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Trends in technology

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The Top Ten Trends In Clean Technology for 2011. The Web site, earth2tech, has named the top clean-tech trends of the year, with the plummeting cost of solar panels topping the list, followed by India’s emergence as a renewable energy powerhouse. Earth2tech reports that the price of solar panels dropped 40 percent in 2011, in large part because Chinese manufacturers flooded the market with low-cost solar panels.

That should help spur the installation of more solar panels on rooftops, and also means that some solar power developers are foregoing large solar-thermal power projects in favor of residential solar. Other top trends include a sharp slowdown in initial public offerings (IPOs) for clean-tech companies, with the exception of biofuel companies, which offered some IPOs. The Web site said that sales of electric vehicles were slow, and that battery technology for EVs continued to be a drag on development and sales of electric cars. Current Trends in Clean Technology Investments – I'm Jacek.

No doubt about it, clean technology is growing, not only due to government and internationally set renewable energy targets such as the 2020, Kyoto, etc… but also because it’s simply something that we need to implement in order not to completely botch up this little planet of ours. However, as with anything there are current trends in the sector, and it’s sub specializations. Today we look at the current trends in clean-tech and talk a little about what is currently hot and where is the outlook. Solar The solar sector is currently seeing a price war, with the average currently at approximately $1.50/watt, and most manufacturing coming out of China, western companies are having difficulties competing on price. However, company’s such as US’s BioSolar and Brazil’s Heliotek are currently developing organic solar panels that if they work should bring the price down to $0.50/watt.

The future in solar is predominantly on two fronts, 1. Energy Accumulation / Fuel Cells / Batteries Waste to Energy. Trends in Clean Technology. Driving Innovation and Growth Date: Time: Location: Reservations Required: October 23, 2014 7:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. 65 West Jackson Boulevard Chicago, IL 60604 Global Midwest Alliance, founder of Midwest Clean Tech and the Private Sector Liaison Office to the World Bank Group, invites you to our final program in the 2014 Innovation, Growth and Globalization Series. The Clean Tech Program Innovative technologies across clean tech sectors have boomed in recent years, responding to universal resource constraints world-wide. This program will focus on new developments across clean tech, showcasing new competitors in the field.

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