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Business Model Canvas. Lean Transformation: Lean Change Part 1 - Combining Kotter and Running Lean. I have been spending the last six months or so enabling a large-scale IT transformation by combining Kanban with some of the principles and methods taken from the lean startup world. The major problem with the existing method as it exists so far is that our minimum viable changes (MVC) lacked an overarching change lifecycle.

We need a better approach to accelerate learning, an obvious one (in retrospect) is to make sure minimum viable changes are designed, socialized, and introduced in order of the highest risk. Lean Change Iteration Meta-Pattern I have supplemented the method to include a lifecycle that tries to accelerate learning in the right sequence for organizational change. My inspiration comes from two separate sources. The 8 Steps of Change from John Kotter's - Heart of Change The Lean Startup Stack from Ash Maurya's - Running Lean Book and Blog This is my first attempt at taking some of the principles from Ash’s Running Lean and integrating them with Kotter's 8 Steps. 1. 2. 3.

What is the Social Lean Canvas? | Social Lean Canvas. Entrepreneurship is exploding! In the last ten years there has been a massive increase in the number of people taking the leap of starting new and innovative companies. One of the things that has driven this huge increase has been the development of business development methodologies such as Lean Startup. These new approaches allow entrepreneurs to test and validate their ideas accurately, with great speed and at very low cost. Social Entrepreneurship is likewise exploding. In our experience working with social ventures, we have found that social entrepreneurs want to develop and apply new and innovative business models to their ventures, but lack the knowledge needed to do so. 1.

In most of the literature about business model innovation, particularly around Lean Startup, the purpose of the venture is largely ignored. 2. With regular startups, it is assumed that if you build a highly profitable business model, investment will follow (from Angels, VCs etc). 3. It’s all about Community. Completed lean canvas.