate its basic electrical properties. Results. Multidisciplinary Know-How for Smart-Textiles Developers.

BACKWORDS Press by BACKWORDS Press. About this project Risks and challenges Our press model has no equivalent.


T-shirt printer : Finish machine : ) Ecoflex® Supersoft Silicone Product Information. Introduction. Hi there, Welcome to our blog!


Here we will keep you posted on our design case project, called Vibe-ing. We work on this project at the Eindhoven University of Technology, in cooperation with CRISP (Creative Industry Scientific Programme), Textiel Museum, TextielLab, and Metatronics. Wearable Tech Is Improving Employee Productivity and Happiness. Wearable devices are something of a darling in the mobile industry today, especially with recent smartwatch launches and new platforms for developing applications.

Wearable Tech Is Improving Employee Productivity and Happiness

Such devices could be, first and foremost, an additional screen for your smartphone. However, beyond telling time, giving notifications and running apps, the big potential in wearables is in the APIs -- particularly the data you can collect from the sensors embedded in the device. For instance, there’s motion data, location-tracking, and even the possibility of using smartwatches for mobile, contactless payments. Conductive Compounds for Medical Device Applications. Paradigm. AgIC Circuit Printer Starter Set [Shipped within a week (US), two week – AgIC International Store. New & Improved 3D Graphene. Wearable Tech Is Improving Employee Productivity and Happiness. Dragon Fly Circuit Board 3D Printer. Internationalsosfoundation. Financial Burden of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) - Ergonomics Plus. Before the discussion on the financial burden of MSD begins, we should be clear that the most important motivation behind injury prevention and wellness is that it is the right thing to do.

Financial Burden of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) - Ergonomics Plus

Employees take the brunt of the “human costs” of MSD – unnecessary pain and suffering, loss of income, stress and conflict, etc. People deserve to go to work every day and return home to their families in the same condition, if not even better. Unfortunately, this argument doesn’t always work when justifying an injury prevention and/or wellness initiative. The good news, though, is that you can use cost reduction to prove the ROI of injury prevention and wellness programs to your boss, plant manager, or chief number-cruncher. MSD’s are preventable! Costs of Musculoskeletal Disorders Overall, musculoskeletal conditions dominate the United States illness burden, affecting over 40 million people age 45 and older. Direct Costs of Musculoskeletal Disorders.

Top 5 physiological computing platforms. Physiological computing focuses on the use of biosignals for the development of interactive software and hardware systems capable of sensing, processing, reacting, and interfacing the digital and analog worlds. However, biosignals have specific requirements for which typical physical computing platforms are not particularly tuned. Until recently, many projects ended up hindered by high costs and limited access to suitable hardware materials. That scenario is different today, partially thanks to the following 5 DIY hardware platforms.