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About the author of Bipolar Chronicles — Diana Grippo. Diana currently works in for sales for Apple. She has been dealing with bipolar disorder for more than three decades from the manias to the depressions. Now she shares her very personal journey along with practical techniques on tips of coping skills for both people who are depressed and/or manic and the people who support them in her book Bipolar Chronicles: From Crazed to Content. Diana She graduated from UCLA in Economics and got her Teaching Credential at Dominican University of CA. She taught high school English, Psychology, and Computer Applications for several decades and joined Apple in 2012. Diana also ran a mentor program called Youth Outreach Media Mentor Program (YOMMP.) She works in Palo Alto, CA and lives in Mountain View with her cat, Lucky.Her book is available on Amazon.

The Keys to Writing a Touching Story for Children - Lynda M. Daniele. The Keys to Writing a Touching Story for Children Stories play an important role in the development and growth of children. For one, stories serve as a great learning tool. They can improve children’s literacy and understanding about life in general. Aside from this, they are also a good source of fun and entertainment. Aside from developing their literacy and understanding and providing some good time, stories are also a great instrument for enhancing the emotional intelligence and expression of children.

Grandpa Nick’s Bump by Lynda M. Taking an inspiration from the story of Grandpa Nick’s Bump, below are some of the keys to writing a touching story for children that might help you create your own story someday. A Heartwarming Storyline Storyline plays a crucial role in determining how big of an impact a story can have on its readers. Lovable Characters Aside from the storyline, you should also pay close attention to the characters that you create in your story. Valuable Life Lessons. Reasons to Make Time for Self-Reflection - Teresa Dye.

Do you remember the last time you took the time to reflect on your life? If you haven’t been for a long time, then this blog is for you. Self-reflection has been known to provide people a chance to look back at the things that have happened in the past. It is a great way for you to assess yourself in different aspects of life. As an important part of learning, reflection should be done daily. Although, you should know that the process can be a bit complex at first. Nevertheless, with a little time and effort, the result can have significant effects on your life. Knowing some of the reflective questions you should ask yourself can help you get the most out of this practice. Here are the ultimate reasons why you need to make time for self-reflection: Helps You Discover Your Purpose The greatest journey in life is finding out all the things you don’t know about yourself yet. Makes Us Appreciate the Creator Gives You a Chance to Have Better Outlook Reframes a Bad Day Reminds You of Reality.

Vital Ways to Continuously Achieve Personal Growth - Judith Wright Favor. Just when you thought you had achieved the ultimate growth you need for your whole life, things start to shift. One thing that you should learn about life is that you never stop growing because you learn something new every day. That is why many successful individuals—wherever they are in the world—place time and effort on continuous personal growth. They may be at the peak of their career or have accomplished their financial goals, but they still push themselves to unlock more potential. If you have a desire to have continuous personal growth, this blog got you covered. Know Its Importance Knowing the importance and the benefits of personal growth will make you more motivated to do more. Manage Money Spiritually We get confused about choosing to become a spiritual person or a financially successful person. Trust and Enjoy Life’s Process You will feel like the process is too much sometimes.

Better Your Relationship With Others Start to Meditate Practice Acceptance. Step-By-Step Guide to Write a Better Plot for Your Novel - Collette Jackson-Fink. Becoming a best-selling author has become the dream of many people. Some would even dream of publishing their fictional works. If you have desired to write a book, and you have to spend sleepless nights coming up with plot ideas to make your narrative exciting, then this blog is for you. A good plot has several impacts on a novel. Thus, it has become one of the top priorities of authors. Plots are considered the number one factor that can make readers stay captivated by the whole story, from beginning to end. Once the plot captures them, your book will be worth recommending. Once you have created an exciting and well-organized plot, every part of the story makes sense. If you don’t know where to start, read along. Be Eager to Learn Now that you’ve come to this page, you should be proud of yourself as you’ve proved that you are willing to learn and improve.

Remarking fantasy fiction, you should check out Collette Jackson-Fink. Create a Plot Skeleton Encourage Character Development. Character Arcs to Come Up with a Great Story - Welcome to A story could not come to life without characters. They are the ones that serve as the driving force. Without them, readers will not be able to connect with a book. Many people dream of becoming a successful or a published author, and giving great structure to your characters is one way to achieve it.

If you are one of them, then you should work on this factor. You don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back. First, you should know some of the ropes of how character arcs work. You can learn many things to establish a character arc; one way is by reading books and witnessing how other authors do theirs. Here are some of the arcs you need to know: Finding the Character’s Goals Start a story by giving the main character a thirst for hope and dreams. Give Readers a Roller Coaster Ride You don’t want your story to appear predictable; readers always want to read stories that will surprise them.

Create a Fall In real life, there will be choices and decisions people have to make. Provide Growth. Excellent Ways to Write a Memorable Book - Thomas Delaney. A memorable book possesses specific qualities that make it memorable for its readers. Although these qualities are hard to achieve, the process can be fun for a passionate writer. If you are one, then make sure to get all the information right in coming up with a memorable storyline for your book. If you know and understand the proper ways, you can quickly and easily publish a book that can grab your target readers’ attention. If you are worried that you don’t know where to start, this blog page is the place to be.

Jerry Delaney’s book, Bannack: A Growing Up Story In The Vigilante West, has a remarkably substantial storyline. Following a sequence of strategies to make your readers remember your book and you as an author can get challenging. Write From Your Spectacles You have your adventures in life; it may not be worth telling from your perspective, but you will never know whose lives it’s going to touch. Create Compelling Characters Describe Everything Perfectly Surprise Your Readers. Book - Dr. Jack Hetzel. There is nothing more powerful than an idea. Ideas created and now controlled a thought; when a thought is conceived, it is called a concept.

Concepts are the material that dreams are made of and they serve as substance for living and interpreting life. Everything humans have made or invented was first preceded by an idea. As a matter of fact, inventions are often called one’s “brain – child.” In essence, the mind can be impregnated by ideas that develop into concepts that become visions that produce reality.

Concepts are to life what blood is to the body. Concepts rise in value as we consider our perception and interpretation of life. Excerpts: A Devotion on “God delights in you” A Devotion on “You are an overcomer” A devotion On “Victorious Living” and 28 more concepts for a full life. The Keys to Writing a Powerful Memoir - Jack Weaver. Over the recent years, literature has seen a continuous increase in the popularity of memoirs among the reading public. A memoir is a form of creative non-fiction in which an author recounts and narrates important experiences from his or her life. It is basically a collection of memories written from the perspective of the author himself or herself. It is worthy to note, however, that a memoir is different from a biography. In essence, a memoir is not a full historical accounting. It does not necessarily have to cover the entire life of a person.

A biography, on the other hand, does this. Memoirs cover a wide variety of themes. Taking an inspiration from Jack Weaver’s inspiring masterpiece, below are some of the keys to writing a powerful memoir that can help you weave your own journal someday. Determine what you want to achieve with your memoir The first step in writing a powerful memoir is to determine the goal that you want to achieve. Narrate your experiences in a compelling way. Step-By-Step Guide to Write a Better Plot for Your Novel - Collette Jackson-Fink. A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Science Fiction - Author W. Scott Harral. A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Science Fiction Science fiction is one of the most enduring genre of all time—wherein other genres are slowly fizzling out, sci-fi flourishes to the top of the genre chain. Its popularity lies in its use as a tool to interpret the world around us and investigate areas of our life that are too complex, too implicit, too subtle to discuss due to the limitations of realistic fiction.

While science fiction has been a beloved genre for years, it was not always an accepted one. It carried a stigma where many thought this was mainly for the nerds or science enthusiasts. However, science fiction exploded in 2000. So how do you write a compelling science fiction? Writing science fiction can be an equally arduous and exciting process.

Develop a Big Idea More so than any other genre, science fiction is about ideas. Reading lots of science fiction books is a great way to forming a big, bold idea. Always Research Build an Interesting World Focus on Characterization. About Uprooting the Poison Tree — Myra L. Weiner, PhD. Why did you write this book? I knew that my story was a good story that needed to be told. By sharing my struggles, triumphs, insights and search for meaning, I hope that this book will be enjoyed by and helpful to others. How long is this book? The book is 380 pages with another 17 pages of reference for information cited in the book. What is the book about? The book tells my story growing up as a child interested in science, later seeking entrance to graduate school when few women were accepted to a successful career as a toxicologist in industry.

Who is the audience for this book? The audience includes those who have had unrewarding relationships, have encountered discrimination or abuse, who have been a caregiver to a special needs child, who have experienced divorce and dating in mid-life or who are interested in science. Did you ever publish a book before? No! Where did you find help to write this book? I joined writing groups at the local library and senior center. How to Live a Soul-Centered Life - Judith Wright Favor.

People from then till now are always searching for happiness, meaning, and purpose. They think that something is missing in their lives and long to fill this void. Many books made attempts to fill this need, but it’s Judith Favor’s Sabbath Economics that successfully helped. She offers inventive ideas to support readers in exploring approaches to old difficulties. The contemplative money management by Judith Favor involves a shift from head-centered control to soul-centered attentiveness by harnessing upon one’s Inner Guide.

Everyone wants to be happy, free, and fulfilled. Living a soul-centered life means you are your own navigator. Have Compassionate Self-Forgiveness The real secret to a soul-centered life is compassion and self-forgiveness. Be Unapologetically Authentic To live a soul-centered life is to live authentically, and that requires being honest to yourself and others, be it about issues or obstacles you face. Reframe Problems as Blessings Savor Mindfulness. How You Grow in Your Spiritual Walk with God - Arline Westmeier. When you are overcoming difficulties in your life, your personal strength needs to be steadfast. There are so many ways to strengthen your strength; one way is through nourishing your spiritual life. It will turn you into a person full of positivity, which can do so many good things in your life.

People can become preoccupied because of the things that happen in life. Some things have been changing in this world, not to mention the rapidness of these changes. People can tend to feel quickly disappointed whenever things do not go as planned. Healing Wounded Relationships book volume 4 by Dr. You will Have Peace of Mind When you have significant mental health, you get to have peace of mind. You will Feel Refreshed. As mentioned in the previous points, the world can be exhausting. You will Feel Stonger What does it mean to be strong? There are a lot of reasons why you should keep yourself spiritually healthy. Ways to Enhance Storytelling Skills. Daily Reminders to Make Better Life Choices - Charles Lewis Anthony. Daily Reminders to Make Better Life Choices Every day, we make choices. Every move we make, there have to be options. These decisions matter, and they make significant changes in your life. Whether it’s to make coffee instead of juices or get up in bed or stay in.

Life is only a matter of making the right one. Let Me Tell You How I Got Saved, authored by Charles Lewis Anthony, is one compelling book about life. Making good decisions will require you to have a tremendous mental drive, especially when making the major ones. This blog brings you the best daily reminder to help you make the best decisions. Feel Your Emotions Some say that your emotions are a significant hindrance to decision-making. Be Guarded with Social Pressure There will be times when you feel like everybody else is doing it, and you feel the need to do it as well. Sort Out Your Options As mentioned, you can have tons of options to make in this lifetime. The Making Process, Dr. Sharon Smith, DBC, DBS, MSC, Licensed with Federal Association of Christian Counselors and Therapists (FACCT), Counselor/Therapist. The expression most uttered when facing difficult circumstances is “when life gives you lemons make lemonade”. From my experiences, not all lemonades have the flavor that is palatable for the taste buds.

In the medical community lemons are sometimes referred to as the disinfectant for the body, and research is finding that hot water with lemons each morning is a great source for staying healthy. However, let’s face it lemons without the right sweetening source is “sour” and distasteful. It takes the right mixture of lemons with just enough sweeteners to get that just right flavor of sweet lemonade. What Biblical character gets conjured up in your mind when you hear words like affliction, suffering and loss? What do your lemons look like? There is a chapter 42 waiting for all God’s children, a place of double for our trouble like Job.

The Positive Effects of Empowering Your Children | Three Dimensions of Learning. The Positive Effects of Empowering Your Children | Three Dimensions of Learning. Why You Should Get a Better Understanding of God's Word - Mark Spell. Ways to Avoid Pitfalls When Writing Fantasy Books - M.A. Haddad. Strategies to Develop an Exciting Plot for Your Story - Thomas Delaney. Enhancing the Language Development of Young Children - Jo Ann Gramlich. A Guide to Science Fiction Subgenres - Rick Badman. Book | Moon Luck - Story of astronauts living on the moon. Mystery Tropes Evident in Both Books and Television - JB Clemmens. Book | A journey of street life survival - Charles Lewis Anthony. What Makes a Christian Book Valuable? - Frank Heelan. The Four Barriers Keeping You From Making Change - Charles Lewis Anthony. ReadersMagnet | Authors' Lounge. The Song of Solomon The Snail by Caroleann Rice | Book. A Major Hurdle - Patricia Sims | HOME.