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NeoBook Rapid Application Builder - Overview. Now it's easy to create and publish your own Windows software apps.

NeoBook Rapid Application Builder - Overview

With NeoBook Rapid Application Builder even inexperienced users can quickly combine combine text, pictures, sound, video, Flash animation, HTML content, Internet links, databases*, special effects and other elements to create interactive, professional software programs such as: NeoBook's easy-to-use, floating tool palette and wizards allow you to construct many types of applications using simple drag and drop commands. It's easy to setup hotspots, command buttons, text entry fields, check boxes, lists and other interactive controls. Quickly create an interface that allows readers to turn pages, enter responses, pop up messages, play multimedia files, run other software, perform calculations, display Internet sites, and more. Swfobject - SWFObject is an easy-to-use and standards-friendly method to embed Flash content, which utilizes one small JavaScript file. ClickTAG swf embed code generator.

The introduction of SWF export feature has pleased many of you.

ClickTAG swf embed code generator

However, odds are that a big part of you haven’t ever worked with SWF files before. And the biggest challenge is to embed them properly into a website. That’s why we made this easy to use embed code generator that will help you compile the perfect* swf embed code: Download the SWF embed code generator here. Quick tutorial SWF path – Paste here the SWF file’s location.Width & Height – Set the banner’s dimensions (e.g. 300×250)Color – Set the background color that will apear while the SWF is loadingClickTAG – Fill the the web address that will open on click (leave blank if you don’t want your banner to link anywhere)ClickTarget – Leave _blank if you want the URL to open in another tab/window or choose _self if you want the URL to open in the same tab/window.Copy the code and embed it anywhere you want.

Ebook template sigil. Creating a Master ebook template. Produzir e-book com software livre. Adding Images to an ebook using SIGIL (version 4.9 and lower) How to Self Publish to Amazon KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) Program - Part 1. How to embed a video to your ebook. Broadcast Yourself. How to embed a video to your ebook. How To Embed SWF, FLV, & MP4 Videos In A Web Page. Manual de HTML. Open Office - Uma experiência de Utilizador: Folha de rosto no mesmo documento. Para quem produz relatórios, manuais, teses e documentos do género, há uma tarefa a desempenhar no documento final, que é dotá-lo de uma capa ou folha de rosto.

Open Office - Uma experiência de Utilizador: Folha de rosto no mesmo documento

A questão inerente a responder e realizar é "Como é que se coloca o cabeçalho/rodapé apenas a partir da segunda página? " . Frequentemente, quando a entrega é feita em papel e há desconhecimento técnico do utilizador, são feitos dois ficheiros: um para o índice e corpo do documento e outro ficheiro só para a capa. Quando a entrega é para ser feita em formato electrónico, não há razão para dispensar a capa, pois é possível integrar os dois aspectos do documento no mesmo ficheiro. No MS-Word, esta estrutura era conseguida através dos mecanismo dos section-break. Passando a exemplificar, é necessário abrir o ooWriter. Na janela de estilos, seleccionar a lista de Page Styles. A seguir,introduza "Pagina Simples" no Style Name e pressione o botão "OK". Coloque o visto na opção "Header On" e "Footer On" no respectivos separadores. Atlantis Word Processor Blog: Search results for tweak_epub. Did you know that any eBook in the EPUB format is just a ZIP file but with the .epub file extension?

Atlantis Word Processor Blog: Search results for tweak_epub

EPUBs normally contain multiple files in different formats: XHTML, XML, JPG, etc. If you rename any .epub file to .zip, you can open it in any file compression software. Since Atlantis automatically generates all the required EPUB components, and puts them into a ZIP file in the proper order, you do not necessarily need to know what's inside your EPUB books generated by Atlantis.

Search Engine Optimization for Flash: Best Practices for Using Flash on the Web - Todd Perkins. Some people believe that because search engines can't index all of the content in SWF files, Flash-based websites and Rich Internet Applications don't show up in web searches.

Search Engine Optimization for Flash: Best Practices for Using Flash on the Web - Todd Perkins

This breakthrough book dispels that myth by demonstrating precisely what you can do to make your site fully searchable no matter how much Flash it contains. You'll learn best practices for using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build sites with Flash that will stand tall in search rankings. Search Engine Optimization for Flash shows you how search engines work, what constitutes a search-engine-optimized (SEO) site, and what to watch out for in the way of SEO pitfalls. Epubcheck - Validation tool for EPUB. This project has moved to GitHub!

epubcheck - Validation tool for EPUB

EpubCheck is a tool to validate IDPF EPUB files, version 2.0 and later. It can detect many types of errors in EPUB. OCF container structure, OPF and OPS mark-up, and internal reference consistency are checked. EpubCheck can be run as a standalone command-line tool or used as a Java library. Note that you must be able to run Java from the command-line and be familiar with command-line tools to use this effectively. News 2013-05-27 EpubCheck version 3.0.1 is now available! 2012-12-21 EpubCheck version 3.0 is now available! Monografia com o OpenOffice: Estilos de Parágrafo e Página « Biological Warfare. Normalizar uma monografia é uma das coisas mais trabalhosas que já vi alguém fazendo.

Monografia com o OpenOffice: Estilos de Parágrafo e Página « Biological Warfare

Geralmente passa-se 40% do tempo escrevendo texto e os outros 60% formatando. Há quem pague para outra pessoa fazer isso e conheço quem ganhe a vida assim. E-book management. eBook Creator. Save as DAISY - Microsoft Word Add-In. DAISY Consortium. Kindle Direct Publishing: Self-publish to Amazon's Kindle Store. Amazon. Kindle Cloud Reader. Sell - My eBook Master.