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23 Five-Minute Hairstyles For Busy Mornings. The 31 most iconic haircuts of all time. How to master the ultimate at-home blowout. Hair Ideas: The 5 Best Styles From Paris Fashion Week. The Paris collections were all about sensuality, ceremony, and modest femininity, so it seems fitting that the the hair concepts this week were artfully demure by design.

Hair Ideas: The 5 Best Styles From Paris Fashion Week

Here are five of our favorite looks. Minimalist hardware at Balenciaga. Hairstylist Guido kicked off Spring 2013 Paris Fashion Week with the Balenciaga show, creating a flattering, simple half-up style that complimented the ethereal feel of the show seamlessly. He started by pulling the two front sections back at the crown, then pinning in gold headpieces. "It's very natural but smooth," he said. Soft, elegant knots at Valentino. Sleek, precise buns at the Church of Givenchy.

Low-slung chignons at Chanel. Easy, sexy, cool at Lanvin. Bob Hairstyles: The 20 Hottest Bobs of 2012. The 15 most romantic hairstyles of the moment. We’ve viewed enough Botticelli paintings (and Kate Hudson movies) to know that the most romantic hairstyles are soft, touchable, and surprisingly easy to master.

The 15 most romantic hairstyles of the moment

Wispy, face-framing curls give Selena Gomez's swept-back updo a relaxed feel. First, create a side part using your fingers, hairstylist Kerrie Urban says. "Because the part isn't superdefined, eyes travel to the face first," Urban says. Loosely curl the entire head with a one-and-a-half-inch curling iron (BaByliss Pro GT Gold Titanium 1 1/2" Spring Curling Iron is one of our go-tos). Tease the crown, then smooth the top layer over with a comb. New celeb 'do? A tousled, side-swept bob. 15 ways to dress up your ponytail for a party. The ultimate guide for long hair. Bohemian Twist - Quick Easy Updo Hairstyle. Hair Tutorial: Messy French Twist. ♥ Easy No Heat Updos in Under 5 Minutes. How To: Sexy Bed Hair Tutorial. Fall Hairstyles to Try Now. Dirty Hair Month. Click squares to be taken to tutorials.

Dirty Hair Month

Sara Lynn Paige PhotographySara Lynn Paige Photography. I’ve received a lot of compliments on this easy rendition of the once popular Edwardian hairstyle, and I keep thinking to myself that Victorian is in right now and I should share this simple style. But it wasn’t until a make up artist stopped me in a coffee shop in Traverse City asking me how that I finally put my foot down. As soon as I get back from Ireland, I thought. Well today it’s snowing up a storm outside and I don’t have everything I need to bake the muffins I wanted, so here we are!

These photos aren’t the greatest display of the Simple Gibson because I didn’t have a mirror and I’m SO picky that I wanted the photos of the hair to match the video, so I took them right after the video. The look is a lot cleaner when you have a mirror. Chignon Step By Step Directions. Chignon hair styles are a very glamorous and modern Sedu style often seen on Hollywood celebrities. Below are directions, but if you prefer to not have to style yourself, try a hair wrap piece and save the styling time and effort. A Splendid Assemblage: Favorite Up-Do Hairstyle Tutorials for Summer. 32 Hair Ideas for 2012: Hair Ideas. The indie fringe / indie bangs hairstyle. What distinguishes one fringe, one set of bangs, from another is not so much the cut but the attitude with which it is worn.

The indie fringe / indie bangs hairstyle

In 2012 there are several ways to carry it that will easily have it classed as being an on trend hairstyle: this is one of them. Messy, scruffy even if you will, but in that devil-may-care way that looks like you’ve perpetually just rolled out of bed, it’s what the girls chasing the boys who wear the men’s indie rock hairstyle can often be seen sporting. It’s far from alternative or mainstream, but it does connote something that appeals to a particular demographic. It’s youthful with a grungy edge. Find out more after the break. Click the thumbnails for full pictures Indie bangs: the look She’s just as likely to pair her sequin minidress with combat boots as she is heels; denim cutoff shorts are her summer staple and borrowing from the boys is a given. That’s not to say you have to be a particular type of girl for this hairstyle to suit you. Daisy Lowe for Esquire. Hair how to: tousled flapper bob hairstyle.

It’s no news when we say that the 1920s have had a significant impact on the fashion industry.

Hair how to: tousled flapper bob hairstyle

It started with accessories, clothes, and then moved on to beauty, as wine-tinted lips and fluttering eyelashes hoarded many an advertisement campaign. With the anticipated release of Baz Luhrmann’s remake of The Great Gatsby, the period has taken another deep-end dive into the ocean of hairstyles. The 1920s tousled bob is one such look that once waved the flag for being primped and pristine with its disciplined finger waves. But in 2012, we’ve seen it update itself with a modern edge, more texture and added sexiness. And as far as 2012 hair trend predictions at are concerned, this style is not a passing cloud. Read on to find out more about the hairstyle and to be taken through a how to guide.

When dancer Irene Castle flaunted her bob in the early 20s, the world categorised her as an independent, mature woman, due to her courageous hairstyle. Photo by Trendy Crew. The cut: The best celeb locks of the moment. How To Get Summer's 27 Best Hairstyles. Hair Style For Long Hair. On Trend: Top Knots - Love Your Locks - Style. Letting your locks down during the scorching summer months is pretty much out of the question.

On Trend: Top Knots - Love Your Locks - Style

Instead, check out how your fave celebs sport this cute, effortless style. Follow these three steps provided by celebrity hairstylist, Gregory Alan from Salon Grafix, and you can create this DIY look at home in minutes! 1. "To begin, apply mouse to your hairline and blow-dry it with a bristle brush, sweeping hair in the direction of the topknot that you will be creating, says Alan. Then, using the brush, pull your hair on top of your head. 2. 3. Cutting-edge hair, as seen on the streets - The Long Way.

16 Short Hairstyles To Consider. The 9 Most Romantic Hairstyles of All Time. Our favorite soft and seductive styles—made easy. 1.

The 9 Most Romantic Hairstyles of All Time

Sexy Hair in 60 Seconds: 10 Easy Tricks - More Time for Me - Style & Beauty. Need to look extra hot tonight?

Sexy Hair in 60 Seconds: 10 Easy Tricks - More Time for Me - Style & Beauty

Well, spend all the time you want picking out an outfit, because with these 10 ideas, your hair is done! Classically prim ones ruled the runways, but Gwen Stefani’s messy bun is rock-star cool—go with what feels right for you! To do it fast, tease hair on top, then smooth it all back into a ponytail; secure with an elastic. Twist and wind hair around, pinning as you go, says celeb hairstylist Patrick Melville.

Try Goody Colour-Collection Bobby Slides ($3, at drugstores). Left: Damp;G Spring 2010. Fabulous Hair Fast: 5 Creative Ponytail Styles - More Time for Me - Style & Beauty. Glo's Latest Obsession.


9 Lazy-Winter-Day Hairstyles On Some Of Your Favorite Celebrities. Hair Highlights: Fantastic Fringe. Bombshell Hair in 4 Easy Steps (for Less Than $18!) Five essential tests for your hair's health. Hair Highlights: Find Your Happy Medium Length. How To Style a Hair Bow. Pretty Spring Half-Do‬‏ Cutesy name: Pin Curl Twist, 17 Hairstyles That Take Less Than 10 Minutes.