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How social enterprises are disrupting the food system. Read this and you'll never eat a ready meal again. More than three billion ready meals were eaten in Britain in 2012They make up the biggest sector of the UK's £70 billion a year food budgetFood manufacturers carry out little or no preparation of raw ingredientsThey buy treated ingredients, mainly frozen or dried, from other companiesMeat, fish and vegetables are kept at sub-zero temperatures for monthsBut when the food is thawed and cooked it can be marketed as 'fresh'A ready-meal factory can churn out 250,000 portions a day using 70 different ingredients By Joanna Blythman Published: 23:26 GMT, 3 March 2015 | Updated: 01:00 GMT, 4 March 2015 When I was a child, I was desperate to try a ready meal.

Read this and you'll never eat a ready meal again

At home, my mother and grandmother cooked just about everything from scratch, with no convenience foods; the way most British people ate in the Sixties. But at six years old, I was captivated by the TV advert for a Vesta chicken curry. Scroll down for video My pestering won. The gloop I got looked like dog food and tasted even worse. 5 Ways to Improve Nutrient Absorption. Eating all the right fruits, veggies, and healthy foods isn’t very much help if your body isn’t getting all that it can out of them.

5 Ways to Improve Nutrient Absorption

Check out these tips to learn how you can help your body to absorb more nutrients and get the most out of your healthy diet. 1. Pair Your Foods Properly Different nutrients paired together are more readily absorbed by the body than just one. The exact mechanism isn’t entirely clear, but researchers have identified a few foods that go particularly well together.

Pair avocado and tomatoes, for example, and you’ll see greater health benefits than from eating just one of them. And when you eat all three major B vitamins together (thiamine, B-6, and B-12), they work better to prevent artery damage. 2. A low-fat dressing on your salad may actually be preventing you from fully absorbing all of the available nutrients. Why? 3. Food Matters Mastery. Gluten Free Cuppa Tea. So yesterday was my final day of a three month internship at a central London based PR firm.

Gluten Free Cuppa Tea

The firm specialises in food & drink, wellbeing, health, lifestyle & beauty. Luckily enough my position was firmly in the food & drink team, a huge bonus for a foodie like me! I had very little idea of what to expect from this internship having never really considered PR as a career path till fairly recently, but it was an amazing experience and I learnt so much.

My working life the past three months! Not only did I learn so much but the area in which the firm is based is Soho. Of course my internship wouldn’t have been half as enjoyable without the people at the firm who helped me out so much. I initially considered just baking some of my white chocolate & cranberry cookies or a lovely cake but the long hours I have with my commute to London just didn’t make it feasible. I decided after much deliberation to opt for The Rebel Bakery! Fancy a gluten free cake and burger at the same time?! IBS Network. Free From Show. Shining the light on your condition.

Free From Show

How many times have you been confused and frustrated by a lack of information, knowledge and time from your health service? The Spotlight Sessions are designed to bring you out of the darkness and into the light, when it comes to your condition(s). What makes the Spotlight Sessions so special? Longer: 2 hours on Food Allergy or The Sensitive GutMore Detail: In depth, detailed, cutting-edge medical information that you won’t find in one place anywhere elseInteractive: Speaking directly to the professionals, as well as other people living with these conditionsMore Q&A: Getting real time with specialists, allowing you to get the answers to your questionsOutstanding Value: A small entrance fee will allow unprecedented access to the UK’s top consultants and experts in these areas Find out more about the individual sessions by clicking on the links below.

Click here: Spotlight on… Food Allergy Click here: Spotlight on… The Sensitive Gut. Veggie Food Show. Live Gluten Free. Gluten Free Cuppa Tea. Eating and nutrition for adrenal gland support in women. By Marcelle Pick, OB/GYN, NP Chronic stress is a major culprit in women’s lives, contributing to ongoing cycles of fatigue, poor nutrition, waves of exhaustion, mood swings, and hormonal imbalance.

Eating and nutrition for adrenal gland support in women

When I ask my patients what they think is the reason for their symptoms, their answers have one common thread: too much responsibility that is impossible to manage. Trying to help themselves through each day, many women find themselves overloading on caffeine, sugary snacks, alcohol, and even sleep aids to manage stress, all of which can disrupt our body’s normal rhythms. Research shows that when we experience chronic stress, our adrenal glands, or the tiny glands that moderate the stress response as well as regulate other hormones, will suffer. The adrenals, which are the size of walnuts, have an enormous job.