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Play Sands of Coliseum - gladiator fighting warrior battles in arena.


Shooting. Action. Rule of Fun. "While it might be 'realistic' for a nearly dead character to limp, move slowly, and have generally less effective moves, it's not fun.

Rule of Fun

" Games must be fun to play. Sure, we like pretty graphics and a good plot, but the fun's the main thing. If they're fun, a lot of incongruities can be forgiven. Go ahead, try to explain why the yellow circle loves dots and why the ghosts are out to get him, or why the frog needs to get across the road. You can explain why but it doesn't matter. Open/close all folders Tabletop Games Some editions of the post-apocalyptic RPG Gamma World explicitly cite this rule as the major determining factor whether any given artifact survived the holocaust to be found and used by the player-characters. Video Games Nintendo The Mario series is essentially based off this trope. Cranky Kong: "We apes have no need for the laws of physics! "


Kongregate. Armor Games.