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For You To Borrow, Some Libraries Have To Go Begging. More than 90 percent of Americans say public libraries are important to their communities, according to the Pew Research Center — but the way that love translates into actual financial support varies hugely from state to state. Vermont, for instance, brags it has more libraries per capita than any other U.S. state. And some of them are remarkably quaint. In Ludlow, one library is a white clapboard Victorian, slightly frayed, ringed by lilies and sitting by the side of a brook. The Tyson Library in Ludlow, Vt., is required to support itself independently; public libraries in Vermont receive no state funding. Neda Ulaby / NPR "It's very small," says Julia Bailey, a volunteer with the local Ladies' Aid society — the one and only reason this public library exists, even though it's open just two hours a day, and only in the summer. Free books: 100 legal sites to download literature.

The Classics Browse works by Mark Twain, Joseph Conrad and other famous authors here.

Free books: 100 legal sites to download literature

Classic Bookshelf: This site has put classic novels online, from Charles Dickens to Charlotte Bronte.The Online Books Page: The University of Pennsylvania hosts this book search and database.Project Gutenberg: This famous site has over 27,000 free books online.Page by Page Books: Find books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and H.G. Wells, as well as speeches from George W. Bush on this site.Classic Book Library: Genres here include historical fiction, history, science fiction, mystery, romance and children’s literature, but they’re all classics.Classic Reader: Here you can read Shakespeare, young adult fiction and more.Read Print: From George Orwell to Alexandre Dumas to George Eliot to Charles Darwin, this online library is stocked with the best classics.Planet eBook: Download free classic literature titles here, from Dostoevsky to D.H.

Textbooks. Building a New Generation of Readers. As the world goes digital, libraries adjust their strategies. As colleges continue to adjust to a more digital world, libraries have had to keep up as well.

As the world goes digital, libraries adjust their strategies

Both public and college libraries have struggled with staying relevant in the digital age. Some public libraries across the nation have even started loaning out unusual items like energy meters and seeds for spring planting. But this doesn’t mean the duties of librarians are becoming extinct – they’re just changing. By Goodshot Not only are more books and journal articles being made available on the Web instead of as paper products, the physical space of libraries are changing. Cristela Garcia-Spitz, digital library program project manager at the University of California – San Diego, has seen shifts in her job over the years. A Sign for Libraries. HLWIKI Canada. 6 Terms that Instantly Reveal You as a Librarian. Few professions are as steeped in tradition and esoteric knowledge as librarianship.

6 Terms that Instantly Reveal You as a Librarian

We have our own dialect packed with specialized jargon that only others in our vocation would understand. Future of Libraries Issues. During the two day summit last week in Vancouver on the Future of Libraries so many issues emerged, and so many thoughtful responses.

Future of Libraries Issues

I note here some of the issues but guest bloggers will contribute more context and elaboration, even a few answers, over the next few weeks… The future is not what it used to be! City managers and provosts are seeing less expensive options within their jurisdictions, whether preschool programs in community centers or space in cafeterias. Shared services is shining a spotlight on perceived duplication, and we are expensive.

As we move into new areas (learning centers, after school programs, research support, maker spaces) others already occupy much of that space. As senior staff is reduced, library directors are not immune. The Changing Landscape For Libraries & Librarians In The Digital Age. The Changing Landscape For Libraries & Librarians In The Digital Age by Frankie Rendon, The advent of the Internet has placed the need for libraries, and librarians under scrutiny.

The Changing Landscape For Libraries & Librarians In The Digital Age

Now that everything in print is available online, do we really need physical libraries and librarians anymore? Of course we do…now, more than ever before. According to Luis Herrera, city librarian of San Francisco, “Libraries are more relevant than ever. Susan Bernofsky: A Library for the People. Right now I'm in a relatively privileged position: As a professor at Columbia University, I have access to one of the best research libraries in the world.

Susan Bernofsky: A Library for the People

And at other times in my life, I have been able to pursue my work in other world-class libraries like those at Harvard and Princeton. And I can tell you that this is a completely different experience from working at an underfunded library with limited resources. You're reading an article to help with something you're studying or writing about, and it references a book on the subject that you never heard of?

No problem, just hop over to the catalog, look it up, and boom, you're reading that other book. Plout10. What We Talk About When We Talk About Public Libraries. East Ballarat Library (c/o raaen99 / Flickr) In BriefThe early founders of free public libraries intended them to achieve particular outcomes: a place for working people to access the wisdom of the classics, to socialise and to become more informed and educated citizens and avoid spending their time idling, lonely or drunk.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Public Libraries

There is, however, little incentive for public librarians to undertake the research required to test whether these outcomes are being achieved. In this article I explore the state of public library research in the Australian and international context by highlighting the low participation rates of public librarians in peer-reviewed article and conference paper publication. I then consider the incentives and disincentives within public library management structures that inhibit research by public librarians. When you’re a librarian in Melbourne, the figure of Redmond Barry looms large. Moving From Data-Driven to Design-Driven Innovation - The Ubiquitous Librarian. I was tweeted into a conversation about assessment and I wanted to take a minute to comment.

Moving From Data-Driven to Design-Driven Innovation - The Ubiquitous Librarian

Elliott Shore (ARL) recently called for a radical change in library assessment—with the gist being a move from descriptive to predictive. I’d like to push it further into the realm of innovation-generation. I tried to contribute my part to that conversation at last year’s Library Assessment Conference with a paper Too Much Assessment, Not Enough Innovation. I wasn’t booed off the stage, but I definitely felt avant-garde compared to the mainstream assessment crowd.

But of all the papers I’ve written recently that’s my favorite one because I enjoyed digging deeply into places like PARC and Bell Labs. Anyway, twitter isn’t ideal for long-thought sharing so I’m dashing this off over lunch. A Short, Animated Defense of Toronto’s Great Public Libraries. Support for Digital Literacy in Public Libraries.

ALA 2014 Midwinter Preview: The Librarian’s Guide to Paranoid Behavior. Librarians have always been a wee bit paranoid, but for years our distrust pretty much clustered around two obsessions.

ALA 2014 Midwinter Preview: The Librarian’s Guide to Paranoid Behavior

First, there was the Rodney Dangerfield “we don’t get no respect” issue. This is the nadir of library paranoia, and it assumes many variations. No one understands what we do. The public doesn’t know we have master’s degrees. Everyone thinks we just read all day, except when we stamp out books. Creative Fresno owners show they care. For Brian Morin, 11, an extraordinary gateway to "adventure" lurks within an unusual place: the corner of a room in a central Fresno 7-Eleven convenience store.

creative Fresno owners show they care

Brian usually stops by five days a week to check out books from a children's library inside, created by store owners Sushil Prakash and Josephine Kiran as an incentive to get children in the neighborhood excited about reading. The catch to lure kids? A free Slurpee or hot chocolate for every book read and summarized in a short book report. The public library is far away, and checking out books at the 7-Eleven is a "double treat," Brian said, because he loves reading and Slurpees. "I hope that it lets other people learn that reading is fun, because a lot of people don't like books," he said. Kiran, an avid reader, came up with the idea for the library -- the first of its kind in 7-Elevens nationwide.

Assembly Member Henry T. An Open Letter to Library Directors. A library director balances the library budget with the needs of the community, and for it is hailed as a hero. There is something wrong with this picture. You're supposed to be doing that! Here's what Jenica Rogers did, working with faculty, administration, and other library staff to reduce dependence on American Chemical Society resources. Given that there was no apparent ACS-based solution to our budget crunch in the face of what we feel is unsustainable pricing, we went to our Chemistry faculty and discussed all of this with them. This was not our first meeting; we’ve been discussing this since fall 2011 when we clearly understood that ACS pricing would continue to increase, and was pushing at the ceiling of what we could sustain. Here's What The Store Of The Future Will Look Like (Hint: Not Amazon) Tidy up your Twitter Followers. By David Lee King I recently went through my library’s Twitter followers and “cleaned up” our follower list.

What was I looking for? Mainly, that we are following people living in our service area. Press Releases Use of Small and Rural Libraries Grows in the Digital Age. September 25, 2013 IMLS Press Contact 202-653-4799 Giuliana Bullard Use of Small and Rural Libraries Grows in the Digital Age. Internet Librarian 2013 – The New Library Patron. Internet Librarian 2013 – The New Library Patron Lee Rainie Rainie’s slides are up at. Library Service to the Homeless. By Amy Mars on April 26, 2013. Library Service to the Homeless. 11 Mistakes Nonprofits Make On Twitter And How To Avoid Them.

Open Access: Which Side Are You On. Via librarian-by-night: The Uni participated at. Why public libraries are glamming up. State of the art … the Library of Birmingham opens next week. Categories vs. Tags for Wordpress SEO - Clever Solutions Ltd. We love WordPress! One reason we love it is because it’s designed well and because the variety of themes and plugins available makes its potential endless. However, even though WordPress is relatively straightforward to use, there are still certain issues which confuse people now and then. Today we’re tackling the categories vs. tags issue which leaves many bloggers completely confused. Dear Aspiring Librarians (On MLIS Program Placement and Salaries)

Let's revisit the US News and World Report rankings for Masters of Library and Information Science programs. The rankings: Home - R. David Lankes - LibGuides at Creighton University Law Library. 'Librarians vs. search engines' in UC Berkeley report. Digital Engagement Framework. 75 Of The Coolest Librarians To Follow On Twitter. Librarians have gotten a bad rap in the past, represented as bookwormish and ‘uncool’. But the fact is that today, librarians are really beginning to build up a name for themselves with their deep knowledge base and their access to huge stores of information. The Ultimate Who-To-Follow Guide for Tweeting Librarians, Info Pros, and Educators.

Wondering about who you should be following on Twitter to keep up with the steady stream of updates in Libraryland? Well, here’s a list of lists! This quick guide will give you 30 great lists of librarians, instructors, and information professionals that you’ll want to follow on Twitter as well as tweeting authors’ accounts and people and publications to follow to gain tech insights.

Alaska public libraries 2013. Gov-info: NARA, NLM, & LOC Gov Resource: Digital... Via thelibraryperson: New NYC Library Curated by. The End of "The End of Libraries" On Sunday, October 14th, yet another "End of Libraries" piece appeared. Per usual, it was written by a white male with no use for libraries, because every single time this trope appears, that's part of the author's demographic background.

Beyond that, it's a crucial part of the author's background. Who's Afraid of Peer Review? Collection: Idea Box. Alaska Book Week: About. How to Do a Library Scavenger Hunt Your Kids Will Love. Influx Library User Experience Newsletter. Would you give up your office? Managing the Change to Embedded Library Services. Approachable You. Social Media for Libraries #socmedlib (with images, tweets) · karentoittoit. Contemporary Library Architecture: A Planning and Design Guide. Chipping Away at It. How we made a (pretty nice) virtual Library Tour video for almost no money « thewikiman thewikiman. Metadata and your Big Data?

I AM A {SOCIAL} LIBRARIAN infographic - Free download! A Minecraft Library Scores Big: Mattituck, NY, Branch Is a Hit with Kids. It's not all about the books. The Library as Catalyst for Civic Engagment. The Library as Catalyst for Civic Engagment. Librarians Are NOT Knowledge Keepers - Pass It On. A Bibliometric Model for Journal Discarding Policy at Academic Libraries. New director, young guns guiding Chattanooga’s library system through a renaissance. New The Usable Library. Library@Kendriya Vidyalaya Pattom. Revealed: A Book the Size of a Ladybug. Passive Aggressive Library Signs. StevenBell.Info. The Right to Read. 3d printing, library missions, and things beside the point. Beyond the Bullet Points: Missing the Point and 3D Printing. Mission creep – a 3D printer will not save your library. All these birds with teeth: this is not about science. Urn:nbn:se:umu:diva-52919: Implementation of Activity Theory in Umeå University Library.

The Landscape of Social Login & Sharing: Consumers Want Choice « Gigya's Blog. A lesson in bad customer service: Pottery Barn Kids. Punch's Library Daily. Urn:nbn:se:umu:diva-52919: Implementation of Activity Theory in Umeå University Library. Image Copyright. The Best Uses for Your Local Library (That Aren't Just Books) Why don't you go to the public library? Be brutally honest. : AskReddit. The History of Typography - Animated Short. How Often Do You Visit Your Local Library? Why don't you go to the public library? Be brutally honest. : AskReddit. Ignite HR 2012 Heather Bussing. Trends in library usage.

(via Launch of DCPL’s Digital Commons opens doors. Public Libraries and the Internet. Hotels Add Libraries as Amenity to Keep Guests Inside. Hotels Add Libraries as Amenity to Keep Guests Inside. Self-Censorship in Libraryland. “Rockstarism” and Librarianship. An open letter about eBooks and Douglas County Libraries. Declaration for the Right to Libraries. About. Joining the MOOC game: the role of the library. 10 challenges librarians are facing. Facebook in the Library: Enhancing Services & Engaging Users. West Seattle launches first of its kind Art. 10 challenges librarians are facing.