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6 Web design mistakes (and how to correct them) It happens to everyone at some point: You look back on a website design and realize that you made a mistake.

6 Web design mistakes (and how to correct them)

And we’re not talking about a misplaced comma. You see a full-scale can’t-believe-you-did-that kind of design faux paus. While you can’t go back in time, you can make corrections so your design is flawless moving forward. Awwwards - Website Awards - Best Web Design Trends. Tips for Designing a Beautiful Single-Page Portfolio Website. Why Designers Should Never Use Fake Text In Web Design. Jerry Cao is a UX content strategist at UXPin — the wireframing and prototyping app.

Why Designers Should Never Use Fake Text In Web Design

To learn more about content-first design, download the free e-book Web UI Design for the Human Eye: Content Patterns & Typography. You might also like: 94% off the Learn to Code 2015 Course Bundle We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: content is king. That means content should not be the last stage in design, something to be filled in right before the launch. Content is the backbone of your site, and must be developed together with the visual design. Sure, using a placeholder like lorem ipsum is tempting with its convenience — but ultimately it will hold you back. Minimal Form Interface. A very simplistic form interface that shows only one text input at a time and reveals the next input with a subtle transition.

Minimal Form Interface

The concept is based on the form at the bottom of the PageLanes website. View demo Download source. This Year's 8 Smartest UI Design Ideas. A close-up of Matthaeus Krenn’s smart UI for touchscreens in cars.

This Year's 8 Smartest UI Design Ideas

Matthaeus Krenn When your family gathered for the holidays this year, did you take note of the technology everyone was using? There’s a decent chance you could’ve observed someone from every generation present ably navigating some sort of touchscreen. That’s kinda crazy! But it’s the new norm. Here, big and small, are some of the best UI ideas of 2014. The power of card modes. - or how to take the load off your templates with smarter CSS.

The power of card modes

I get the distinct honour of closing this year's calendar, so following tradition I'll share a little something with you that lifts my spirits these days. It's an approach that my team and I have been using lately to meet a high need for flexibility in layouts from designers and editors alike - while keeping the backend clean and not sacrificing visual testing and documentation. It's not strictly tied to Umbraco, but rather something that impacts how we structure and communicate about the frontend. This post is not highly technical, so if you're just mildly interested in CSS and know the basics of pre-processors, I hope you will find this useful too.

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Transform Your Habits

The full guide is packed with 45 pages of information about the science of how to stick to good habits and break bad habits. The guide is filled with proven research on how to make changes, overcome obstacles, and reach your goals. You'll get more than 2 years of research from top behavioral experts distilled into an easy-to-understand guide. For instant access, just enter your email address and click “Get Updates!” You'll get immediate access to the guide, plus you'll receive new articles every Monday and Thursday about building good habits, breaking bad ones, and living healthy. Branding, Digital & Print Design. Material Design exploration: NBA scores. Applying the Material Design language to a concept NBA app.

Material Design exploration: NBA scores

Google introduced Material Design a few months ago. I watched the Material Design reel more than a few times to re-create portions in Framer: the music player and the white box sequence. How to Create Guidelines and Standards for Websites or Applications. While some methods may vary one of the most important starting points for any project is a set of guidelines.

How to Create Guidelines and Standards for Websites or Applications

Creating guidelines and standards for every project (even if it isn’t originally in scope) can increase your workflow and will also keep your design consistent and hopefully developed in the right way. SEE ALSO: 9 Photoshop Alternatives For Big and Small Tasks This really is a designer’s responsibility. 12 Must-Have Tools for Web Designers. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep up with everything on the web that can help you do your job better.

12 Must-Have Tools for Web Designers

We love finding new tools for design, and we love sharing them when we do. Here’s a list of tools we love to use when we’re designing sites. See anything we missed? Let us know, in the comments section below :) 60 Fresh Creative One Page Website Designs. One page design is a hot trend these days.

60 Fresh Creative One Page Website Designs

Even though this is not a common trend to follow but still as the new design styles come up, and as more and more designers notice them and make use of them in their work, this kind of trends emerge. You possibly cannot imagine what designers can do with one pages as modern age designers love to experiment with things and observe how people interact with their work. The best one pages are those that help you convey your message into few quick scrolls. They are well designed and compatible with most Internet browsers. In this presentation, you’ll find a variety of highly-creative, beautiful and most importantly inspirational designs which is following the same trend of one page designs. - Home. Interactive Portfolio and Resume Websites to Inspire You. Inspiration While creating a website, tons of aspects should be taken into account, especially when it comes to resume and portfolio sites.

A portfolio helps all creatives to showcase their work, get new clients, and share information. It’s extremely important to make your visitors feel that they control the website and are completely involved. Interactivity is one of the tools to achieve that. Interactivity is the best way to keep your old clients and to get new ones.

Interactivity means the degree of interaction between objects. Today I have put together 40 interactive impressive online portfolio and resume websites from all over the internet for your inspiration. Examples of the Effective Use of Typography in Web Design. Typography is one of the oldest disciplines of website design – it's roots can be traced back to the 2nd millennium BC, when Mesopotamian cities used stamps to make impressions on bricks. Any form of text can be labelled typography – it is simply the art of arranging type either evenly or unevenly to make it readable. These days we use the term Typography as a beautiful arrangement of type, and it can be applied to both digital and hand-drawn/written type.

What’s new for designers, February 2014. The February edition of what’s new for web designers includes new web apps, icons, color resources, webmaster tools, graphics programs, CSS frameworks, JavaScript resources, and some really great new fonts. Many of the resources below are free or very low cost, and are sure to be useful to a lot of designers and developers out there. As always, if we’ve missed something you think should have been included, please let us know in the comments. And if you have an app or other resource you’d like to see included next month, tweet it to @cameron_chapman for consideration. GV Library The Google Ventures Library is a great resource for entrepreneurs and designers alike, straight from Google. Nasty Icons. 20 Beautiful UI & UX Designer Portfolios For Inspiration. A modern world requires new rules and you just can’t be a successful graphic designer without a personal portfolio website.

Even when it comes to mobile user interface or user experience, without the ability to showcase your skills, you will have a hard time acquiring clients. In that thought, we have collected a showcase of breathtaking UI & UX portfolios by a few talented designers and carefully chosen a few work examples that bring out their true genius. Not only are they good with catchy mobile interfaces, they also take the cake when it comes to website design. Make sure to not only check out the samples of their work here, but also to check out their original sites for more of their work. ANTETYPE - Visual Responsive Application Design Prototyping Software - Design more beautiful UIs faster. 20 Free High-Quality PSD Website Templates. Trends and Predictions: How the Future Looks Like for Web Design in 2014.

As a web design enthusiast, I’m constantly on the look-out for what’s hot and what’s not in the web design world. While some may think that trends are just passing fads, I beg to differ – trends are what makes ideas grow to fruition, and what better way jump early on the first bandwagon than to predict these trends yourself? Here are some web design predictions I collected. There are only single day left until the month of January is upon us – hopefully most of them would come true. How to really defer loading javascript. 35 Stylish Illustration Websites for Inspiration. There are many ways to make your website standout from the crowd, creating Illustration Websites can enhance your websites creativity and feel. Illustration Websites is a great way to bring more color and visual appeal to the viewer, using elements like Photography, Digital Illustrations or Hand Drawn Illustrations can really bring your website to life.

If you're looking for beautiful artwork, go here. 50 Powerful Minimalist Website Templates. Minimalism has been a popular website design style for years. It has so many benefits; minimalist sites load faster, take fewer server resources, and are often faster to develop than more graphically complicated designs. Plus, they give a professional, clean impression to visitors. Many people still view minimalist designs as boring. Weebly - Create a free website and a free blog.

Why mobile web apps are slow. I’ve had an unusual number of interesting conversations spin out of my previous article documenting that mobile web apps are slow. This has sparked some discussion, both online and IRL. But sadly, the discussion has not been as… fact-based as I would like. So what I’m going to do in this post is try to bring some actual evidence to bear on the problem, instead of just doing the shouting match thing. 40 beautiful flat ui design inspiration. Following up on my previous article on introducing the best flat ui kit from Designmodo, this article will showcase some of the best inspirational flat ui design. When it comes to the flat ui design, there are a couple of key characteristics that you need to be aware of. First, there is ZERO use of effects such as shadowing that creates a depth effect.

Second, flat ui designs are usually clean with crisp lines and bold colors. Third, words are often the focus as the overall UI has a minimalist look about it. 30 Beautiful Landing Pages Optimized for Converting Visitors into Users. Landing pages are web pages that primarily serve to convince site visitors to take an action (such as signing up for an account, buying a product, etc.) Reflections on Web Design Trends in 2013. 21 Examples of Beautiful Color Use in Web Design. There is no doubt that choosing the right colors for a design is a very important step of the creative process. - quick, painless, javascript-free baseline overlays. Web Design Blog, Tutorials and Inspiration. 21 Amazing Examples of Clean and Minimal Web Designs.

1stwebdesigner. 80 Dazzling Examples of Illustration Websites. Inspiration: 40 Black and White Websites. Web development tutorials, from beginner to advanced. Forked from: [Stardust] KiraKira Waypoints. Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test - Browsershots. HTML and CSS Tutorials, References, and Articles. Hues Hub: HTML Color Codes in Hexadecimal at intervals of hue, saturation, and light; Hue each 6 degrees. Welcome to the Hues Hub (Nameless Hexadecimal Color Codes for HTML) This chart helps you pick from among 4,800 hexadecimal color codes in charts with six degrees of hue separation.

Click on the swatch set closest to the hue that you want, and you'll see a table of swatch charts with hex codes. You can use a quick reference table to see the other charts and information available. To make your own color chart based on hue, use the Hue Stepper. These pages are part of The Color Spot at HTML Station of Minimal Design Website Gallery and Community.