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Fight Against Crime In Galveston County, Law Enforcement Partners With Judge Cox. Local law enforcement has endorsed Judge Lonnie Cox in the fight against crime in Galveston County.

Fight Against Crime In Galveston County, Law Enforcement Partners With Judge Cox

As lawlessness continues to creep into our daily lives, putting citizens at risk, making public gatherings dangerous, even making our public schools a dangerous place for our children — our police organizations have stepped up to support a judge that has enforced and promoted the law for the last 25 years in Galveston County. Galveston, a small county outside of Houston has a reputation for being a tropical vacation area, filled with restaurants, fishing excursions, cruise ships destined for southern ports, and various celebrations. Galveston has a robust Mardi Gras, Spring Break, Biker Weekend, and Dickens on the Strand — with all of the additional visitors that come to the city and the county.

Yet, this county and the nearby areas with all their enjoyable attributes is still no exception to school shootings, bomb threats, killings and attacks on police officers, and road rage. Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends of 2020! - Official - Medium. The fashion world is vast with every day filled with new trends taking the season by storm.

Top 5 Spring Fashion Trends of 2020! - Official - Medium

Every season seems to have to its own specific trend or latest fashion look. There are colors, styles, and accessories that become a sudden hit. The season trends for the previous year are now long gone, and the spring fashion trends for 2020 are in the market! The runway, street-wear, and fashion week in general sets the tone for fashion trends. You see celebrities sporting the trends on their way to the airport or just casually walking around on the streets. It isn’t necessary that you should stick to expensive, designer wear or luxurious clothing items to follow a trend. Meet Asad & Nimra - The Young Couple Going Viral For Their Marriage! Whereas marriage is considered to be an extremely sensible decision to make, some understanding families believe in support.

Meet Asad & Nimra - The Young Couple Going Viral For Their Marriage!

While other youngsters are busy competing with this world, recently, an adorable Pakistani couple broke the trend. Earlier this week, an 18-year-old Pakistani couple became a target of online criticism after their wedding pictures started circulating. 18-year-old young Pakistani couple speaks on their big decision!  تابوتِ سکینہ اور ہیکل سلیمانی کا تاریخی پس منظر،درحقیقت اسکی کہانی کیا ہے؟ Top 4 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship. Posted by Gerald001 on January 24th, 2020 Everyone gets into a committed relationship at least once in their life.

Top 4 Ways to Build a Strong Relationship

It displays that humans truly cannot exist without the company and love of each other. Even though, the concept of falling in love or retaining a relationship seems admirable and desiring, there are certain problems associated with it. Umrah Guide With Duas. Fans of Ehd-e-Wafa Want Asif Ghafoor To Make A Special Appearance! Ehd-e-Wafa has definitely developed into a rich storyline since its pilot.

Fans of Ehd-e-Wafa Want Asif Ghafoor To Make A Special Appearance!

Rest assured, the majority of Pakistanis are guilty of underestimating the show. Inflow Of Foreign Investments Are Surging In Pakistan! Soon after Imran Khan-led PTI government came to power, one of their goals was to yank foreign investors in the country.

Inflow Of Foreign Investments Are Surging In Pakistan!

The processors of Imran Khan wanted the same; however, the dismal condition of Pakistan hindered them. Currently, despite going from the ultimate financial crises, the inflow of foreign funds are surging in Pakistan. Pakistan has witnessed an exceptional influx of foreign money this year. The Increasing Trend Of Taking Pictures Of Others In Front Of Holy Kaaba.

The House of Allah Almighty, Khana-e-Kaaba, is looked upon as the cornerstone of Islam.

The Increasing Trend Of Taking Pictures Of Others In Front Of Holy Kaaba

Ever since the Qibla was changed from Jerusalem to Makkah, millions of Muslims, every year, make their way to Saudi Arabia. In a bid to fulfill their duties as a Muslim, the Umrah, and Hajj are carried out with zeal. In all simplicity, Muslims pray to Allah Almighty, for themselves and their loved ones. However, with the advancement in technology, that trend is changing. Additionally, modern-day Hajj and Umrah are seeing a different trend. India Tops The List Of Countries Seeking Removal Of Online Content. A report released by Comparitech reveals the name of the countries that seek the removal of online content every often.

India Tops The List Of Countries Seeking Removal Of Online Content

The data processed to get the names of these countries was based on the number of requests that were sent in the last 10 years to some of the world’s biggest tech companies. India tops this list of 20 countries, while Pakistan secures 8th on the list along with Russia and Turkey who were in the top three. Transparency reports of data between 2009 and 2019 were obtained from tech giants like facebook, google, twitter for this UK based tech research. This report found out that online data is being manipulated and controlled by some governments whether this data is on social media or blogs or both.

UNGA 2019: Imran Khan Reminds Us Of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. On Friday at the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed the world leaders.

UNGA 2019: Imran Khan Reminds Us Of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto

In his speech, he mainly talked about climate change, Islamic radicalisation, money trafficking and most significantly about Afghanistan, and India (Kashmir). 10 Foods That Would Make You Want Fly To Their Homelands – Online News Pakistan. Those of us who have a love for traveling in their bones are always looking for a place to fly to.

10 Foods That Would Make You Want Fly To Their Homelands – Online News Pakistan

But deciding one is kind of a hard deal. Imran Khan Jalsa For Kashmir – ViralNews. While Indian Army chief is clearly putting more oil in the fire by threatening statements like asking the Indian government to allow the army to strike POK despite constant efforts of government of Pakistan for keeping peace in the sub continent. Imran Khan in today’s jalsa on Sep 13 2019 has stated that people of azad Kashmir I know you want to cross LOC and fight for your Kashmirs brothers and sisters, We have tried every possible way to make peace with India, I request you to hold till I return from UN general assembly meeting, and I will tell you when to strike, till than you all have to hold and wait in patience.

Imran Khan has clearly stated that “I have been saying this since February 2019 that a befitting response awaits if India ever cross its limits” Like this: Pakistani Actress Mehwish Hayat Promoting Positive Image Of Pakistan On Various Forums: uzairansari — LiveJournal. By all the news and pictures that we have been seeing from the Pakistan film industry on social media, we know that this year is all becoming about one actress. Leading Viral Stories: PM Imran Khan Addresses The Nation On The Kashmir Crisis - Calls Modi's Decision As A "Historical Blunder"

Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan addressed the nation informing and updating the Kashmir Issue. Trying To Hold A Talk With India: PM Khan sat in the vicinity of the Prime Minister House and faced the citizens of Pakistan to talk about the on-going concerns surrounding Kashmir. Khan started off the speech by mentioning that he is going to talk about everything regarding the issue. This included what Pakistan has done until now, Kashmir’s situation, and the future plans.

Pakistantourguide.wixsite. Hamza Ali Abbasi Tied The Knot, In Pictures: uzairansari — LiveJournal. Hamza Ali Abbasi after performing Hajj has tied the knot with Naimal Khawar Khan in a decent nikkah ceremony The Happy Couple In Pictures Naimal Khawar wore Maheen Shah Naimal's designer said "Naimal wanted to reuse her mother's bridal and we thought it'll surely make her look like a timeless bride. Playing with the vintage old world charm we paired it with a gold kamdaani kameez with gota and silma work on the front/back border, sleeves and the neckline. We added another organza dupatta with kamdaani chatta, finished with lace, lappa and taamba lace. " Mehndi Designs That Would Interest You This Eid: youthofpak — LiveJournal. Pakistani women have their own vibes on eid. Colorful dupattas, traditional clothes, jhumkas, khussay and whatnot. All You Need To Know About The Significance Of Day Of Arafat. What is Naegleria Fowleri? – All You Need To Know About The Brain Eating Amoeba!

Kashmir Issue Raising Instability In The Region Once Again – ViralNews. Leading Viral Stories: Murree Governor House Is Opened For General Pubic. Hopefully, you remember the slogan of Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding austerity drive and putting an end to VIP culture. Babar Azam Continues To Be The Charm In The T20 Series After World Cup 2019 – ViralNews. Importance of Kalma Tayyaba In The Lives Of Every Muslim.

Automotive Industry In Pakistan Witnesses Decline In Sales Around 40 to 60 Percent And Expecting 150,000 Job Cuts. 4 Exercises To Do At Home During Pregnancy! - The Guide To Safe Exercising In Pregnancy. Asia’s Biggest UAE Visa Center To Open In Karachi: youthofpak — LiveJournal. It has been recently been revealed that UAE consulate will open a visa center in Karachi. This news was released by Hamad Obaid Alzaabi, a United Arab Emirate (UAE) Ambassador. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s New Album Hyped Up NFAK Fans: uzairansari — LiveJournal. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan is the legendary singer that Pakistan music industry has ever had.

PTA To Launch 5G Cellular Network In Pakistan – ViralNews. Prime Minister Issued Orders For Investigation of Reko Diq Case – ViralNews. Prime Minister has ordered a commission to be formed for the investigation of the Reko Diq case. Latestcricketnews. Hajj: The Importance Of This Pilgrimage To Mecca - Nation Of Islam - Medium. Hajj is the largest peaceful gathering that is ever known to the world. Leading Viral Stories: SC Abolished Services Tax On Prepaid Mobile Cards And Finally People Can Take Sukh Ka Sans. Shabnam Is An Amazing Highlight Of The Lux Style Awards And Even Had Saba Qamar Getting Emotional! History Of Buddhism In Gilgit Baltistan Dates Far Back And It Can Boost Our Tourism! PakvsAfg: Snide Remarks Of Afghan Cricket Board CEO Against Pakistan Triggers Criticism From…

World Cup 2019: What Will Take Pakistan To The Semi-Finals. Chernobyl Disaster: A History That Is Not To Be Forgotten: youthofpak. Pakistan’s Fight Against Polio Affected By Ignorance And Misinformation – ViralNews. DG ISPR Responds to Indian Media’s Aggression on Pakistan’s Internal Defense Budgeting Choice – ViralNews. Narendra Modi Triumph A Bharat 2.0 – ViralNews. Return Of David Warner and Steve Smith in ICC World Cup 2019 – Viral News – ViralNews. One Day In The Haram Documentary - Voice Of Pakistan: youthofpak. Shaheen-II Missile Successful Training Launch – ISPR – Parhlo Official Blog. SHUMUKH $2 Million Dollar Perfume In Dubai – ViralNews. You should know the incredible things about Coke Studio Season 11. Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif Mingling. Complimentary goodies offering in Karachi cafes you vote and avail them. Pakistani Entertainers Will Be Competing in the Elections. Habits Can Add TEN More Years to Your Life.

Islamic Version of Havana. Preparation for Ramadan. Transgender Community in Pakistan needs your attention. Correct Way of Making a Dua You Should Know About. Maryam Nawaz's Picture with her Granddaughter and it goes viral news. Pakistani Telefilm “Zainab Ke Qaatil” Today's news in Pakistan. Garage in Karachi Restored Fatima Jinnah Car. The Worth of Entertainment in Life. Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) Was Insulted But He Reacted Like An Honorable Man. Pakistani Food Ideas. Shahzeb Khanzada Ties the Knot and these Pictures with His Wife Are So Freaking Adorable!

Pakistan's Youth Progress. The Role Of Youth Of Pakistan. To Update The Latest Global News. Relationship Advice: How to Get Over the Relationship Problems. About The Celebrities Career. There is Different Types of Entertainment. Pakistanis Are Calling To Boycott Murree. World Wide Latest News In Pakistan. Here Is The Creepiest Thing About Your Zodiac Sign. Travel guide reviews for places in Pakistan & the world.

Experience The Beautiful Places In Pakistan And There Culture. All about food-Healthy Food recipes & restaurant reviews. Do Trust In To Your Relationship. Pakistan current affair,politics,celebrities,gossip,showbiz. Advice For First Relationship. Relationships advice for men, women, teenagers, friends. All About Life – Problems/Issues in Our Society to Life in General. Entertainment: Pakistani showbiz,movies,dramas reviews. The Crime News Is Very Important. Check Out Celebrities Profiles, Biographies, Personal and Professional Life. Get Quick Access To Latest News. 18+ humor, R-rated controversial events & much more at

Entertaining People Get The Entertainment News. Latest Viral Stories of Life, Relationships, Celebrities & More at Official: Catch will alert about today’s News. Leading Viral Stories Platform for Pakistan's Youth. Catch the Newest entertainment News today - Parhlo Com.