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US Small Business Marketer

US Small Business Marketer Service aids Small Businesses in Marketing, Strategy, Branding, Design, & Digital & Social Media. We provide full-service back-office marketing services to small businesses.

Free Marketing Resources for Small Business - US Small Business Marketer. Hello, I’m Towan Isom.

Free Marketing Resources for Small Business - US Small Business Marketer

I’ve spent the past two decades working as the Founder and CEO of Isom Global Strategies (IGS), an award-winning, full-service, strategic marketing and management firm based in downtown Washington, D.C. At IGS, we primarily work with high-profile clients like federal, state, and local government agencies and large commercial companies like Comcast Xfinity and Nike, to name a few. The past twenty years has been an exciting journey, and I’ve worked tirelessly to get to this point. At the start of 2020, I launched my latest business venture, U.S. Small Business Marketer (USSBM), a creative agency exclusively for small businesses! Traditional and digital marketing is a science, and the ever-changing world of technology means keeping up with hot marketing trends is even more challenging to master.

It saddens my heart that the already vulnerable small business community has taken such a hard hit in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Ways Entrepreneurs Can Start Making Money in a Hurry. Entrepreneurs create and operate new business, usually starting off small.

Ways Entrepreneurs Can Start Making Money in a Hurry

They see the opportunities in every potential idea and have the courage to fulfill it. Here’s a few ways entrepreneurs are making money. 1. Write a Book Though printed books are still being read, e-books are in demand. It takes a little time to curate an e-book but doing so will generate income for you. Traits that Distinguish a GOOD Serial Entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur requires a good business idea, passion, a plan of action, hard work, and good management skills.

Traits that Distinguish a GOOD Serial Entrepreneur

Simply having a good business idea does not make you an entrepreneur. There are many traits required to be the founder of a successful business, and even more, to be a GOOD serial entrepreneur. A serial entrepreneur is the one who starts multiple businesses over time. Having many businesses brings forth unlimited responsibilities and challenges. Top Three Characteristics for Successful Entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

Top Three Characteristics for Successful Entrepreneurship

It is undoubtedly not for those who cannot handle stress when the going gets tough. Being an entrepreneur is challenging, with many possible stressful situations. As an entrepreneur, you will have many wheels in motion, deadlines, budget constraints, teams to manage, and much more. This is why so many business blogs provide motivational tips for those entering the challenging arena of entrepreneurship.

In consideration of the challenges that a newly established entrepreneur will encounter, we offer the top three characteristics for success: passion, resilience, adaptability. Passion. Tips for Serial Entrepreneurs Entering a New Industry. People often think that a serial entrepreneur and a traditional entrepreneur are the same, but in reality, they are very different.

Tips for Serial Entrepreneurs Entering a New Industry

If you are inspired by the idea of entrepreneurship, then knowing the difference between the two is important. Traditional Versus Serial Entrepreneur. Reasons Why I'm Not Impressed by Some Entrepreneurs. On December 21, 2019, I attended a seminar on entrepreneurial spirit.

Reasons Why I'm Not Impressed by Some Entrepreneurs

There, I met an individual who claimed to be a serial entrepreneur. I asked the man how many companies he founded, and he bragged that he founded 10. It does not matter if you have started 10 companies, what matters is how well you manage your companies to become stable and profitable. Here are a few reasons why I am not impressed by some entrepreneurs. Not Good at Selecting a Team I’ve met some entrepreneurs who think all it takes is a ground-breaking idea to be successful. Too Quick to Quit. Best Ways to Establish Yourself as a Young Entrepreneur. No doubt, young people have many ways to become successful, or even famous entrepreneurs.

Best Ways to Establish Yourself as a Young Entrepreneur

Even if you are not ready to start your business now, you can do a lot to enhance your chances for a future business startup. Nowadays, many young people dream of being a successful business owner. If you are one of those people, keep reading. We have put together tips about how to become a young entrepreneur. Find Your Passion. Best Alternatives for Starting Your Own Business. For many, the idea of being an entrepreneur is tempting, but starting your own business is a lot of hard work.

Best Alternatives for Starting Your Own Business

There are ways that entrepreneurs can get started while avoiding some of the difficulties of starting a company from the ground up. Consider some of the alternative options we discuss in this article. 1.Investing and Venture Capital Funding. 5 Reasons Why Blogging is Essential for Business Success. Blogging is a smart marketing tactic to generate online visibility for your business and brand.

5 Reasons Why Blogging is Essential for Business Success

If you have a small business, one of your goals is probably to increase website traffic, right? Among many tried and true ways of developing a new audience and increasing traffic to your site, blogging, social media, and SEO are relatively inexpensive versus paid ads. Blogging for small business will help drive business success. Keep reading to learn the benefits of blogging! Reason 1: Drive Traffic to Site If you consistently post high-quality content with high-resolution pictures, and promote your blog articles effectively, you can increase your website traffic. First, blog about interesting topics not already saturated on the internet. Reason 2: Broaden Your Target Audience Using Blogs and Social Media Are your social media communities already established? Small Business Ideas for Your Community - US Small Business Marketer.

If you are an aspiring business owner trying to choose the right business model, we have some great business ideas.

Small Business Ideas for Your Community - US Small Business Marketer

Perhaps your local community is lacking one or more of the following business opportunities, and you can fill the void. Food Truck The food truck scene has exploded in recent years, providing those who love to cook and sell food a less expensive alternative to restaurant investment. Food trucks are a great way to explore parts of town that attract the most business for the types of food you are selling.

Life Lessons Essential for Business Success - US Small Business Marketer. 5 Ways to Work from Home and Make Money Online - US Small Business Marketer. Affiliate MarketingTeaching an Online CourseFreelance WriterFreelance Social Media ManagerWriting E-books There are many legitimate ways to work from home and make money online. A few options to consider are teaching an online course, blog writing, or social media management.

Let’s explore these options and a few more to see if one may be right for you. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is a quickly emerging digital marketing strategy proven to work. A company has a product or service to offer.An affiliate marketer promotes that product or service on their blog.Affiliate links determine the customer found the company’s products or services through the affiliate marketer’s blog.The affiliate marketer receives a commission from each sale. There are website builders like WordPress you can use to easily set up a blog. Teaching an Online Course If teaching is in your wheelhouse, consider the possibilities of developing an online course for something you’re good at doing.

Freelance Writer.