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Un vélo en carton qui peut être construit pour moins de $15. 06/08/2012 Transport Il y a quelques temps, Duke Studios annonçait la création des premiers bureaux en carton recyclé.

Un vélo en carton qui peut être construit pour moins de $15

Izhar Gafni est un entrepreneur israélien qui exploite également le carton d’une façon toute aussi inédite. En effet, il a construit un vélo entièrement composé de carton recyclé qui couterait moins de $15 à produire, plus précisément entre $9 et $12 en moyenne par unité. Le carton utilisé est particulièrement solide puisque ce vélo peut supporter un poids d’environ 130 kilos. Le coût de production est l’un des atouts majeurs de ce vélo, mais pas seulement, puisque la démarche écologique est dans l’air du temps et très appréciée des consommateurs. Léger et facilement transportable, il est tout à fait adapté à un milieu urbain.

Cette vidéo vous présente plus en détail ce projet : Izhar Gafni est actuellement en recherche de fonds pour développer son projet. Idée de business repérée par... How Do You Create A Culture Of Innovation? This is the third part in a series by Scott Anthony, author of The Little Black Book Of Innovation.

How Do You Create A Culture Of Innovation?

It sounds so seductive: a “culture of innovation.” The three words immediately conjure up images of innovation savants like 3M, Pixar, Apple, and Google--the sorts of places where innovation isn’t an unnatural act, but part of the very fabric of a company. It seems a panacea to many companies that struggle with innovation. But what exactly is a culture of innovation, and how does a company build it? While culture is a complicated cocktail, four ingredients propel an organization forward: the right people, appropriate rewards and incentives, a common language, and leadership role-modeling. The Innovator’s DNA Has Four Components. La innovación y el emprendimiento social se abren espacio en la industria chilena. The ultimate guide for the ambitious Innovation Manager (100+ sources) Running innovation projects is hard.

The ultimate guide for the ambitious Innovation Manager (100+ sources)

By definition you’re doing new things so you can’t rely on old habits and routines. If you and your innovation team don’t feel uncomfortable, you’re simply not innovating. That doesn’t mean you’ll need to fly blind. At every moment in your innovation process you can use tools, references, checklists and other innovation methods. We do the same in our innovation projects. I. ESSEC News - Issue #2 - Innovating@ESSEC. ViewChange: Unleashing Innovation. Carrot Community. Lego's Life of George Is a iPhone Game That Uses Real Legos.

You've probably played a game on an iPhone and you've probably built something using Legos.

Lego's Life of George Is a iPhone Game That Uses Real Legos

But have you done both simultaneously? Lego has expanded into the world of mobile gaming with its game Life of George, that has you build Lego structures using real-world blocks. The game is the first fully-integrated digital-to-physical game from Lego, and follows the exploits of George, “a software developer by day and adventurer by night” through his travels to places like Hawaii and New York.

In each location, George takes some snapshots of things you find there and fills up his virtual scrapbook. Game play involves you building the things George wants pictures of, and then taking pictures of your creations with your iPhone or iPod touch. The game was released in October, and recently walked away with an award at SXSWi in the Amusement category, and made its way to our San Francisco Mashable office for a test drive.

How it works. Jerry at InnovAfrica by Romain Chanouille on Prezi. A Small Businessman's Guide To Innovating Like The Pros. One of the fundamental errors many would-be innovators make is assuming that the hardest part of innovation is coming up with an idea. That’s actually the easy part. No matter how much work you have done, no matter how careful your analysis, the only thing you can be sure of is that your first idea is wrong in some meaningful way. Ask any venture capitalist or successful entrepreneur. They will tell you the gulf between the first idea and the right idea is often wide. Or listen to the words of the great American philosopher and boxer Mike Tyson: “Everybody has a plan, until they get punched in the face.”

Like it or not, you are going to be punched in the face. The best businesses emerge out of trial-and-error experimentation. Use simple tools to develop your hypothesis Here’s a seemingly simple question: How do you know your idea is good? Scott Cook is the founder and chairman of Intuit, whose claim to fame is TurboTax, Quicken, and QuickBooks. 8 Reasons To Choose A Startup Over A Corporate Job. You've graduated from college, diploma in hand (or in the mail), and you have a couple of job offers on the table.

8 Reasons To Choose A Startup Over A Corporate Job

Other than being one of the lucky graduates in a weak economy, you have a choice to make. On one hand is a high-paying entry level position at a reputable brand in your field. On the other hand is a job offer from a small startup that is just kicking off. You've seen their product, believe in their mission, and like their approach, but aren't sure you want to take on the risk of working at a startup. You're leaning toward that corporate job and good pay with nice benefits. Or is it? Here are 8 reasons why you should take the plunge and enter the startup world instead. 1. Why the future is Latin American: David Lloyd on CNN - Start-Up Chile – Entrepreneurs Welcome! Documenting the Misfit Economy by Alexa Clay. WOW!

Documenting the Misfit Economy by Alexa Clay

WE MADE IT! Thank you to all who have backed, loved, shared and pretty much anything of this campaign! We love you. We really, really love you. What do pirates, terrorists, computer hackers, and inner city gangs have in common with Silicon Valley? @misfiteconomy. Innovation on the fringe.