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Long range

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Lessons in Long Range FPV

After the total loss of my first FPV plane, I realized the necessity of including several layers of redundancies both to my ability to remain in control of the aircraft as well as being able to recover it in the event of a crash outside line-of-sight. Here is what I settled on. 1. UHF LRS (Long Range control System) I decided on Dragonlink’s 433MHz UHF transmitter to replace my shorter-ranged 2.4GHz FrSky system. As one of the two direct contributors to Icarus’ loss, replacing the control link was something that should have been done from the start. 2. 1.3GHz Video I switched from omnidirectional, circular-polarized 5.8GHz video to 1.3GHz. The lower frequency provides greater range and object penetration. 3. I actually went back to linear polarization for the time being, mostly to cut costs.

Video Aerial Systems, LLC. Please pardon our progress!

Video Aerial Systems, LLC

Video Aerial Systems is currently under construction. If you have technical questions about our products contact or Contact Sales at A guide to help you select the best antenna system for you. Antennas are the critical link between a transmitter and receiver, so it is best to select the proper antennas for your FPV scenario for the best possible flight experience. Step 1 – Select polarization type Polarization – Circular or linear? Recently a few FPVer’s including myself have discovered the merits of circular polarization. Circular polarization: Circular polarization is used by NASA and many HAMs to communicate with satellites that orbit the Earth as the orientation of the satellite is consistently changing.

FPV Antenna Tracker Setup - ServoCity. Project Title: Pan and Tilt for FPVName: ServoCity TechsEmail: tech@servocity.comProject Description: Our new Actobotics components and Channe Mount Gearboxes provide an easy solution for a strong and powerful tilt system - great for antenna trackers!

FPV Antenna Tracker Setup - ServoCity

Parts Used: (1) SPG400A-CM Channel Mount Gearbox (you choose the servo and ratio) : SERVO INCLUDED(1) Channel Bracket C : #585480(1) 90° Hub Mount A : #585494(1) pack 6-32x5/16" Socket Head Machine Screws : #632108 (25 pack - use 8, 17 extra that can be used to attach tilt to a pan gearbox...see bottom of post.(1) pack 6-32x1/2" Socket Head Machine Screws : #632114 (25 pack - use 4, 21 extra) These 4 pictures show the tilt portion of the setup. You can view a quick clip of the tilt in motion here: If you want to attach this tilt to a pan gearbox to create a complete pan/tilt system, we suggest using a SPG400A-CM-360 gearbox for the base pan (see images below). MYFLYDREAM AAT Automatic Antenna Tracker V5.0 For Long Range FPV 12 channels:FPV Equipment,Long Range System - FPV Model: RC Plane, Multicopter, Quadcopter, FPV Goggles, FPV System and all things FPV.

How to build an FPV Antenna tracker for use with Mission Planner. For anybody interested in improving the range of your FPV and the quality of the signal (and still stay FCC legal), and antenna tracking could be for you.

How to build an FPV Antenna tracker for use with Mission Planner

After looking around for a 'stock' solution I decided to build one myself. Above is a photo of the final product. I am using the 5.8Ghz band for my FPV configuration, and this keeps the antenna small and the entire package very compact and portable. There are two stock full-size servos and a servo base that I purchased from I will not say that this solution is 'cheap', but it is very effective. The total cost of this rig was about $280 (plus the work to assemble it).

The link to the antenna is here (ReadyMadyRC). Antenna Tracker. Any servo based Pan & Tilt gimbal should work.

Antenna Tracker

Ideally the system should allow 180 degrees of pan rotation in both directions and 90degrees of pitch both up and down. The servos used can either be regular servos that translate the PWM input into an absolute angle or continuous rotation servos. The following have been tested and shown to work: Scherrer Long Range System - World leading FPV and long range equipment. DragonLink RC UHF Long Range FPV for Futaba JR and all others! 50 minutes flight time Quad using stock parts - Talon 750 - RC Groups. Build Log 50 minutes flight time Quad using stock parts - Talon 750 Inspired by EndOfDays' 95 min 46s flight time discussion, I'm trying to create a quad using all stock parts that you can order from normal RC hobby stores.

50 minutes flight time Quad using stock parts - Talon 750 - RC Groups

Also using just normal Lipo instead of having to create your battery pack.