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Pangot - Youthuttarakhand. If you are looking to be in & around Naintal but still keen to have your moments of tranquility, thenPangot is the perfect destination for you. At an altitude of 6000 ft above sea level, here you can either laze around enjoying the cool climatic environment and freshness in the air or do some vigorous walking in the dense oak-and-rhododendron forests.

Pangot is an ideal destination for Trekkers and Bird Watchers. Reasons to Visit Pangot is small village 15 kilometers from Nainital renowned for Bird watching and walks. Pangot is surrounded by forested area of Cheena Peak Range via Snow View Point and Kilbury 150 bird species have been recorded at Pangot and surrounding areas. Pangot area is home to an amazing variety of flora and fauna including the leopard, yellow-throated Himalayan martins, Himalayan palm civet, ghoral, barking deer, sambhar etc. Best Time To Visit. Pangot - Youthuttarakhand. The Hidden Village - Youthuttarakhand. Lakes in Uttarakhand -20 Famous Lakes of Uttarakhand. Lakes in Uttarakhand are the biggest attraction of Uttarakhandtourism.Lakes mirror the Heavens and Uttarakhand, the Land of Gods, is additionally honored with an abundance of lakes or Tals as they are referred to, suitably underlining its significance as a position of indefinable characteristic magnificence.

Some will ask why certain areas have been so overpoweringly honored with the bounties of Nature however we should all be appreciative to God that such places do exist where you can encounter nature at its best, with an abundance of mountains, waterways, timberlands, valleys, blossoms and lakes. Explore the popular lakes in Uttarakhand. A few of these are: Nainital Lake, a natural freshwater body, situated amidst the township of Nainital in Uttarakhand.Naini Lake is parted into two parts with namely Mallital and Tallital.

Mallital is nothern part and the southern part of the Lake is Tallital. Shopping opportunities are ample around the lake along famous Mall Road. Bhimtal Lake Dodi Tal.