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SJ State ends admission guarantee for local students. Best Careers 2011: Physician Assistant. The-worst-paying-jobs-for-doctors: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance. Don't go into family practice if you're in it for the money.

the-worst-paying-jobs-for-doctors: Personal Finance News from Yahoo! Finance

When Ted Epperly entered medical school in 1976, he did so with a scholarship from the U.S. Army. In return he committed to serving for four years in the Army after graduating from the University of Washington. It meant he wouldn't have the crippling student loans that burden many new doctors, so he was free to follow his dream of becoming a family practitioner instead of a cardiologist, the more lucrative specialty he was also considering.

[Click here to find an online degree program] "I didn't have large loans, so my choice became about what I wanted to do," he says. Not many doctors have that luxury, since the average medical school student owes $140,000 in loans at graduation. At $180,000 for pediatricians and $175,000 for family practitioners, primary care providers make an awful lot less than the typical orthopedic surgeon, who makes $519,000, or a urologist, who earns $400,000, according to the Merritt Hawkins data. 1. Jobs in the Medical Field. As the medical field advances, career opportunities in healthcare become increasingly diverse.

Jobs in the Medical Field

Even outside the clinic, there are many ways to make a living while supporting the healthcare needs of the community. While clinical positions involve direct patient care, non-clinical jobs focus on administration, sales, and other important behind the scenes activities. Jobs that Need a Certificate or Two-Year Degree These positions do not require a great deal of schooling, but can still be very fulfilling.

Licensed Practical Nurses Licensed practical nurse (LPN) programs typically run between 12 and 24 months in duration. Certified Nurse Assistants Depending on state laws and the needs of specific clinics, certified nurse assistants or CNAs may also be known as nursing assistants, nurse's aides, or patient care technicians. Medical Assistants Not to be confused with that of a PA or NA, the work of a medical assistant may take place within or outside of the clinical setting. Medical Technicians. International Travel Nursing.

Nurses who decide to become traveling nurses often do so as a way to increase their income.

International Travel Nursing

There are many options when you work on a contract basis as a travel nurse. You can moonlight by working locally on your days off, commute to a nearby town or relocate to another area for extended periods of time. Where to Look There are several healthcare employment agencies that specialize in travel nursing. They function as placement services, matching healthcare facilities that utilize travel nurses on an ongoing or temporary basis with nurses who are seeking travel employment opportunities. Cross Country TravCorps Cross Country Travcops hires RNs and Certified Surgical Technologists. Benefits: Shift differentials and completion bonuses$500 bonus upon completion of certain assignmentsReferral bonus of $500Mileage reimbursementSubsidy (lodging) stipend paid every two weeks (regardless if you rent or stay with relatives or friends)Free private housing if traveling alone Expedient Medstaff.