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Political Corruption

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Kwame Kilpatrick Sex Scandal: More Steamy Text Messages Revealed. DETROIT — A series of often explicit text messages from Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's former chief of staff appear to show she had a long-term romantic relationship with the mayor and that he played a role in the firing of a police officer who sued the city.

Kwame Kilpatrick Sex Scandal: More Steamy Text Messages Revealed

The embarrassing messages between Kilpatrick and Christine Beatty from 2002 and 2003 appear in an 18-page document released Tuesday on the orders of Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Robert J. Colombo Jr. in response to a lawsuit by the Detroit Free Press and The Detroit News. The document was obtained from the computer of Michael Stefani, an attorney who represented three police officers in whistle-blowers' lawsuits against the city that were settled last year for $8.4 million. The text messages were taken from Beatty's city-issued pagers. The messages could prove damaging to Kilpatrick and Beatty, who are accused of lying under oath in one of the lawsuits by denying they had an intimate relationship. Beatty said: "I'm in my office.

Catholic priest: 'We're not in Mayberry anymore,' urges parish to pack heat. An Ann Arbor Catholic priest has urged his parishioners to arm themselves and attend classes at Christ the King parish to earn a concealed pistol license (CPL).

Catholic priest: 'We're not in Mayberry anymore,' urges parish to pack heat

In a letter sent to Christ the King parishioners recently, the Rev. Edward Fride explained why he believed it was necessary to get concealed pistol licenses because of recent crime in the area. During a Palm Sunday mass last month, Fride announced that the parish would be holding the CPL class. When some parishioners questioned the decision, Fride sent out a pro-gun letter titled "We're not in Mayberry Anymore, Toto" – a reference to the 1960s-era Andy Griffith Show and its portrayal of a fictional North Carolina town, as well as Dorothy's dog from the Wizard of Oz. "It is very common for Christians to simply assume that they live in Mayberry, trusting that because they know the Lord Jesus, everything will always be fine and nothing bad can happen to them and their families," Fride wrote.

"This whole gun thing is kind of new. A Proposal to Freeze Pensions in Detroit. The Post-Post-Apocalyptic Detroit. Photo.

The Post-Post-Apocalyptic Detroit

Detroit Police Lab Is Closed After Audit Finds Serious Errors in Many Cases. Detroit Council Member Pleads Guilty to Accepting Bribes for Vote. Kwame Kilpatrick, Ex-Detroit Mayor, Guilty in Corruption Case. Photo DETROIT — , a former mayor of Detroit, was found guilty on Monday of a raft of charges, including racketeering, fraud and extortion, capping a five-month public corruption trial against him and two co-defendants.

Kwame Kilpatrick, Ex-Detroit Mayor, Guilty in Corruption Case

The jury found Mr. Kilpatrick guilty of 24 of the 30 charges against him, including the most serious charges of racketeering and extortion, which each carry maximum sentences of 20 years. At an afternoon bond hearing, Mr. Kilpatrick and Bobby W. Lawyers for Mr. The verdicts brought to a close a trial in which prosecutors laid out a complex case against Mr. Mr. The indictment contained 45 charges. As verdicts were read Mr. All but one member of the jury panel returned to the courtroom after the verdict to speak with reporters about their two-week deliberations, described as respectful but sometimes contentious. “There was no one piece of evidence that sealed the deal,” said one juror, who like the other members declined to be quoted by name.

James C. Indicted Detroit Police Officers Allegedly Used Authority To Steal And Sell Drugs. Two Detroit police officers used their authority as law enforcement to arrange drug deals, orchestrate traffic stops, effect false arrests and coerce and extort victims, all in order to steal money and drugs that were then sold for profit, according to a Wednesday federal indictment that was unsealed Thursday.

Indicted Detroit Police Officers Allegedly Used Authority To Steal And Sell Drugs

Lt. David Hansberry, 34, and Officer Bryan Watson, 46, entered “not guilty” pleas in court Thursday afternoon, according to the Detroit Free Press. They were indicted on eight counts of robbery, extortion, possession of drugs with intent to sell, as well as possession of a gun in a crime of violence and drug trafficking. Both men were suspended from the force in October 2014.

Hansberry and Watson were part of the Detroit Police Department’s Narcotics Section, which Chief James Craig disbanded last summer after an Internal Affairs investigation uncovered systemic problems with the handling of drugs and evidence. Kwame M. Kilpatrick, Former Detroit Mayor, Sentenced to 28 Years in Corruption Case. Mr.

Kwame M. Kilpatrick, Former Detroit Mayor, Sentenced to 28 Years in Corruption Case

Kilpatrick, 43, was convicted in March of two dozen counts that included charges of racketeering and extortion, adding his name to a list of at least 18 city officials who have been convicted of corruption during his tenure. His punishment ranks among the harshest major state and local public corruption cases. Lawyers for Mr. Kilpatrick said that they intend to file an appeal of the convictions and sentence. The hearing came at a sobering moment for the city he once led, which is now remaking itself in bankruptcy court as residents wrestle over whom to blame for the fiscal mess. “He’s become the poster child of what went wrong with the city and why it went bankrupt,” said Adolph Mongo, a political consultant who worked for Mr. “It was a house of cards,” added Mr.