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5 Back up Plans for Entrepreneurs- be prepared for future. Every entrepreneur must have a backup plan.

5 Back up Plans for Entrepreneurs- be prepared for future

But it’s true that not everyone possesses it. Nobody ever thinks of running out of income once in, or ever expect that their efforts would fail. However, things don’t always go the way we think. Banjo Movie Review: A Street Smart Musical Delight by Riteish - Nargis. Star Cast: Riteish Deshmukh, Nargis Fakhri, Dharmesh Director: Ravi Jadhav True talent always shine bright and finds its worth!

Banjo Movie Review: A Street Smart Musical Delight by Riteish - Nargis

When you are accompanied and guided by the right hands you achieve your goals. This musical drama Banjo depicts and resonates this fact. The movie is essentially the story of a local Banjo player Taraat. Director Ravi Jadhav has some outstanding Marathi films to his name (like Natarang). Source: Though the film has got a commercial approach, director Jadhav has tried to keep things modest in Banjo. The heart and soul – Mumbaiyya music by a few Banjo players, led by Taraat (Riteish Deshmukh) is astounding in the movie. Source: The story is pretty predictable and formulaic. Hilarious! 'Comedy Queens' Reactions to 5 Famous Bollywood Dialogues. We proudly present the 5 faces of Indian comedy who have laughingly revolutionized the comic scene in modern India through their cross dressing act and styles.

Hilarious! 'Comedy Queens' Reactions to 5 Famous Bollywood Dialogues

8 Vital Photo Editing Tips Every Photographer Must Know. Photographers have a delicate eye that marks uniqueness and talent that captures nature right.

8 Vital Photo Editing Tips Every Photographer Must Know

With the help of photography skills, they are able to define nature, culture, relation and other aspects of life through images. But at some point of time, they are expected to be familiar with some unique tools that give an extra edge to their clicks. Photoshop is one of such amazing tools that is giving photography a new high, these days. 10 Things To Act Upon Before Commencing Your Own Startup.

Are you the one, among many heads – full of revolutionizing start-up ideas?

10 Things To Act Upon Before Commencing Your Own Startup

Planning of a venture in this highly competitive startup space? 5 Mouthwatering Cheese Dips Recipes. Do you have a licking tongue for taste?

5 Mouthwatering Cheese Dips Recipes

Wanna have some deliciously mouthwatering taste enhancers for your everyday or special food? Nothing could do better than cheese dips. These are the real appetizers. Feeling less productive at work – Avoid these 9 common bad work habits. Lack of concentration, uneasiness, tiredness, exhaustion, or frustration at work – Does any of these sound familiar to you?

Feeling less productive at work – Avoid these 9 common bad work habits

If the answer is yes, then my dear friend you are in for a trouble. As these only indicate of you being less productive at work. Why? Because unnoticeably you have included a long list of bad work habits in your daily routine. The ones that are already making you guilty of not performing up to the mark. Easy Steps to make 3D Miniature Quilling Doll. Quilling is a very interesting yet painstaking art.

Easy Steps to make 3D Miniature Quilling Doll

Those who are passionate about it know very well how to mold & make something unique out of quilling art. In this section of art, 3D miniature quilling is exclusively appealing. This comes in the form of 3D figurines and creatures using quilling art designs and patterns. The concept and idea actually come from real life creatures and models. Animals, flowers, human, etc. all play vital to becoming the source of inspiration.

7 Inspiring leadership lessons to learn from Narendra Modi. NaMo!

7 Inspiring leadership lessons to learn from Narendra Modi

The word is quite often heard these days. Echoes in our mind like an enchanting, motivating, eye-opening mantra. The word has been coined seeing the high pace of the powerhouse prime minister of India – Shri Narendra Modi. Quite evidently the NaMo effect has become all pervasive. And why not, the man with his diligence has taken the world by storm. 9 Delicious 'Ready to Eat' Frozen Home Foods. Food is a necessity, a craving and a reason to party.

9 Delicious 'Ready to Eat' Frozen Home Foods

But making delicious food takes patience and time. What if we could give you the idea to make home-made meals quite easily? Yeah, we are talking about the foods that can be put into the freezer for long days. Pencil Shading: Do’s and Don’ts worth your time! In my previous blog, I discussed at length about the tips for shading and drawing. About all the requisites that a beginner or intermediate must have at hand. But like all artistic works pencil shading also has some pointers to be taken care of. Some do’s and don’ts that can help create marvel realistic pencil shading images. 16 must visit places for every photographer. Everyone loves traveling but if you love clicking photographs then it becomes all the more special. Through photography, you can explore the places in the world and capture all the beautiful locations in your camera. There are so many amazing places for photography but here we have shortlisted the best 16 places in the world we think every photographer must visit with those DSLRs in hand.

13 Common Misconceptions about Resume Writing. As they say “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is the fact when it comes to presenting your Resume. Because this is possibly the first peek at you that employers will get, so you got to make it an impressive one. A great CV can open many doors, but a substandard one can just as quickly close them all. This article details out 13 resume mistakes to avoid. Scared of writing your own CV?

Don’t be. 1. 2. Read: Dos And Don’ts Of Writing A Blog 3. 4. 5 Must-Try Sweet Recipes for Eid This year. The scared, holistic and blessings seeking festival, Eid al-Adha has come to give us a reason for celebration. Also known as Festival of Sacrifice, this is considered as the holier of the two. People across the world celebrate Eid al-Adha with full enthusiasm and jubilant spirit. Customs may be different in different countries but the varieties in food and deserts remain the same. People usually look for recipes for Eid al-Adha to enjoy the festival at its best. This Sacrifice Feast starts with early Morning Prayer and seeking blessings and lasts for three days. 5 Quick Indian Breakfast Recipes for Working Professionals. We Indians are very fond of delicious and mouthwatering early in the morning. Famous for rich flavor and spices, Indian food has a fall for craving around the world. However, everyone is not so lucky to cook such delicious recipes.

And if they are working professionals, they all need to stay contented with regular bread in the early morning while rushing to the office managing all home works aside. 6 DIY Backyard Decoration Ideas. Home is the most important place where happiness and togetherness blossom. Understanding the psychology of different photographers. “Photography is an art of observation. Teacher's Day Special: Seven Gifting Ideas On My God's Day. Teachers. Be a photography expert with 6 mobile camera apps. Photography has its way different to express emotions in moments. People love to click photos and capture the beautiful moments forever. 5 Best Recipes of Sanjeev Kapoor and Vikas Khanna. 9 Management Lessons By Lord Ganesha for Working Professionals. Ganesha, the almighty lord of prosperity and wisdom is one of my favorite gods.

People worship him for being blessed with ever fortune and riches. He is considered as the sign of good luck and triumph whenever any important business step or management body is supposed to do manage things. 3 Dishes I Love To Cook At Home. 5 Must haves to be a MOTOR MOUTH RJ. The Martial of Bollywood - Tiger Shroff. 6 Crafty ideas that I made to impress my Spouse.

Love is a heavenly feeling. A precious gift shared by two hearts. This gift can be made more romantic with the heartfelt hand-made crafty things. I strongly believe and follow the above said. And thus always try to create something basic yet beautiful for my husband. How To Become A Successful Cartoonist - Utopeen. 7 Quick tips to get ahead with Writing Skills - Utopeen. Hobby Ideas: Easy steps to make Waste Material Craft. 10 Reasons to date a photographer. “Find the origin of your desires” - Nada Abuzaid (Venom Couture) 9 Eye Makeup Tips For Those Gorgeous Eyes. 10 Easy Tips & Techniques for Beginners to Do Alluring Oil Painting - Utopeen. 5 step ladder towards Interior Designing career. What it takes for a stand-up comedian act to be unique!! 7 Tips to Reduce Common Wedding Photography Mistakes. 7 Magical Tips to Become Booming Choreographer. 7 Fantastic Tips to become a PRO at Face Painting.

Fever Movie Review: Rajeev Khandelwal & Gauhar Khan’s Hot Pair. Video Interview: Utopeen’s Rendezvous with Rajeev Khandelwal. Passionate Painter: 7 Ways to earn Income. Got a 'Friend'? 10 Bollywood Movies That Define True Friendship. 7 Tips to get your Street photography Moving. 10 Instances when Censor Board killed good cinema. Pokemon Go: Bollywood wants to catch ‘em all!

Read- 9 Things a Writer Should Always Avoid. Clash of the Season - Rustom vs Mohenjo Daro - Utopeen. The Top 7 Business Ideas with Low Investment. Know the Top Graphic Designing Institutes. 10 Music Festivals of India, YOU Must Visit!! 12 Health Benefits of Music for a Peaceful Life. Lauren Gottlieb - The tale of self-made Dancing Sensation.

7 Tips and Techniques for your Fondant Cake Designs. How to Become a Fashion Stylist: Tips & Skills. 15 inspirational ideas to write your next poetry. Indian vs Western Instrumental Music: The Race to be at the top! 5 Dressing Styles That Help You Conceal Belly Fat. Learn At The Best Photography Schools Of The World. Enhance Skills Archives. 7 Tips of Clay Modeling: Makes your Creative Carving Easy. 14 ways writers can improve their productivity. 8 mistakes a new makeup artist must avoid. 7 Misinterpreted Facts about Graphic Designers. Voice Over Artist ? 6 Tips to maintain voice quality. 6 ways to Build and Earn through Freelance Writing Career. Essential Tips to Master High Notes with Ease.

Anamika Khanna- Name Next To Commitment in Craft. Radio Jockeying: Is It Only About The Scripts? 10 Facts You Must Know About The Stand-Up Comedian Career! Artists Who Gave Voice to Famous Hindi Dubbed Movies. Top 5 Preferred Music Genres among Indian Teens. Top Five Mistakes Made by Amateur Writers. 7 Reasons Why to Date a Graphic Designer!!! Learn Quilling Art Designs with 5 Easy Steps. Can writers change our thinking? Passionate About Photography – 5 Ways To Earn Extra Income. Evoke Emotions for Music with the Top Instrumental Rock Bands. Magician- A Profession of Honesty for Dishonesty. Best Acting schools in the world. Abstract Art : More about Floating Emotions than Colors!!! Photography- A Recession Proof Profession!! Top Software a Graphic Designer Can Use To Showcase the Skills.

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