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UrthBags Eco-Chic Handbags. Skate Study House. .: Orange22 - Home :. Feiz design studio / project / Perf. Green & Present - Unique Interiors and Gifts - Living - Edge table. Green & Present - Unique Interiors and Gifts - Living - Neumática - reciclados urbanos.


Vibrazioni's Recycled Oil Barrel Furniture Comments on the Oil Crisis. Vibrazioni’s repurposed oil barrel furniture sits on the fine line between art and design while making a poetic comment on the current oil crisis.

Vibrazioni's Recycled Oil Barrel Furniture Comments on the Oil Crisis

Designed by Alberto Dassasso, the line of chairs, stools, tables, and lamps are made from discarded industrial barrels that are used in different industrial sectors ranging from petrochemicals to food. Looking at the collection’s rough-and-ready features, it’s not difficult to imagine the barrels´ previous lives spent traveling the high seas, being left outside in the rain, and getting a few knocks while being transported along bumpy roads. The fact that the furniture has been made from cutting, welding and riveting different brand´s barrels, make each piece unique.

Markus Benesch Creates. Projects - collaborations. Pioneers of Change. Last Preparations by Renny Ramakers posted September 2nd, 2009 I am writing this blog while working on the last preparations for Pioneers of Change.

Pioneers of Change

These last moments are, as usual, full of tensions. We have disagreements with the graphic designers, who think that we are making too many changes in the texts, with the risk of destroying their precise design. They are right, with so many parties involved in the process and people on holidays, changes after changes came. We will try to get our signage system placed on the island without disturbing their rules and regulations. We asked the designer of the VIP room, which is furnished with Droog pieces, to change his beautiful design. We are negotiating with New York catering companies because we have the feeling that they are overcharging us.

Our two sweet interns, we call them Tom & Jerry, are stuffing the invitations in the envelopes while watching a movie. Gypsy Modular: Reconfigurable Furniture by Clark Davis. Furniture made of modular wood components can mixed, matched, swapped, and reconfigured to outfit your turf.

Gypsy Modular: Reconfigurable Furniture by Clark Davis

All with no tools. Be the first to own Gyspy. Pledge now to preorder yours. Growing up, I loved playing legos. Gypsy Modular is a furniture line designed to have that same functionality. More on the inspiration at I have currently prototyped several of the pieces of the set, and proven the concept. Studio david graas. Not a square A flat pack fruit presenter.

studio david graas

The flexibility of the elements allow the corners of the square to curl up and create a bow... (show more) Holland by night Holland by night is a 3d printed table lamp based on the light emissions in The Netherlands. Cardboard Lounge Cardboard Lounge is a full size easy chair made from heavy duty corrugated cardboard. Ski chair and other winter furniture. Droog Rag Chair By Tejo Remy - Droog Design - Tejo Remy. Rubber Hose : the work of Will Holman. 2009 / plywood, air compressor hose, threaded rods, hardware The Rubber Hose Chair uses a simple structural system of two identical frames set parallel to one another and braced apart by threaded rods.

Rubber Hose : the work of Will Holman

The seating surface is made from 3/4" air compressor hose tightly stretched, spanning the two plywood frames. It is very comfortable, generously wide and low-slung, with a deep recline and soft, springy seating surface. An exercise in material efficiency, all of the pieces come out of one 4' x 4' sheet of construction-grade plywood. The only waste is two small triangular scraps. Photos by RaMell Ross Instructable. OOO My Design by Vanesa Moreno.

The Interweb Chair. Jennifer Maestre. Fernando et Humberto Campana. Deux célèbres designers du Brésil….

Fernando et Humberto Campana

A Sao Paulo ils développent des meubles entre l’art et le design qui sont souvent bases sur la vie quotidienne, il récupère des déchets industriels, des matériaux, fibres … pour créer des objets vraiment hors du commun. Certains de leurs modèles sont fabriqués par Edra et Cappellini. Le fauteuil Favela Les habitants des favelas construisent leur habitation avec un bois semblable à celui du fauteuil. Réalisé avec une quantité de petits morceaux de bois naturel, la réalisation à la main des assises sont légèrement différentes des unes aux autres sa finition en teck résiste en extérieur.

Le fauteuil VermelhaLa réalisation de l’assise demande plusieurs jours de travail et une spécialisation dans l’art du tressage. Sur les photos suivantes ; une compilation des peluches ours, alligators, dauphins ou des poupées sur du métal de base. Voir leurs créations sur. FERNANDO ET HUMBERTO CAMPANA. Fernando and Humberto Campana. Studio aisslinger. Projectdetails: Year: 2009 Account: Aisslinger Team: Studio Aisslinger Description: in the age of a collage-living scenario the coral modules are a transparant and open kind of geodetic structure with a strong sculptural appearance.

studio aisslinger

Influenced by the shapes of microorganisms of marine life the overall shape is a multiple duplikation of submodules which create the CORAL shape. the edition is created by studio aisslinger and launched in 2009. The Lastika Chair by Velichko Velikov. Ciation Re-création. Crafty. Craft Robo, machine de découpe papier petit format pour les loisirs créatifs. FUTUR EN SEINE - Fête de la ville numérique. Classeur : Projects: SketchChair. SketchChair by Diatom Studio.

Exposition "Design libre à édition" VIA contribue à promouvoir et à valoriser l'image créative et innovante soutenue par les Industries Françaises de l'Ameublement, en France et à l'étranger.

Exposition "Design libre à édition"

A Paris, la galerie du VIA constitue une vitrine permanente du design français et contribue, par l'accueil d'expositions collectives de designers étrangers, à la connaissance du design international. En moyenne, cinq expositions y sont implantées chaque année. Elle accueille également des manifestations organisées par des acteurs du secteur de l'ameublement ou des secteurs connexes.