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OKRA landschapsarchitecten — Domplein Utrecht. © OKRA landschapsarchitecten .

OKRA landschapsarchitecten — Domplein Utrecht

Published on May 12, 2011. In the middle of the city of Utrecht lies the Domplein or cathedral square. This is where Utrecht began, 2000 years ago, with a Roman castellum that now lies 4 metres underground. In the Middle Ages it became overgrown by a primeval forest with giant trees. Mi5 arquitectos . PKMN architectures. The proposal for the market square renovation in the historic city centre of Teruel envisages the creation of a large, multi-purpose space used mainly for leisure activities.

Mi5 arquitectos . PKMN architectures

It is a contemporary design characterised by the free-flowing use of space and the potential for emerging activities, a wide range of uses and created as a crossroads between modernity and tradition, artistic heritage and functionality. The square is open to the surrounding city and landscape as a space full of opportunities for the creation of a multifunctional centre. It is the dual combination of building and square that will make this location a thriving hub of activities; it will rise as a typological reference for complex public spaces and highlight Teruel as one of the pioneers. [Esp] El proyecto de remodelación de la antigua Plaza del mercado en el casco histórico de Teruel, propone la creación de un gran espacio para usos múltiples y actividades asociadas principalmente al ocio.

Landesgartenschau / Landscape Formation One. Designed and built as an event and exhibition space for the 1999 garden festival in Weil am Rhein, Germany, our Landesgardenschau – Landscape Formation One – was one in a sequence of Zaha Hadid Architects projects intended to elicit new fluid spatialities from an ongoing study of natural landscapes, including river deltas, mountain ranges, forests, deserts, ice flows and oceans.

Landesgartenschau / Landscape Formation One

In contrast to conventional urban and architectural spaces, natural landscapes typically contain a multitude of subtly differentiated territorial definitions and smooth spatial transitions. In the context of traditional architectural principles and practice, these features might be considered to lack order and clarity. We disagree with this point of view – believing that they liberate a more complex and nuanced way of ordering spaces. The main spaces – exhibition hall and café – run along these naturally emerging paths, admitting natural sunlight and providing contrasting views to the exterior.

Pap_watersystem_vol1. Waterfront Seattle. Olive Beach / Wowhaus Architecture Bureau. Architects: Wowhaus Architecture Bureau Location: Moscow, Russia Design Team: Darya Listopad, Artem Ukropov Year: 2011 Photographs: Ivanov, Karpov, Yogastan From the architect.

Olive Beach / Wowhaus Architecture Bureau

We came up with an idea for how to create an alternative to the main entrance to Gorky Park. By way of contrast with the granite and marble that are the dominant presence at the front entrance, we have used wood for the ‘welcome zone’ leading from Pushkin (Andreevsky) Bridge. Kalvebod Waves. Kalvebod Brygge Photo by George Messaritakis Showing image 8 of 34 Kalvebod Brygge is situated opposite the popular Copenhagen summer hang out, Islands Brygge.

Kalvebod Waves

Kalvebod Brygge has the potential to be Islands Brygge’s more urban counterpart but has, until now, been synonymous with a desolated office address devoid of life and public activities. This new waterfront will be a place for a larger spectrum of public activities. In connection with this space, an active water enclave is created, for various water related activities.

OAB. Office of Architecture in Barcelona. Monographs BENIDORM.

OAB. Office of Architecture in Barcelona

Ene, 2011. Carlos Ferrater y Xavier Martí. Ed. City of Port Phillip Website. Port Melbourne Waterfront Activation What’s happening?

City of Port Phillip Website

The City of Port Phillip is committed to increasing the vibrancy of shopping and dining centres across Port Phillip. Each shopping and dining precinct across Port Phillip is unique, and Council has agreed to take a local, place-based approach to plan for the future success of all our precincts. What’s Council doing? Council will partner with business, local residents and the wider community to shape the future of the Port Melbourne Waterfront (Station Pier and Beach Street) precinct. BIG Viewing Platform Brooklyn’s Waterfront. Reimagining the Waterfront. Homepage / Waterfront Toronto. Projects / Toronto Central Waterfront. Beautification on the north side of the street that will stimulate ground floor retail activity and urban vibrancy.

projects / Toronto Central Waterfront

A broad granite pedestrian promenade with a double row of trees alongside a new stretch of Martin Goodman Trail. New two-lane, two-way street with expanded turning lanes and a dedicated light rial transit (LRT) corridor with widened platforms and passenger amenities. The Central Waterfront extends along 3.5 km along Lake Ontario and in direct proximity to the downtown business district. It is one of Toronto’s most valuable assets, yet, despite decades of planning and patchwork development projects, there was no coherent vision for linking the pieces into a greater whole – visually or physically.

Copenhagen’s Waterfront Development- Page 2. Copenhagen is working to change its harbor on two fronts.

Copenhagen’s Waterfront Development- Page 2

The first is high-end architecture. Frøsiloen, a pair of massive soybean silos in the southern harbor, lay derelict for years, and constantly cropped up in architecture classes as a theoretical problem. The silos have now been converted to apartments: Dutch firm MVDRV hung living quarters around the outside of the concrete cylinders, leaving the inside of each silo as a tall, tubular atrium. The buildings are sinuous yet spectacularly simple, and are conveniently connected by a foot-and-bike bridge to Fisketorvet, the shopping mall in the former fish market.