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Vaishali Benner

Vaishali has more than 10 years of experience in strategic marketing.

Employee Communication Strategic Advisor, Internal Communicator Skills. Quora. Employee Benefits Communication Plan - Communicating Benefit Changes. 1 must-have ingredient for more engaging internal communication. Struggling with internal communication planning? How to make it child’s play. 5 Ways to Communicate About Benefits So Employees Feel Supported (and Are Set Up for Success) Do You Suffer from Messy Messages? Here's A Simple Way to Structure Any Communication So It's Clear, Concise and Compelling. Employee Value Proposition Communication Plan & Strategy. Employee Communication Newsletter Design Templates & Samples. Creating and managing an employee communication newsletter can be a demanding job, especially when time and resources are scarce.

Employee Communication Newsletter Design Templates & Samples

We work with clients on every aspect of newsletter creation and production, from initial design, to building an editorial calendar, to researching and writing content, to production and distribution. Finally, we measure the newsletter’s effectiveness so you can be sure it's achieving your objectives. Pharmavite, a leader in dietary supplements, wanted to update its employee newsletter. HR Change Management Communication Plan & Strategy for Employees.

If you’re making changes to benefits, wellness or compensation programs, it’s important that employees understand how these changes will impact them.

HR Change Management Communication Plan & Strategy for Employees

We develop HR communication that creates deep understanding so employees know what to expect and what they need to do next. Developing HR change communication to introduce new competencies GlaxoSmithKline, a global pharmaceutical and healthcare company, sought help communicating changes to the R&D performance and development process, including new competencies.

We created an infographic that described what changes were and why they were beneficial and provided instructions on how to follow the new process. Making compensation understandable CSL Behring, a global leader in the plasma protein biotherapeutics industry, needed managers to understand the company’s new compensation system so they could communicate pay changes to employees. In a Hurry to Get Employee Feedback? Use This Method. Photo credit: Shutterstock / nd3000 Here are some easy and effective internal communication measurement approaches that will help you get organized and receive employee feedback.

In a Hurry to Get Employee Feedback? Use This Method

You know the importance of getting employee feedback about significant issues; after all, unless you understand what employees are thinking, you can’t design programs that really meet their needs. Although you would prefer to create an all-employee survey or conduct focus groups throughout the organization, there are many occasions when there’s just not enough time to take a comprehensive approach to employee communication measurement. Some examples we’ve encountered These professionals knew that conducting employee research was essential to accomplishing their objectives, but they also knew they had limited time and resources.

The solution? Employee focus groups, of course, are an established form of qualitative research that brings people together for a guided discussion. 1. 2. 3. Create categories. 4. 5. How to ensure employee focus groups meet your m... - All About Internal Communication - Quora. You’ve made the smart decision to conduct employee focus groups to explore an important topic.

How to ensure employee focus groups meet your m... - All About Internal Communication - Quora

But you’ve seen how focus groups can spin out of control: · One strong participant dominates the conversation · Employees seize upon an issue they’re passionate about and the discussion veers off in a new direction (and it becomes difficult to get back to your topic) · Participants seem subdued, sitting silently or giving only one-word answers How do you ensure your focus groups are successful and you get the valuable information you need? Here’s the key: Before the focus group begins, you need to create a discussion guide. Why a discussion guide is so important A well-designed guide will help the moderator: · Maintain confidence in front of the group, as he/she masterfully moves from topic to topic with ease.

Review your objectives to create a meaningful e... - All About Internal Communication - Quora. You spent the past two weeks conducting an employee focus group study—planning the project, managing logistics, moderating the sessions—and now your focus groups are complete.

Review your objectives to create a meaningful e... - All About Internal Communication - Quora

Congratulations! But don’t stop to celebrate just yet. The most important part of your study is up next: analyzing the data and creating a research report. Making sense of the information you’ve collected can be the most difficult part of any focus group project. The piles of transcriptions from your sessions include a large amount of rich data that must be organized and summarized. 7 Ways to Effectively Communicate Employee Compensation and Benefit Plans. Employees care about their compensation and benefits—so when they receive a communication about those topics, they pay attention.

7 Ways to Effectively Communicate Employee Compensation and Benefit Plans

But only 30% of employees are happy with HR communications. In fact:• Just 25% of employees feel they have the information they need to make decisions about compensation.• And a scant 15% feel they are equipped to make decisions about benefit plans. So how do you communicate these important topics to give employees the information they need? Follow these seven essential steps:

Employee Focus Group Questions, Interview Best Practices. Conducting qualitative research—such as employee focus groups and interviews—is great way to explore issues, test concepts and generate recommendations so you can make meaningful changes to your employee communication program.

Employee Focus Group Questions, Interview Best Practices

Using our decades of research experience, we conduct meaningful employee focus groups and one-on-one interviews with leaders and other stakeholders to gain perspectives and ideas. United Technologies Corporation (UTC) serves customers in the commercial aerospace, defense and building industries. After an employee engagement survey, results showed that “management communication” (a set of five questions) received some of the lowest scores of the survey. The HR team asked us to find out why, so we conducted three web-based focus groups—one with employees and two with managers—that uncovered the root causes.

Communication Support for Managers. Employees turn to managers first for information about the company or their job.

Communication Support for Managers

But not all managers are prepared with the knowledge or skills they need to communicate effectively with their teams. We provide support for managers—role definition, training, content and advice—to set them up for success. Georgia-Pacific, one of the world's leading makers of tissue, pulp, paper, packaging and building products, needed to improve managers’ face-to-face communications skills.

We developed a customized training program to enhance managers’ abilities. Here’s how we did it: Developed a training curriculum with best practicesCreated a participant workbook and facilitator guideConducted train-the-trainer sessions so training could be implemented throughout the organization. Employee communication. Measuring Internal Communication Metrics & Effectiveness in the Workplace. Employee Focus Group Questions & Employee Satisfaction Survey.