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Diastasis Recti Surgery – RYC. Unfortunately, not everyone will experience healing and make a recovery through rehab and exercise. There may come a time when you will need to consider diastasis recti surgery. DR surgery is not one to take lightly. Here I will address the options to consider if you have a diastasis recti and what the surgical process can be like. Diastasis Recti & Concerns Diastasis recti is not a tearing injury per se, but rather a thinning of the connective tissue that the rectus abdominis (6-pack) muscles attach to, leading to the separation of the muscles.

It is most commonly thought to be caused by an imbalance of pressure within your core. This imbalance can be caused by overly toned core muscles, underuse of your abdominal muscles, and even through non optimal breathing patterns. The concerns regarding a diastasis recti vary depending on the severity of the separation. However, if you do have a gap of 2.5 cm or greater, you shouldn’t be frightened.

Try Exercise and Rehab First Planning Ahead.