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Vampire Tools

Vampire Professional Tools International is a supplier of high-quality, precision hand tools that offer solutions for unique problems.

Tips For Taking The Most Proper Care Of Your Scissors. The Best Options Among Methods For Removing Any Stuck Screw. Festive Gifts and Stocking Fillers from Vampire Tools. Tips and Tactics for Damaged Screw Extraction. Electricians Scissors: Top Reasons for Getting an Electrical Inspection When Purchasing a Home.

One of the most crucial purchases anybody makes is a home.

Electricians Scissors: Top Reasons for Getting an Electrical Inspection When Purchasing a Home

It is also very crucial that any underlying issues that could prove to be too expensive later down the road be, discovered through a pre-purchase inspection. It is therefore very vital that you perform an electrical inspection before purchasing any home. This will expose most underlying electrical issues, and the expert will recommend solutions for any electrical problems found during the inspection. What Causes a Stripped Screw? REMOVE DAMAGED SCREWS!! Vampliers (Made in Japan) Pliers : the Handiest Tool. Tips for Safe Use of Hand Tools. Calling a Spade a Spade...? Rock, Paper, Scissors – Everything you Never Knew! Screw Extraction – How Vampire Tools Helps. And Now for Something Completely Different... Scissors Superstitions. Why Vampire Tools are the Best Shears on the Market. The Best Scissors in the World – Why Vampire Tools are Number 1!

Tips for Caring for your Shears. All About WD-40 - Part 2. All About WD-40 - Part 1. A Short History of Scissors. Scissors versus Shears: Everything you Need to Know. Best Shears - What Makes Our Kevlar Shears so Great? Revamp and Restore your Rusty Tools. Tools of the Vikings. Toolbox Essentials – The Basics. Lineman Pliers – How They Got their Name. KOBE Steel – the Backbone of VamPLIERS. Pliers for All Applications. VAMPLIERS™ MINI - 5" SCREW EXTRACTION PLIERS. SoCal Live Dealer Event. Novel Use for VamPLIERS: Opening a Wine Bottle. VAMPLIERS™ 6.25" SCREW EXTRACTION PLIERS.

VAMPLIERS: the Best Lineman Pliers across all Industries. How to remove a stripped screw. VAMPLIERS™ PRO 8" SCREW EXTRACTION AND LINEMANS PLIERS.