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Valeria Bonilla

Detroit Race Riot (1967) The Intersection of 12th Street and Clairmount, Saturday, July 23, 1967 Image Courtesy of the Detroit Free Press Image Ownership: Public Domain The Detroit Race Riot in Detroit, Michigan in the summer of 1967 was one of the most violent urban revolts in the 20th century.

Detroit Race Riot (1967)

It came as an immediate response to police brutality but underlying conditions including segregated housing and schools and rising black unemployment helped drive the anger of the rioters. On Sunday evening, July 23, the Detroit Police Vice Squad officers raided an after hours “blind pig,” an unlicensed bar on the corner of 12th Street and Clairmount Avenue in the center of the city’s oldest and poorest black neighborhood. At 5:20 a.m. additional police officers were sent to 12th Street to stop the growing violence.

Around 1:00 p.m. police officers began to report injuries from stones, bottles, and other objects that were thrown at them. Businessinsider. Rpt361.pdf. Mapping 60 Years of White Flight, Brain Drain and American Migration. You can tell a lot about a place by who doesn't want to be there any more.

Mapping 60 Years of White Flight, Brain Drain and American Migration

Or, conversely, by who wants to move in. A city that seeps population over time invariably has deeper problems driving its demographic change, like poor school districts that can't keep young families, or weak job prospects for its college grads. A county that attracts new residents, on the other hand -- maybe young people in particular, or retirees -- likely has the right amenities to lure them. Maybe a certain job sector. Who killed Detroit? The gaunt man was sitting on a bench in the overgrown park at the corner of Chene and Ferry streets in Detroit, drinking an Old Milwaukee tallboy he’d bought at a Yemeni party store, and trying to peddle an old point-and-shoot film camera for $3.

Who killed Detroit?

He was an ex-con who’d served 15 years for using a knife to rob a chicken shack of $81, so he had no other way to make money. “My name is J.C. Hood, all good in the neighborhood,” the man introduced himself. “My people have a house over here they let me stay in. It’s an old house, almost on its last legs. There was a time, Detroiters claim, when only New York’s Park Avenue generated more retail dollars per square foot than Chene Street. Rush Limbaugh: Detroit Went Bankrupt Because Blacks Drove Out Whites. Economists are attributing Detroit’s recent bankruptcy filing to problems facing the entire Rust Belt region: a shrinking tax base, high health and pension costs, sprawl, and general dysfunction.

Rush Limbaugh: Detroit Went Bankrupt Because Blacks Drove Out Whites

But on Tuesday, Rush Limbaugh added another cause to the long list of factors that have contributed to the city’s downfall: black people. During an appearance on Fox News’ On The Record with Greta Van Susteren on Tuesday, Limbaugh claimed that “unchecked” Democratic rule “since the last Republican mayor [in] 1957” created a lazy and bloated culture of out-of-control spending and corruption. “You’ve had that — that town has been a petri dish of everything the Democrat Party stands for, everything the Democrat Party loves — massive unions, massive pensions, pay people pensions and health care long after they’ve stopped working,” he said, before arguing that the city’s first black mayor exacerbated the city’s spending and sparked racial riots that chased white people into the suburbs:

Black Ruled Detroit in Collapse: The Shocking Example of White Flight. The Europe media uses the phrase “asylum seeker” as a politically correct euphemism for illegal alien. They enter the country illegally. Once caught they apply for asylum, because it automatically allows them to legal stay in the country longer. An illegal alien from the Sudan should have been deported by the Norwegian government on Tuesday.

Instead he was allowed to roam free. He went on a triple murder spree one day before he was supposed to show up for his deportation. The 31-year-old, who was living at an asylum reception centre in Årdal, near where the bus was hijacked, after having his application rejected in June. “This person had applied for asylum, and come to Norway in April,” a spokesman for Norway’s immigration directorate said. A Dream Still Deferred. AT first glance, the numbers released by the Census Bureau last week showing a precipitous drop in Detroit’s population — 25 percent over the last decade — seem to bear a silver lining: most of those leaving the city are blacks headed to the suburbs, once the refuge of mid-century white flight.

A Dream Still Deferred

But a closer analysis of the data suggests that the story of housing discrimination that has dominated American urban life since the early 20th century is far from over. In the Detroit metropolitan area, blacks are moving into so-called secondhand suburbs: established communities with deteriorating housing stock that are falling out of favor with younger white homebuyers. If historical trends hold, these suburbs will likely shift from white to black — and soon look much like Detroit itself, with resegregated schools, dwindling tax bases and decaying public services.