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Mobile Tools Mobile Tools Description The Mobile Tools module provides Drupal developers with some tools to assist in making adjustments to your site based on the visitor's device. Contextual switching of content and layoutExportable configurations using Spaces and FeaturesDefine your sites via domain, sub domain, path, path pairs and query stringServer side feature detection using BrowscapAutomatic redirection to a site based on device groupMobile bookmark popup/Add to home screen notificationMedia Query builderanything else we can think of! Mobile Tools integrates with the following modules to enable the described functionality
"The need for most people to create front-end code may not even exist in the not-so-distant future." Zurb, créateur du cadriciel Foundation. La multiplication des plateformes, et avec elle le besoin de sites adaptatifs, complexifie la vie des développeurs web. Heureusement, depuis quelques mois, une petite révolution est en train de se produire. Des cadriciels d'interface (interface framework) peuvent simplifier radicalement la production d'interfaces utilisateur. La révolution des cadriciels d’interface La révolution des cadriciels d’interface
One Skill You Need to Be an Entrepreneur If you're an entrepreneur, what skill can you absolutely not do without? Selling might come up as an obvious possible answer—after all, every business owner regardless of their venture needs to persuade someone to part with their cash. Or in this high-tech world is it a specific bit of know-how, such as SEO optimization or website design? Or could it possibly be pitching and self presentation? One Skill You Need to Be an Entrepreneur
Nice Menus CSS Examples Nice Menus CSS Examples Here are some examples of some common CSS changes for your menus. You can either edit these in your custom Nice Menus CSS file or you can simply add these to the bottom of your theme's style.css file. To create a custom Nice Menus CSS, you can make a copy of the provided nice_menus_default.css file and tell Nice Menus to use your new CSS by going to Administer -> Themes -> Configure -> Global settings -> "Path to custom nice menus CSS file" and entering your new file's path. Example: sites/all/themes/your-theme-name/css/your-file-name.css Make hovered links white with a black background:
Views PDF Views PDF With this module you can output a view as a PDF document. Each field of the view can be placed on the PDF page directly in the administration interface. Therefore a new display called "PDF" is added. There are already some PDF solutions such as Print. But these solutions use the HTML output and converts this to PDF. The downsides of such an integration are:
Consultas SQL, de Drupal 6 a 7 (1ª parte) | redTicos La nueva versión Drupal 7 ha traído muchas novedades. Uno de los cambios que más notaremos, además de la administración, son las nuevas funciones. Las funciones para el tratamiento de consultas son sin duda de las más necesarias y usadas de Drupal. Además todo parece indicar que en futuras versiones continuarán en vigor las mismas funciones, de modo que nos tendremos que ir acostumbrando :) Consultas estáticas En Drupal 6 realizábamos todas las consultas a la base de datos mediante la función db_query(). Consultas SQL, de Drupal 6 a 7 (1ª parte) | redTicos