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26 digital typography rules for beginners — Design in the digital age. There are a lot of excellent books written by the authors far experienced than me about every tiny detail of setting type.

26 digital typography rules for beginners — Design in the digital age

This huge waterfall of knowledge can be intimidating for a beginning designer, or average computer user who wants to keep her/his documents elegant and readable. Are you one of them? Then great, you’re in the right place to get started. This article is all about ground rules for young typography apprentices. Here you have 26 most basics principles and tips about setting type in the digital age.

Choosing the right font 1. If you don’t have enough experience, and knowledge — don’t use fancy fonts at all. 2. It just needs to be used correctly. 3. And pretend you never saw it. Why Every Design Needs Three Levels Of Typographic Hierarchy. Hierarchy — it’s a big word, but an easy-to-implement (albeit important) concept when it comes to typography.

Why Every Design Needs Three Levels Of Typographic Hierarchy

And this guide will show you how to use it to improve your design projects. Even if you’re not familiar with the term, you’ve likely run into typographic hierarchy many times. Just picture a newspaper, with a headline, subheadline, and body copy. Top 10 Helvetica Alternatives for 2015. After Three Decades of Obscurity, Helvetica’s Successor Reemerges. A positive film master for Haas Unica (courtesy Monotype) When Haas Unica was introduced in 1980, it was intended as an illustrious successor to the highly popular sans-serif Helvetica.

After Three Decades of Obscurity, Helvetica’s Successor Reemerges

Before it could achieve any measure of Helvetica’s ubiquity, Haas Unica was left behind in the shift from phototypesetting to desktop publishing. Earlier this month, Neue Haas Unica was finally released by Monotype, making the long obscure typeface widely available for the first time. Serif vs. Sans for Text in Print. One of the first determinations to be made when selecting a typeface for text is serif or sans?

Serif vs. Sans for Text in Print

This decision should be based on several key points regarding the project at hand. Once made, your typeface search will be narrowed down considerably. Although serifs are considered to be decorative, their appearance may well serve a higher purpose. 10 Golden Rules You Should Live By When Combining Fonts: Tips From a Designer. A photography instructor once told me that “You have to know the rules before you can break them.”

10 Golden Rules You Should Live By When Combining Fonts: Tips From a Designer

That’s the (simultaneously frustrating and freeing) thing about art and design — there may be some rules; there may be some best practices; but there are very few that are set in stone. Bending or breaking the rules is always a possibility in the right context. 20 Typography Mistakes Every Beginner Makes – And How You Can Avoid Them. Much more than just arranging pretty fonts on a nice background, typography is an essential part of most designs — one that can make or break a whole project.

20 Typography Mistakes Every Beginner Makes – And How You Can Avoid Them

Unfortunately, typography errors tend to make a bigger statement than good typography. Mistakes stick out like a sore thumb, while thoughtful typographic choices blend so nicely with the overall design that you might overlook them. So if you want to get your message across without distracting typographic errors, learn to recognize some of the most common mistakes below, and use this article as a final checklist before wrapping up your design. 01. Lessons in Typography from the World’s Most Powerful Brands. The fonts you choose for both your logo and your content can say a lot about your brand.

Lessons in Typography from the World’s Most Powerful Brands

Because of this, big brands are extremely particular about their typography choices and smaller brands can learn a lot from studying their visual decision making. After looking at the corporate styling guides for many of the companies on Forbes’ list of the world’s most powerful brands, several trends became apparent. Typography Teardown of Advertising Age. February 24, 2015 I’m a huge fan of Samuel Hulick’s user onboarding teardowns so I thought it would be fun to try a new feature on Typewolf where I do a “typography teardown” of a popular website.

Typography Teardown of Advertising Age

I’ll review the design from a typographic perspective and discuss what makes the type work and what could potentially have been done better. In this first edition I’m going to take a deep dive into the type behind the Advertising Age website. But first, a disclaimer. Disclaimer: The following site was created by designers way more talented than myself. “By all means break the rules, and break them beautifully, deliberately and well.”

The Advertising Age homepage. Advertising Age is a magazine dedicated to the latest happenings in the advertising industry. The typefaces used in the design. The site uses the typefaces Tiempos Headline, Tiempos Text, Gotham and Helvetica. A frequently-updated compendium of web app first-run experiences. Copywriter Creates Brilliant Website With Self-Editing Text To Promote Himself. 10 typography tricks every designer should know. In this article we're going to reveal some typography tips and tricks that you can use to boost your design skills and impress friends and colleagues.

10 typography tricks every designer should know

But before you even begin getting into the intricacies of setting type in the likes of InDesign, it's important to know the basics. If you need a refresher on type terms then check out our article What is typography? Learn the basic rules and terms of type! For this article, though, the most important thing you need to know is the difference between kerning and tracking. Useful Typography Tricks That Every Designer Should Know. 25 Epic Design Tips for Non-Designers. Get your graphic design game-face on with these inspiring tips!

25 Epic Design Tips for Non-Designers

Whether you’re a creating graphics for social media or designing an invitation for an upcoming event, the application of graphic design is vast and versatile. From font pairing and scale, to alignment and white space, the facets of the design world are complex. Let these twenty five epic design tips help you through the pits and the peaks of the creative process. Click on the images throughout this post to create your own designs with a remix link. 18 Inspirational Hand Lettering Logos by 18 Awesome Typographers. Being a font designer, I am constantly seeking inspiration from great typographers and wanted to share with you18 of the guys that I actively follow the work of by presenting some of their hand lettering logos. Compiled below is a variety of designs – from the raw to the digitally finished.

Sit back, relax and let that envious feeling turn to action. 9 Do's and Don'ts of Typography. Articles September 13, 2014 Typography is a trendy design technique recognized worldwide. More than a trend, it has become a staple in most print and motion works for personal and commercial use. The art of typography is so talked about — so much that an iPhone app was developed to host the history and some controversial stories of typefaces. The Ultimate Guide to Font Pairing. Next FontShop. NIKE world cup fonts. Jul 01, 2014 NIKE world cup fonts NIKE world cup fontsall images courtesy of NIKE NIKE have designed several new typefaces for teams playing at this year’s FIFA world cup including two collaborations with renowned graphic designers, wim crouwel (netherlands) and neville brody (england). designboom spoke to stu mcarthur, design director at NIKE football to learn more about about the process… designboom: how are typefaces assigned to each team?

Wesley sneijder wearing the dutch home kit featuring the typeface ‘case crouwel’ a collaboration between NIKE’s floor wesseling and wim crouwel. the typeface features an optional ligature for the dutch ‘ij’ gliding vowel. Top 20 Best Fonts Every Designer Should Have. Any designer loves new typefaces! We have to stay updated and focus on the trends. Typography is a very important aspect of a designer, whether it is logo, print or even web design you’re doing! Today, we selected some really awesome fonts made in 2013 by some really talented artists. Check them out! A Guide to Web Typography. The Basics: contrast, size, hierarchy, space. The Basics Typography for the Web has come a long way since Tim Berners-Lee flipped the switch in 1991. Back in the days of IE 1.0, good web typography was something of an oxymoron.

Today things are different. Not only do we have browsers that support images (gasp!) , but we have the opportunity to make our web pages come to life through great typography. First, it’s worth noting that Typography is not just about choosing a font, or even distinguishing one typeface from another. Top 44 Useful Typography Tools and Resources for Designers. Fontwalk. Buy, Try, and Download Cool Fonts - HypeForType Online Font Shop. How to Get Really Good at Typography in One Month. Typography is the visual representation of the written word; though if it’s used effectively, it can also add meaning to what is being communicated. The most beautiful typefaces from this past month. Sean Mitchell is an interactive designer based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and the editor of TypeRelease. Top 5 Most Unique and Beautifully Designed Typefaces. When you consider that typography plays a rather large role in the designs we see everyday, you have to be strict when choosing fonts to use in conjunction with the project you’re working on.

There are many different style variants, for example handwriting, serif, sans serif and slab and if you plan on using a combination of these different typeface styles together within your design, they can portray a positive or negative tone. One incredibly useful article, which may be of interest to those who want to read more, on the subject is written by Daniel Eden, titled “Read all about it”, which you can find on his blog.

Interview With Nadine Chahine — The Art And Craft Of Arabic Type Design. Advertisement. Numbers project. A Typographic Tour of New York City at Night. By Maria Popova “No other city in the world stages dusk to dawn like New York City.” The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On. 30 Examples of Beautiful Arabic Typography. Fonts In Use – Type at work in the real world. 28 Free Fantastic Retro Styled Fonts. 50 Classic Automobile Typography Designs. Whenever I see a beautifully designed vehicle the first and most important action is to see what company is behind the design.

The Secret Of Successful Minimal Font Usage. 30 of The Best Alternatives to Helvetica. INTRO free font on the Behance Network. MALCOLM GARRETT. 30 Sleek Fonts for Your Minimalist Designs. 60 Amazing Typography-Based Posters. 20 Free Fonts Ideal For Logos And Headings. 30 New Free Fonts For Designers. Erik Spiekermann. “What Font Should I Use?”: Five Principles for Choosing and Using Typefaces - Smashing Magazine. Resources - Stencil Revolution.

Creative Typography Highlights. New High-Quality Free Fonts - Smashing Magazine. 42 High Quality Free Fonts For Graphic Designers. Free Fonts, Buy Fonts, Windows Fonts. Thinking with Type. Web Fonts. The Elements of Typographic Style Applied to the Web – a practical guide to web typography. The Elements of Typographic Style (9780881791327): Robert Bringhurst. Handpicked free fonts for graphic designers with commercial-use licenses.

The League of Moveable Type. Nice Web Type. 30 Unique Craft Typography Designs. Helvetica - Trailer. Typography Served. Comic Sans. Fonts, typefaces and all things typographical — I love Typography (ILT) A List Apart.