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Can you Depend on Organic reach for Marketing on Social Media? - Fotoplane Social. Can you Depend on Organic reach for Marketing on Social Media? There was a time when the number of likes or followers on Facebook and Instagram was equal to the reach that a post would get. But Facebook changed the algorithm as the number of users on these platforms grew. Nowadays the organic post won’t reach more than 5% of total total page audience unless the post gets viral. Past, Present and Future If we look back at scenarios in 2015 then running a Facebook campaign to get likes on the business page was enough to create the audience for our product or service. The days of organic reach are over. Number is Power In my opinion, Facebook and other social media must answer what is the use of getting likes on the page if we still have to promote our post.

Strategy and Optimization We must use the platforms cautiously with a full proof strategy to get maximum ROI from these platforms. Many times we have heard the client say that running campaigns online is not rocket science. Are you underweight? Healthy tips to gain weight - Health Room. While many people around you must be conscious about gaining weight, some are concerned and worried because of underweight.

Being underweight can be really troublesome. Just like being overweight causes health problem so does being underweight. Many advertisements try to dupe by claiming that a pill or some product can help to either gain or lose weight. Here I’ll share some tips for underweight to gain weight. The body mass index (BMI) is the factor through which you can determine. Here’s a chart to compare your BMI index score. 18 or less: Underweight18.5 to 24.9: Normal weight25 to 29.9: overweight30 or higher: obese Our body starts giving Indications once you’re underweight.

Tips to gain weight in healthy way 1. Exercises for weight gaining can help a lot. 2. Snacks that are in rich in proteins and carbs are suggested. 3. This should be done under the surveillance of a dietician. 4. Healthy, nutrients dense meals will ensure to nourish your body thoroughly. - Health Room. - Fotoplane Social.