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Stone age!

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Our early ancestors. Images. Imgres 2. Imgres. Homo erectus Nickname:Upright Man. Imgres 1. Imgres. Images. Images 1. Homo habilis Nickname:Handy Man. Imgres. Images. Imgres. Images. Homo floresiensis nickname:The Hobbit. Get. Images 3. Images 2. Homo Sapiens aka: US! Imgres. Sapiens neanderthal comparison. Imgres 1. Tools. The Stick. Imgres 1. Imgres. The Handaxe! Images. Images 1. Fire Making. Imgres. Imgres 1. The dagger!

Images. Imgres. The blowgun. Images 1. Images. The Atlatl. Stone age war tools! Stone age. Bibliographies.