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A Great Big List of MG and YA Collection Development Resources. When I give presentations on doing Collection Diversity Audits, I get asked a lot about how I determine whether or not a book is counted as diverse.

A Great Big List of MG and YA Collection Development Resources

The process is always changing for me as I learn more and grow, and at this point I focus on Own Voices. The truth is, the answer to this question is that I continually engage in listening, learning, reading and growing. The work is never done and it must be intentional. I keep and continually add to an ongoing list of resources that help me do this work. Today I am sharing the bare bones of that list with you. Anti Racist and Social Justice Reading Lists, A Collection of Resources (in random order) Chicago Public Library/Ibram X. Publisher’s Weekly (kids books): The Guardian: Center for Racial Justice in Education: Teen Librarian Toolbox (teen books on social justice and activism):

10 of the Absolute Must-Listen Podcasts for Teachers. If you’re like us, you’ve been listening to more podcasts lately.

10 of the Absolute Must-Listen Podcasts for Teachers

That’s why we scoped out some of the best, most inspirational, must-listen podcasts for teachers to queue up in the coming months. Listen in! 1. For feeling empathy, validation, and just plain normal about your stressful teaching life … Our favorite HMH Learning Moments: Teachers in America podcast returns for a new season. 2. Teaching Keating with Weston and Molly Kieschnick is a podcast where a husband and wife educator team uses iconic teaching moments from movies and television as a vehicle to reflect on instructional practice. 3.

The Heinemann podcast takes three of our favorite things—books, teachers, and teaching ideas—and talks to teachers and Heinemann authors about them for about twenty minutes. 4. The Book Wrangler – Elementary Classroom & School Library Resources. About - Mrs. ReaderPants. As of August 2014, I am an American librarian working at a private international school in China!

About - Mrs. ReaderPants

My library serves students in Grades 6-12 from 55 different nationalities across the globe. All the students at my school are required to speak English, so the majority of our library books are printed in English. We order books mainly from several local book importers and The Book Depository in the UK. We use Follett Destiny as our circulation system (also like my schools in the US). Though I am in China, my library has access to the same books American students have access to. 10 Tips for New School Librarians! – Don't Shush Me! So you’ve been hired as a school librarian?

10 Tips for New School Librarians! – Don't Shush Me!

Congratulations! What an exciting moment! I was hired for my first school librarian position 3.5 years ago, and I vividly remember how excited I was. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably already dreaming about all of the things you’ll do, ways you’ll decorate, books you’ll purchase, etc. You also may be feeling a smidge anxious or nervous.

We’ve all been there. Below are some things I would recommend to a brand new school librarian for their first year! #1 – Get a Support Network….Pronto! Although this job is THE BEST job, is can also be profoundly isolating. If you don’t cultivate a support network, you are likely to burn out. How do I find other librarians to connect with? #2 People First, Books Second. Mighty Little Librarian – Tiffany Whitehead's Blog. A Great Big List of MG and YA Collection Development Resources.


Keith Curry Lance. What Is Advocacy? These definitions were developed by the AASL Advocacy Committee.

What Is Advocacy?

Advocacy On-going process of building partnerships so that others will act for and with you, turning passive support into educated action for the library program. It begins with a vision and a plan for the library program that is then matched to the agenda and priorities of stakeholders. Public Relations (PR) One-way communication of getting the message across: who we are what we do when and where and for whom Marketing A planned and sustained process to assess the customer's needs and then to select materials and services to meet those needs. know the customer's needs who are they?

Copyright for Educators. 16 Curation Tools for Teachers and Students. Curation Tools – edshelf. EdWeb: A professional online community for educators. Banque D'Images, Photos ,Vecteurs Libres De Droits sur 123RF. Home - Doug Johnson's Blue Skunk Blog. Creating your Personal Learning Network (PLN) Future Ready Librarians™ FRS Librarians Framework download 2020. Home. #AASLstandards Archives.


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