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Sites com informação geral importante para o funcionamento da empresa

Negotiation. Too many people starting up in business see negotiation as a chore and haggling as an embarrassment or a waste of time. However, if you spend 15 minutes knocking £500 off the price of a piece of equipment, you effectively earn your business £2,000 an hour. As a seller, good negotiation will ensure you do not waste money giving discounts needlessly, or miss opportunities to increase sales. This briefing explains: How to prepare for negotiations. 1 The golden rules There is no single formula for successful negotiation. 1.1 Set your objectives. For example, if you are selling, you might decide upon these four key objectives, plus several less important ones: Price - a price to aim for, and a lowest acceptable price. 1.2 The other side will have key objectives, too, so try to understand what is going on. What can the person you are negotiating with not concede?

Knowing your opponent's negotiating position is the most powerful weapon you can have (see 2.4). 1.3 Give nothing for nothing. 5 Tactics. DM Advocacia - Áreas. A Dias Marques Advocacia disponibiliza opções diversificadas de serviços jurídicos nomeadamente, consultoria e assessoria jurídica, elaboração de pareceres, apresentações, palestras e due diligence nas seguintes áreas: Clientes Privados Comercial e Societário Comércio Internacional e Exportações Comunicação Social, Marketing e Publicidade Contencioso Direito do Consumidor Empreendedorismo, Startups e Inovação Família & Sucessões Fiscal e Contratação Pública Imobiliário Imigração, Nacionalidade e Vistos Investimento Estrangeiro Propriedade Intelectual, Marcas e Patentes Proteção de Dados Recuperação de crédito Trabalho e Segurança Social Urbanismo. Vai lançar uma startup? 8 aspetos legais.

Do financiamento à sociedade, contratação e proteção de ideias e produtos, Adelaide Moura, da AMM Advogados, explica o que ter em conta Entre ter uma ideia e lançar uma startup vai uma grande distância. Que pode estar minada de problemas legais. Aspetos como a fiscalidade, a formação da sociedade, a proteção dos produtos e a contratação devem ser salvaguardados desde o início, sob pena de ameaçar o sucesso da startup. Adelaide Moura, managing partner da AMM Advogados, explica quais são os principais aspetos legais a ter em conta. "A palavra startup entrou definitivamente no vocabulário dos portugueses. Nos últimos anos, jovens, empresários, universidades e empresas investiram na criação deste tipo de negócios.

Virtusize - The virtual fitting solution. Fast Company | Business + Innovation. Designing Beautiful Business — Business Innovation Design. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. And beauty is ascribed to people, objects and situations that bring pleasure. If this is true, in business, pleasure in the eyes of the beholder is the experience customers feel when engaging with your brand. A business that delivers experiences that consistently exudes the feeling of pleasure by evoking senses of the customers' is a beautiful business. Philosophers like George Santayana and Thomas Aquinas have long explored the notion of beauty; to understand what constitutes beauty, as it is, by itself. A 13th century philosopher, Thomas Auinas stated that beauty has three qualities: integrity, harmony and radiance. Businesses that seek to gain competitive advantage through value differentiation need to be aware of the qualities of beauty and apply design principles to guide them on designing strategy and management to deliver differentiated offerings and experiences to customers.

Balance (Expectations) Business & Revenue Model Examples. Business Model of Doorsteps Doorsteps sells its online service via a subscription fee to agents and loan offices, but also takes a commission on services of other service providers, whom receive leads through the platform. Business Model of Patients Like Me Patients like me offers a free health community service to its users. They make money by selling the data, generated by the community, to pharmaceutical companies. Business Model of Kaggle Kaggle makes money in two ways: With Kaggle competition, they receive a “listening fee”for each competition posted on the platform.

Business Model of Friendsurance Friendsurance works as a broker between Policy Holders and existing Insurance Partners. Business Model of Gympact With the motivational service for free, GymPact takes a cut when they pay out to members who successfully met their Pact. Business model of Narrative Selling camera devices ($279) + subscription service on the data storage system ($9/month). Business model of 3D Hubs. Entrepreneurial design. Dear readers You might have realized that I have written just a few post in the last months. The reason is very simple. I have teamed up with Thomas Meyer, a young, unconventional bestseller author, Gottschalk & Ash, a design agency and Wolfsburg AG, an innovation agency to develop a toolbox for entrepreneurs. The work with Thomas and the others is absolutely stunning but also very time consuming since we do not like to stick to the first best solution but thrive for the best.

And this means a lot of iterations and testing. E.g. we decided to write in a thought provoking, easy to read and funny style, Thomas is well known for. But of course, this irritated our sponsor at the beginning. Bringing the whole team behind the same ideas and values takes time. The bad news for most of readers is: The toolbox will be in German. And since we want to foster entrepreneurship in all parts of society we decided to write in plain and simple German with little Fachvokabular (technical vocabulary).

Customer journey mapping: Mapping out customer experience excellence. Customer journey mapping could hold the key to analysing and improving the customer experience. Only recently a report from the Cabinet Office recommended CJM for authorities to provide a more efficient and cost-effective service. Arne van Oosterom outlines how it can help organisations - and lists the 10 key ingredents to a customer journey map. A product or service is merely a means to an end. The real deeper value lies in the story attached. I don’t want to own a coffee maker - I need to wake up early with a little help from a cup of coffee. I don’t want to use a train - I want to get home to my wife and children.

Unfortunately, most organisations are not capable of listening to stories. People-centred approaches like Design Thinking, Social Design and Service Design have emerged because it provides us with useful methods and tools to bridge the gap. Change causes friction Only those who are adaptable survive. And it’s exactly in this area where the biggest business opportunities lie. Startup compensation strategy & critical resources. The competitive operating environment of the business world, demands that companies—including startups—recognize and compensate their most critical employees in order to succeed. Rewarding this top talent involves developing a critical resources compensation strategy.

This type of strategy typically focuses on employees with one of both of the following: One or more scarce skills (i.e., skills required for success that are in low supply and high demand)Key behavioural qualities or competencies that are critical to the company’s success (e.g., leadership, ability to influence, competitive knowledge, communication skills) After identifying these employees and their critical attributes, it is necessary for your startup to create a compensation strategy that focuses on their retention and motivation. For information on an integrated retention and motivational strategy, see Employee retention strategies: Keeping top talent at your startup and Motivating employees at your startup. 1. 2. 3. How to Use Your Sales Team to Create Better Buyer Personas.

Buyer personas, which model the personalities, behaviors, motivations and pain points of potential customers, can be a useful tool for shaping your company’s marketing strategies. Many B2B marketers, however, either haven’t developed personas, or have ineffective ones that aren’t being used. So, how can you create buyer personas that actually work? Your sales reps spend most of their time interacting one-on-one with customers and prospects, gathering important information and insight. When seeking buyer information, where better to turn than your own sales team? Get Input From the Front Lines Your sales team spends every day on the front lines of buyer interaction. “[My former mentor] said something that stuck with me: always remember that attempting to sell and market your product to people who would never buy it is completely irresponsible and a waste of shareholder money,” says Gary Brooks, chief marketing officer at Urjanet (a firm that provides “Big Energy Data” services).

Are You Using Your B2B Marketing Personas Effectively? Empresários já podem começar a receber subsídio de desemprego. Cristina Oliveira da Silva Medida pode chegar a 250 mil pessoas. Protecção no desemprego exige dois anos de descontos. É já este mês que empresários, gerentes e administradores passam a ter direito a subsídio de desemprego. Para ter direito já à nova prestação, estes trabalhadores tiveram de começar a descontar pela taxa mais elevada desde o início de 2013, uma vez que o subsidio exige dois anos de descontos. De acordo com o Instituto da Segurança Social, desde essa altura, 150.885 pessoas com funções de gerência ou administração estão a pagar contribuições à Segurança Social, pela aplicação da taxa contributiva de 34,75%,"representando este grupo 61% do universo total dos beneficiários que se encontram abrangidos pelo regime" (cerca de 250 mil).

Ou seja, estes 151 mil gerentes e administradores podem ter já acesso ao subsidio em caso de desemprego. 1Quem está abrangido pelo novo apoio? 2Quais as condições para aceder à prestação? 5Qual o valor do apoio? 6Qual a duração? Ana Isabel Morais™ • Packaging Designer | Packaging designer. How to Determine What You Should Charge Customers. How much should I ask for? Especially in the early days of your business, that’s the most stressful question. Demand too much and you might drive potential customers away. Ask too little and you’ll dig yourself into a hole with razor-thin margins. Here are five questions to ask to get a better sense of how much you should be charging. 1. You may end up wanting to charge significantly more, or less, than others in your field.

Related: How Much Should I Charge Clients? 2. Let’s face it: Unless you’re catering to celebrities and CEOs (which is great work if you can get it), it’s unlikely you can get many people to pay you $1,000 per hour for health coaching. 3. It’s not easy at first but try to quantify the value that your work is providing to your customer. Related: How Much Should I Charge for My Service? 4. You shouldn’t let your credentials control your pricing, but it’s worth keeping in mind. 5. Here, the question centers around “how” to charge rather than “how much.” How to use Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Writing a book about working online can be a little tricky – because all websites are ever evolving and rapidly changing.

In the final days of writing my book How to Start a Home-based Etsy Business and right before it went to press (which sold out the first printing!?!) , Google made changes to their Adwords Keyword Tool. Although it’s pretty similar to before, it was hard to write about these changes because it was so new there was relatively little information about it out there. I know this information will only be pertain to bloggers, Etsy sellers, or anyone who runs a website of some kind. So first things first – why do you need it? Start by going to the website: Once you’re logged in, this is the screen you will come to. From the drop down menu, select “KEYWORD PLANNER”. On the next page you’ll see a list of choices, and you’ll need the first one, so click “SEARCH FOR NEW KEYWORD AND AD GROUP IDEAS.” If you click on the Avg.

How to Write Better Emails (Infographic) Emails are your window to the world these days, and so if your emails aren’t getting attention, then that probably means you aren’t, either. Some of your first interactions with potential customers will start online, so be sure to have a respectable email address. It may seem like a no brainer, but plenty of business owners still rely on their personal email accounts to do business -- and it doesn’t look good to the customer. Be sure to set up an email address with an ending (known as the “domain”) that matches your business name.

One way to do that is with Google Apps for Business, according to this infographic compiled by the webmaster tool Related: Achieve a Leaner Inbox With These 3 Fit Tips There are a couple of other tricks that will help get your email noticed. Keywords in the subject line are critical. Finally, keep your emails short and to the point. Take a look at the infographic below for more tips on how to improve your email life. Click to Enlarge+

3 Ways to Make an Offer Your Prospects Can't Refuse. Your offer is the center of your sales piece, which should never simply be an advertisement for your company. Direct mail is capable of so much more than getting your company name out there. A good sales piece should draw your prospects in, keep them interested and make them an offer they can’t refuse. Here's how to do that: 1. So how do you create a sales piece that really sells? Related: Want to Write Better Sales Proposals? You love all those features and you put a lot of effort into building them in, but the fact is people don’t buy features, they buy benefits -- whiter teeth, a slimmer waist, more money. Let’s say you’ve developed a new piece of exercise equipment. Instead, talk about how prospects will enjoy their workout so much, they’ll look forward to it each day, and they’ll lose twice as much weight in half the time and all their friends will ask them what their secret is.

Let’s be honest. 2. One way, of course, is to offer a guarantee. 3. Bonus! Going Global: How to Prepare to Take Over the World. Since the earliest days of the Internet, entrepreneurs have recognized the potential to export their goods and services worldwide, or to “go global” per se. But just how do you determine which countries to move into? Now, I’m not talking about the physical relocation of your business (although over time this may be appropriate). Rather, I’m referring to focusing your sales, marketing and product development efforts on the needs of a specific country or region of the world to yield the best return on investment. Here are the key elements for selecting which countries are best for business expansion. Evaluate your current customer list.

Review website analytics. Related: 6 Tips for Expanding Your Business Internationally Tap in-house language resources. Set up international pricing. Related: Want to Go Global? For instance, charging $99 a month might seem reasonable to a U.S. We solved this by establishing international pricing that was below the U.S. standard rate. Make a commitment. Aphrodite Business Card| CardObserver. Piktochart - Create Easy Infographics, Reports, Presentations. Mockup Builder — Online web prototyping wireframe tools, software. - Mobile web app mocks. Corredor Azul. .:: | Município de Vendas Novas | ::. A Comissão Europeia apresenta medidas para melhorar a proteção e a aplicação dos direitos de propriedade intelectual. How to utilize cloud computing, big data, and crowdsourcing for an agile enterprise. 'Clothes' the Deal: 7 Ways to Dress to Impress. How to Write an Unforgettable Thank-You Note. Novas empresas vão pagar 0% de IRC durante 3 anos. Expert Explains What Makes the Best Logos So Good. The 6 Best Ways to Build Website Traffic. Medical devices. Health technologies - Life-cycle of medical equipment. Dispositivos Médicos. Impostos - Economias. Home page. Artes Gráficas ::: Serviços. 17 Logos We Love. 7 Tips for Creating Awesome Infographics. O QUE É? Início - Portugal Sou Eu. Como monitorizar as redes sociais? | Comunicarte. Your Sneak Peak at the Future of Infographic Marketing. How You Can Create the 'Perfect' Social Media Post (Infographic)

How a Personal Assistant Can Help You Be Even More Awesome. First-Time Manager? Start Here. Using the Right Lingo to Talk to Designers About Your Brand. How to Say 'I'm the Best' Without Actually Saying It. Wearable gadgets, privacy and insurance on collision course | Brier Dudley's blog. How to Create a Marketing Plan. 6 Tips for Wooing Customers With an Enchanting Business Blog. Corporate Image Blog. Charm & gumption blog: HOW TO MAKE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE PRETTY. Cartões de Visita - 360imprimir. As primeiras empresas com a marca Portugal Sou Eu. Purple Cubed. SBI CONSULTING. Inventa Portugal | Marcas | Patentes | Direitos Autor | Domínios. INPI - Instituto Nacional da Propriedade Industrial. Profissionais de | Zaask Portugal. Aicep Portugal Global.