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Trading Cards: an all-villain whodunnit in Fleer's "Batman Master Series": about_faces. In 1996, trading card company Fleer decided that they wanted to release a different kind of card set for Batman.

Trading Cards: an all-villain whodunnit in Fleer's "Batman Master Series": about_faces

Inspired by the loose narrative of Topps' classic Mars Attacks! Cards, the Batman Master Series set was the first series of cards to comprise a complete, original Batman storyline. The more cards you collect, the more parts of the story you'd have to piece together. @rickcelis. Geekologie - Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome. Pourquoi le bashing organisé de Batman v Superman est un échec. Ab390af233f64c5029f8bc4048cc0b0c. Batman — Poster Posse on Behance. Tumblr_nljiroSTbs1qm3r26o1_1280.png (PNG Image, 600 × 960 pixels)

Harley Quinn

Gotham Girls. Fuck Yeah Bruce Timm! 30th October 2014 Photo reblogged from ComicsAlliance with 58 notes comicsalliance:

Fuck Yeah Bruce Timm!

YouSee What You Want. Batman-phantasm-bruce-timm. Batman-phantasm-bruce-timm-art.jpg (JPEG Image, 842 × 1174 pixels) - Scaled (85%) AH! Illustrations by Arnaud hermant - Photos. Page. BATMAN-MINUTE. The Saturday Evening Post Series by OnlyMilo on deviantART. Batman. Got some old doodles for ya today.


There was a time I used a brush pen all the time, I was addicted to it. I have done tones of characters this way and they will pop up here in the future from time to time. Enjoy. Batmania - Comic Book Plus.


Batmobile. Dessin Black/White. Autre.