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Product Pre-Compliance Testing. Introduction As you walk around any typical plant, most of what you see is hardware, be it motors, drives, PLCs, controllers, or even machines and even IT equipment like routers, switches, and other devices.

Product Pre-Compliance Testing

The fourth industrial revolution has further accelerated the use and deployment of hardware in our plants. Highly automated factories with cutting-edge field devices are reaping the benefits of greater flexibility and efficiency across their processes. With that also comes the risk of equipment failure and security risk. Adequate testing of these devices such that they operate as expected in a variety of scenarios is important. Utthunga’s embedded verification and validation services is a comprehensive portfolio of testing solutions, which reduces the risk of application or system failure. Embedded Hardware Engineering Services. Introduction The ongoing adoption of Industry 4.0 has resulted in embedded systems playing an important role in the industrial landscape.

Embedded Hardware Engineering Services

The need for increased processing power, reliability, reduced form factor and higher levels of integration with the other assets in the ecosystem, has contributed to the rapid technological transformation of the modern-day industrial devices, from sensors to the OT/IT edge. The design and development of embedded hardware such as sensors, field devices, controllers, edge devices and gateways involves several steps. A typical embedded hardware design process includes: Embedded Firmware Development Services. Introduction An embedded device is a stand-alone system that is built with an embedded firmware application.

Embedded Firmware Development Services

Technically, firmware is a code snippet stored in a non-volatile storage and this application typically functions as the operating system of the device. Embedded Product Engineering Services. Introduction When it comes to sustained growth, innovation is key and, in this endeavour, new products are designed and developed by industries as per the evolving market needs.

Embedded Product Engineering Services

Small business and large enterprise invest time, effort, resources, and a substantial amount of money to design, manufacture, and assemble electronics and other types of new-age industrial products that are optimized for functioning even in harsh environments. Embedded product design is one of the specialized areas that involves highly trained experts, working with advanced tools and equipment for transforming ideas into products. Embedded Engineering Services. Introduction Over the last few years, the pace of digitalization has been gradually blurring the lines between hardware and software.

Embedded Engineering Services

Sensors, chips, and devices with embedded software systems are getting more sophisticated day by day. At the same time their performance capabilities are also increasing, leading to enhanced functionalities. Industries now readily implement embedded systems in their critical products. OPC UA Embedded Server. Industry 4.0 can help realize smart factories only by decentralized plant floors.

OPC UA Embedded Server

As such the need for improved horizontal and vertical access to plant floor data is very important. Plant floor assets should be comprised of embedded systems that are inclined towards open data connectivity. The scalability and security of OPC UA are what make it a perfect choice for your embedded systems. It makes the product truly “IoT ready”. From nano products to high-end controllers, OPC UA helps improve scalability in a secure environment. Utthunga has a skilled team of certified OPC professionals to help you successfully harness this technology. OPC UA Application Development Services. OPC UA is a platform, vendor, and language independent technology that can be used at all levels of an organization.

OPC UA Application Development Services

It helps to set up secure, standardized, and high-performance communication channels across the enterprise. The open architecture design supports a wide range of hardware and software applications from different vendors, thus ensuring enterprise wide interoperability. OPC UA enables implementation of IIoT and AI-based solutions to bring your organization into the industrial 4.0 fold. OPC UA Architecture Consultation. OPC UA is a standardized and secure communication that connects the field device to the cloud and everything in between.

OPC UA Architecture Consultation

OPC UA provides semantic interoperability, which is the need of the hour in Industry 4.0. OPC information model allows industrial interoperability through standardized exchange. These information models are completely independent of the underlying implementation infrastructure and describe the OPC UA applications in an abstract formal representation. OEMs and various industry bodies can create specific information models. OPC UA helps to provide a structure to the complex relations and connections of the underneath automation devices and systems. OPC UA Development and Security Consultation. Introduction OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) is a platform-independent communication standard that enables secure and seamless data exchange between heterogeneous systems.

OPC UA Development and Security Consultation

This architecture enables data exchange across different industrial systems and between products from different brands and manufacturers. OPC UA is at the heart of IIoT, offering seamless horizontal and vertical interconnectivity between systems. In complex terms, OPC UA interlinks IIoT, Industrial 4.0, and M2M communication, enabling delivery of effective industrial automation solutions.

OPC UA Server/Client Development. uOPC Suite Utthunga’s uOPC Suite includes plug-ins and provides a platform that is designed around your business needs.

OPC UA Server/Client Development

This gives you complete control over your IIoT universe. Here we use, OPC UA as a fundamental communication technology for OPC Classic, OPC UA Server development, OPC UA Client Development in cloud enabled industrial systems, enable data and device management, obtain critical insights, all for effective and seamless performance of your OT systems. Read More. Application Testing Services. Introduction Testing is critical to identify and evaluate whether the final software deliverable meets the originally laid out specification. Proper testing can also reduce the cost to build and maintain a product, which is why businesses consider application testing a key part of their quality assurance process. Utthunga has the right skills to help you ensure the quality of your application release cycles. Verification and Validation Services. Introduction In order to get the promised benefits of Industry 4.0 like high productivity, easy service/maintenance, reduced risks and better revenue, quality assurance plays a crucial role.

In this digital age, even small defects can be easily magnified with potential dire consequences to business or life. To meet these challenges, we provide superior quality engineering services that include application testing, device testing, protocol testing, test automation, testing as a service, DevOps and more. Our testing begins far ahead in the overall PDLC, assuring maximum test coverage and product quality. We engage our customers at every stage of the production or manufacturing lifecycle to align with the testing objectives.

IIoT Platform and Applications Development. Introduction IIoT is quite the buzz right now. Beyond the noise and the hype, there is actually serious promise in the adoption and implementation of IIoT tools and technologies in the manufacturing world. Industry verticals like process, factory, power & utilities, building automation are using IIoT applications that help in asset management, supply chain management, remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, operational efficiency and informed decision making. One particular area where IIoT is gaining prominence is in the predictive maintenance of industrial assets. By analyzing data generated from various industrial devices it is possible to predict problems in the devices before they occur enabling companies to take timely corrective actions. Data collected from the embedded sensors help track and monitor asset health as well as production processes.

Digital Applications Development. Introduction Technology is changing rapidly with increasing emphasis on research and innovation. Industries are hopping on to the digital transformation bandwagon as they realize the long term benefits of digital transformation initiatives. Utthunga is a leading digital transformation consulting firm for industrial OEMs and industries.

We offer multi-dimensional digital transformation solutions based on your business model, business process, domain and organizational culture. End to End Product Design and Engineering Services. Introduction Industrial engineering services requires extensive knowledge in industrial technologies and engineering sciences along with in-depth knowledge of how industries operate. Innovative product engineering practices turn ideas into viable business products. GE-GSM Protocol & Gateway Simulator. GSM Gateway Simulator simulates GSM Gateway and the GSM protocol version 1 message types for Mark IV, Mark V, Mark V LM, Mark VI, Turbine Controllers. The GSM Gateway Simulator creates a Virtual Plant Topology using the Network Topology defined by the GSM Gateway Configuration tool and simulates the Process Signals and Network Traffic as in the Distributed Network. Modbus Protocol Simulator.

HART Protocol Simulator. Industrial Protocol Simulator. FDI Communication Server. Communication DTM. DTM development and certification for a field device without having knowledge on FDT DTM specification is a tedious job and getting to market takes lot of time. Utthunga has solved this problem by offering a mature and robust DTM development suite called uDTM SDK. It helps to quickly build the DTM with limited knowledge on the FDT/DTM technologies. This SDK contains the certifiable DTM component and makes the DTM certification easy. Features: FDI/FDT Based Products. OPC Redundancy Manager. Description The uOPC Redundancy Server provides fast and reliable data transfer by allowing multiple OPC UA Servers to be configured into redundant pairs. MT Connect Protocol OPC Server. OPC UA Aggregation Server. Description. Protocol Testing Services. Devops Consulting and Implementation Services. Cloud Applications Development. Introduction.

OPC UA Development and Security Consultation. OPC UA Server/Client Development. Modbus Master Stack. HART Master Stack. Digital Applications Development. End to End Product Design and Engineering Services. Industrial Automation Testing Services. Application Testing Services. HART Master Stack. Device Integration Services and Solutions. IIoT Platform and Applications Development. Industrial Mobile Applications Development. OPC UA Server/Client Development. Product Pre-Compliance Testing. HART Master Stack. FDI Field Device Integration. Testing as a Service (TaaS) Protocol Testing Services.

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