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Some Dont’s When Storing Medical Supplies. You may think that you are storing your medical supplies appropriately, but there are probably a few things that you haven’t taken into consideration.

Some Dont’s When Storing Medical Supplies

Valley Pharmacy NJ is here to talk about what not to do when storing your medical supplies: Don’t store your medicine in your bathroom cabinet. This is something you may be doing already, and our pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey is here to tell you to stop. The heat and humidity in your bathroom can cause your medicine to lose its efficacy.Don’t store them above your cooktop or fridge. This is another popular storage area for medicines and emergency surgical supplies. Want to Improve Your Sleep Quality? Do These Tips. Chronic lack of sleep leads to many serious illnesses (e.g. depression, stroke, obesity).

Want to Improve Your Sleep Quality? Do These Tips

So, if you don’t have adequate sleep lately, find ways to recover your good bedtime routines. Yes, having the right over-the-counter supplements and pills from a reputable pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey could be a good start. Health Tips During This Pandemic. We know how serious the coronavirus is, this is why we should take our health and safety more seriously.

Health Tips During This Pandemic

At Valley Pharmacy NJ, a pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey, we provide health tips that may help people stay healthier and less prone to getting infected by the new coronavirus. Take multivitamins that can be purchased in our derm specialty pharmacy.Exercising and eating right simply isn’t enough to stay heathy, taking multivitamins can help supply the lacking vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Taking multivitamins can also help boost your immune system, which helps our body fight getting easily infected by certain viruses.You can ask our pharmacists for this and other over-the-counter medications in New Jersey.Wear a mask and bring sanitizers handy.It is very important to wear masks when going outside during times like these.

Keep Your Medicines Cabinet at Home Well-Equipped. We can’t predict minor injuries that may happen at home anytime.

Keep Your Medicines Cabinet at Home Well-Equipped

There can also be days where we feel certain physical pains that can we can treat using medications we can find at home. That is why it is very important to make sure that our medicine cabinets have the medicines and medical equipment we need to treat minor injuries or drink to relieve certain body pains. At Valley Pharmacy NJ, your go-to Pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey, we offer you quality pharmaceutical products that you store in your medicine cabinets at home. Skin Care: Dermatology Specialty Pharmacy. Everyone has a unique skin type.

Skin Care: Dermatology Specialty Pharmacy

Even the different areas of our skin have a different composition. Each part of the skin can also have its own moisture and level of sensitivity. At Valley Pharmacy NJ, a Pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey, we provide dermatology pharmacy services. Our derm specialty pharmacy can help treat your skin condition effectively.It is one of our priorities, as a pharmacy that offers dermatology services, to help people know the effective and safe way to treat their skin conditions. We also follow the doctor’s advice and combine it with our expertise to create the best possible treatment. Why Choose Our Pharmacy?

Your Guide Through Proper Medication. It’s not uncommon for people to not religiously take their medications, which lessens the chance of a better health outcome, especially to those who have serious health issues.

Your Guide Through Proper Medication

One main issue is how people self-medicate without the advice of qualified medical staff or pharmacists. Discover the Perks of Pharmacy Compounding Services. Pharmacy compounding is the process of creating customized medications that are tailored to meet individual medical needs under the direction of a doctor’s prescription.

Discover the Perks of Pharmacy Compounding Services

Medical Supplies You Need at Home for Immediate Emergency Response. Health emergencies are inevitable.

Medical Supplies You Need at Home for Immediate Emergency Response

At home, wounds, bruises, burns, and sprains are some of the common emergencies you’ll encounter. And as a homeowner, how equipped are you to respond to these dire situations? One of the best things you can do in case of accidents promptly is to have a comprehensive first aid kit. Be sure to visit a reliable pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey and get the following supplies: Vitamins and Minerals: More Than Just Supplements. Over-the-counter medications in New Jersey also come along with vitamins and minerals, also known as, food supplements.

Vitamins and Minerals: More Than Just Supplements

Thus, people have easier access to quality medicines. Generally, people buy supplements to improve their overall health. But how do food supplements benefit the body? Normalize the Body According to experts, vitamins and minerals are the essential nutrients that play an important role in normalizing body functions. These nutrients are also responsible for reducing and regaining body elements; thus, regulating our overall physical functioning.May Promote Recovery A surgical operation leaves cuts and wounds that may cause infections, resulting in complications, especially when untreated. Beyond the purpose of supplementing your diet, vitamins and minerals can improve your overall health.

Before taking any food supplements, please don’t forget to consult your doctor first. Disclaimer. Try These Tips to Manage Your Migraines. Migraines cause a pulsing or throbbing pain on one side of the head.

Try These Tips to Manage Your Migraines

It is usually followed by nausea, vomiting, and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Several factors can trigger migraines. These may include hormonal changes, drinks, stress, medications, and foods. Migraines may last for a few hours to days, and the throbbing sensation can be very severe that it may interfere with daily activities. As a pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey, we have come up with migraine relief tips for you: Cooling Down If you have a migraine attack, putting an ice pack on your forehead or neck may help relieve the pain.

If you are looking for pharmaceutical services for any health concerns, please do not hesitate to visit our pharmacy! Gear up for Your Post-Surgical Recovery At Home. Recovering from surgery is a strenuous job to do alone. To ensure safety, comfort, and convenience while staying at home, we suggest you ask help from your family and friends or avail of the best post-operative home care services in your vicinity. Things You Need to Know About Over-the-Counter Medications. There is a variety of over-the-counter (OTC) medications that are available in different pharmacies. Like prescription drugs, OTC medications can treat a lot of conditions. OTCs range from vitamin and mineral supplements to emergency contraception and everything in between.

Unlike prescription medications, OTC medications don’t require consultation with a healthcare provider before use. Ways to Properly Store Medications. Medicines need to be kept away from your children’s reach and be protected from light and refrigerated when necessary. Some medicines can become less potent or go bad before the expiration date when stored in the wrong place. Every medication has its unique storage recommendations.

Thus, ensuring that it in the right place can help in ensuring they work as they should and avoid poisoning accidents. As a pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey, we list down some tips on storing your medicines properly. The following are important medicine principles: Read the label It is important to read the label that comes with the medicine you purchased as it may require different storage conditions. Flu Vaccines: Who Should Be Getting Immunized? Have you been thinking about getting flu shots for your whole family? As a pharmacy in Wayne, New Jersey, we say that it is an important decision to consider. Any time of the year, the flu virus can infect you and your loved ones. It is important that every person should have their turn of getting the annual flu shots.

Yet, there are certain groups of people that we consider as high risk individuals. They need flu immunization for various reasons. Elderly GroupOur aging loved ones already have a lowered immune system. These are the high-risk groups who need to have their flu shots. Quick Guide: What to Ask a Pharmacist. Compounding: How does it help you? Compounding is a service that you can find at many different pharmacies. It allows individuals who are unable to take conventional medications a safe alternative. This service offers many options for a wide range of people, effectively allowing them to customize their medicine to better suit their needs.

Antibiotic Resistance: 4 Ways You Can Prevent It. Immunization: 4 Reasons Why You Need It. Why You Should Use Immunization Services When Traveling. When Should I Get My Flu Vaccine? … and other important items about flu vaccine that you need to know. Reason for Flu VaccinationInfluenza is a seasonal illness that can get a person hospitalized when they’re not sufficiently protected from it. Every year, there’s a different strain of flu virus, and for this reason, we all need to be vaccinated against flu annually.