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Anglais au collège

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What is brian - fiche lecture suivie. I thought I saw a monster. Halloween - Poem. Short Stories: Death By Scrabble by Charlie Fish. She plays SWEATIER, using all her letters. 24 points plus a 50 point bonus. If it wasn't too hot to move I would strangle her right now. I am getting sweatier. It needs to rain, to clear the air. As soon as that thought crosses my mind, I find a good word. HUMID on a double-word score, using the D of JINXED. The U makes a little splash of saliva when I put it down. Another 22 points.

She tells me she has lousy letters. She plays FAN, with the F on a double-letter, and gets up to fill the kettle and turn on the air conditioning. It's the hottest day for ten years and my wife is turning on the kettle. She sits back down with a heavy sigh and starts fiddling with her letters again. The rage gets to my fingertips and passes. She plays READY on a double-word for 18 points, then goes to pour herself a cup of tea. I steal a blank tile from the letter bag when she's not looking, and throw back a V from my rack. She asks me if I cheated. I really, really hate her. My wife sleeps all the time. Escape game Scotland 3e. No prep games. Detective Spelling circle Rhyming words Celebrities Show me Virus game Tongue twisters Phonetic Blindtest -ED pronunciations Cultural quiz Place your bets Mysteries Balloon pop Scattergories Idiom of the day Where am I? Who am I? Passwords please Phonetic blindtest How much wood wood a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

How much wood wood a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood How much wood wood a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood How much wood wood a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood in a truck As much wood as a woodchuck could if a woodchuck could chuck wood Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppersA peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper pickedIf Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppersWhere's the peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper Picked? Virus game... Yes, I will! Watch TVlisten to musiceat vegetablesuse social mediaplay basketball speak English... Will you... this summer? Yes, I did! Did you... yesterday? Yes, I do! Red. How to Play The "Detective" Game With Your Kids. ‘Detective’ is a game in which you hide something special around the house, and then leave a chain of clues for your kids to find and solve until they uncover the hidden prize. It’s easier than it sounds to set up and can be played with a few pieces of scratch paper or some common household items.

It’s a killer way to entertain kids on stormy days and, even better, if the weather is nice you can expand the adventure outside or to a park with a little foresight. And not only does it stretch your kids’ brains a bit, but also their bodies as they excitedly run around the house or yard. For my money, it’s one of the greatest rainy day activities for kids there is. Prep Time: 15 minutes Hours of Entertainment: About 30 minutesEnergy Expended by Child: Physical and mental, loads of each What You Need: Something to hide. How To Play: Start with the premise of your mystery: Something is missing or has been stolen. Now, with the kids in another room and the door closed, select and hide the clues.

Shakespeare self guided walk London. LONDON MINDMAP. English Exercises - Learn English with ESL Activities. Reward stickers – Knocking on Teachers' Door. J’aime l’idée de mettre un peu de piment dans les entraînements que je propose, et je fais très fréquemment jouer mes élèves en proposant des petites compétitions. Souvent j’ai eu envie de récompenser les élèves qui s’étaient donnés à fond, mais sans avoir vraiment prévu de récompenses, surtout que les compétitions sont très fréquentes et que je n’avais pas envie de me ruiner non-plus.

Une solution satisfaisante a été que le gagnant ait le droit de mettre le casque de Bobby présent dans ma salle de classe jusqu’à la fin du cours, selon les classes, cela remportait un franc succès. Pour encourager les élèves, je tamponne les cahiers ou bien les évaluations avec divers tampons glanés çà et là. J’ai investi dans divers planches de stickers achetées sur internet mais au fil du temps j’ai eu envie de créer mes propres stickers. J’ai donc commencé à créer sur Canva des planches de stickers sur les thèmes abordés dans mes séquences.

Reward stickers : Ireland Reward stickers for good work. Les verbes irréguliers anglais - Memovoc. Padel vs pickleball | LTA. Two of the fastest growing sports in the world – but what are the differences between padel and pickleball? Get the full comparison of padel and pickleball and find out how you can get involved in both. What are the differences between padel and pickleball courts? For starters, the padel court is slightly bigger than a pickleball court. A padel court is 20m x 10m, whereas a pickleball court is 13.41m x 6.09m. The layout is also slightly different. Instead, pickleball has a no volley zone (known as the kitchen) which is the full width of the court and is roughly 1.06m either side of the net. Then there’s the biggest difference of all – the walls. Find a padel court Find a pickleball court What are the different types of equipment for padel and pickleball?

While both only require a racket and a ball, both are slightly different. Let’s start with the racket. Pickleball however, uses a thin plastic racket with a rectangular shaped head. Pickleball equipment guide Read more about the rules of padel. Interactive chart of IPA Symbols. Specimen de My trip to London. English news and easy articles for students of English. Wordwall. Genially, Padlets… WHERE IS BRIAN ? Index of /Anglais_Medias/6eme/Sons "Enjoy 6e" Index of /Anglais_Medias/6eme/Sons Name Last modified Size Description Parent Directory - Anglais - Collège Marc Chagall - Mme Haquet. Michelle Henry - Activities - Documents - ESL Resources. La Classe Puzzle (Jigsaw Classroom) – It's English O'Clock!

Images mises en avant et miniature trouvées sur freepik (designed by Vectorfair) Découverte d’il y a trois ans grâce à mes collègues d’histoire géographie, la classe puzzle est un moyen fantastique de faire collaborer nos élèves ainsi que de les mettre en valeur. Zoom sur cette pratique qui se rapproche sur certains points du placemat collaboratif ! Pour commencer Le concept des classes puzzle est très simple, voici les ingrédients phares : un groupe de 4 à 6 élèvesun document, un évènement ou une leçon tout simplement que vous pouvez découper en plusieurs thématiques différentesautant de documents différents que de groupes Comment ça fonctionne ?

Visualisez quatre groupes qui seraient chacun un puzzle : Chacun de ces groupes à un document spécifique qui est exclusif à ce groupe. Au sein de ce groupe, les élèves vont pouvoir prendre connaissance du document et pourquoi pas le traiter en profondeur (via des questions, des activités, …). Il s’agit de ma toute première classe puzzle. It's English O'Clock!

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