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DIY Cloud Lights. Join Diply Today. Mothers Day Tea Party / Mothers Day. There is something magical about a tea party.

Mothers Day Tea Party / Mothers Day

From my first childhood tea set to Alice in Wonderland to the idea of getting dressed up all girly complete with an embellished hat, it’s all so beautiful and whimsical. A tea party would be the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day, which is right around the corner. They are also ideal for birthday parties, showers, or just a reason to get together with friends and family.

You can find an eclectic mix of tea cups and plates inexpensively at thrift stores, the more mixed-and-matched the better. These set a beautiful table which take care of half of the decorating already. The key to this runner is randomness. Staple together your stack of flowers. Adhere the flowers to a base of book pages border punched down each side to add to the elegant feel. With the table easily knocked out, I needed to add something up higher for visual interest. Insert cardstock halfway into a medium circle squeeze punch. 32. Cords are one of my biggest pet peeves. we have to bring tons of power cords to run all over the ground when we teach blogshop and they definitely aren’t good looking. it’s hard when you put so much effort into the looks of an event and then the cords come in and mess with it. in our office, there’s cords all over the place too, so we figured we would make them at least look a little better if they have to show…and what’s so great about this project is that it’s VERY simple and you can customize them to match any room!


CONTINUE READING by clicking below… what you’ll need: • extension cord • washi tape • leather scraps • sew on snaps • decorative embellishment. Honeycomb pappersbollar – Honeycomb pom-poms. Idag tänkte jag visa hur man gör eget honeycomb-papper (dragspelspapper) och hur man sedan kan göra fina pompom-bollar av papperet.

Honeycomb pappersbollar – Honeycomb pom-poms

Bollarna är snygga till kalas, bröllop, dop eller bara hängande hemma som en inredningsdetalj. Ombre Fabric Backdrop. Gold To Do Notebooks. DIY: Friendship Bracelet chevron rug. You know how friendship bracelets are totally back?

DIY: Friendship Bracelet chevron rug

Well, I can't quite bring myself to get into it after 15 years but I love the bright colors, the patterns, the idea of it....It got me thinking where else I could apply the process and I thought it'd be fun to make a huge friendship bracelet that you could walk on. You know, given my love of all things oversized. After multiple attempts I came up with this rug for the new Chalkboard Magazine (it's awesome. Repackaged Candy Favors. Oct 27 by Joke Vande Gaer I’m not always the best planner when it comes to birthdays.

Repackaged Candy Favors

Some birthdays come, I’ll have an idea in mind long beforehand and it all works out great. Other birthdays come and I’m scrambling for time to put something cute together the night before. My world of wool: tutorial how to make a carpet with trapillo (2) Hello!

my world of wool: tutorial how to make a carpet with trapillo (2)

Welcome back to my world of wool! Here is a new tutorial for make a carpet with trapillo. I used three coils trapillo, two pink and one gray and I worked with a crochet hook 15mm, it all depends how how thick the trapillo you use. And I changed color in every round, but if you want you can use one color or more more colors to the carpet. Hola! Aquí teniu un nou tutorial per realitzar una catifa de trapillo. Make Your Own Braided Rug. DIY Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet. What a gorgeous way to add a little personal touch to your wedding.

DIY Paper Rose Wedding Bouquet

One of the trends for weddings is to create an event that unique and memorable. One way is to add some gorgeous sculptural paper roses into the mix. This version of my paper rose includes three tones of pink, peach and blush. The watercolor print on both sides creates a visual texture adding a painterly touch. If you are not planning a wedding, no problem! To make this bouquet you will need: • Prints of the 18 paper rose PDFs & 2 sheets of the leaf PDFs onto letter weight paper (PLEASE NOTE: The PDFs have 2 pages, one to print on the front and the other on the back of the paper. You will find the link to download the PDFs below. Sparkler cupcake toppers are my fave. Today’s post is from super crafter and cute mom, Amelia of The Homebook.

sparkler cupcake toppers are my fave

Sparklers! They’re the perfect summer party accessory, no? Bright and sparkly and exciting! But, also a total fire hazard indoors, and slightly dangerous, especially for children. Unless you make your own with materials that are perfectly harmless and won’t burn out. Supplies: -large gold sparkle pom poms -floral stem wire, cut to about 6 inches -wire cutters -gold star confetti -craft glue (I used good old Elmer’s) -tweezers (optional) Start by gently pulling out the tinsel part of your pom poms so that some tinsel strands are longer than others, until it begins to resemble a sparkler.