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Tiny House Expedition | The Best Small Homes You Can Live In. With only 100 square feet of floor space on average, a shipping container may sound tiny indeed. But the real appeal in this new home phenomenon is that the giant boxes are stackable. Like a giant Lego set, you can combine them in a myriad of ways to make any home design you can imagine. You can stack them side by side, one on top of the other, or get creative and put them at 90-degree angles. They are easy to insulate and fit with windows, doors, and everything else needed to make a home livable. While it is difficult to determine how many unused shipping containers there are, it is safe to say there are a lot. Compact Cabins Remember when you were little, and your dad built you your first playhouse. Cottage-like small spaces come in a variety of designs from A-Frame cabins, to petite farmhouses to Loghouse Log Cabins.

If you have a bit of carpentry, know how you may be able to build your own tiny cabin from scratch. Tiny Homes on Wheels Of course, we love tiny houses on wheels! Treehouses.