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Get inspired. Practice. Improve your drawing skills! Chapter 2. Human anatomy and figure drawing. Chapter 2. Human anatomy and figure drawing Before we start, I'd like to point out that knowledge of human anatomy is not a replacement for studying the body from real life or photos. So keep cranking out those sketches! (And hoarding those Victoria's Secret catalogs and similar magazines. Strictly for reference, of course.) We'll start with the largest bones and muscle masses. I would also like to apologize in advance for using the Latin names of the bones and muscles. (All illustrations in this chapter are referenced from photos that were taken from large distances, x-ray images, and [Gold], [Gray], and [Barc]) How to Draw a Mandala: Learn How to Draw Mandalas for Spiritual Enrichment and Creative Enjoyment.

Watercolor Female Portrait. Silvia Pavarini, Italywebsite: Monsieur Qui, Pariswebsite: Stella im Hultberg, USAwebsite: art scrap blog Yoco Nagamiya, Japanwebsite: Miwa Kaburaki, Japanwebsite: Medienpunk/Frederic, Germanywebsite: Marianne Goldin, USAwebsite: Jacklyn Laryea, Ghanawebsite:

Watercolor Female Portrait

Tutorial: How to Paint Realistic Eyes. Thu 27th Mar 2014, by Linda Bergkvist | Tutorial Painting Realistic Eyes by Linda Bergkvist has been one of our most popular tutorials.

Tutorial: How to Paint Realistic Eyes

Its 18 tips and tricks to create the "windows to the soul" are timeless. This week we dusted it off and gave it a polish for the many artists who will want to include these priceless steps into their workflow. The eye is probably the most catching thing about the human face. It's where we're looking when we're talking to people. Step 1 Let us start with a blank piece of paper, only make it flesh coloured instead. Common mistakes: Using a colour that is too saturated or too grey, a colour that is too orange or too pink. The Book Cover Archive.


Underwater Dog Photography by Seth Casteel. Cute underwater Dog Photography by Seth Casteel.

Underwater Dog Photography by Seth Casteel

Based in Los Angeles and Chicago and available nation-wide, Seth specializes in lifestyle pet photography, embracing the at-ease mentality of pets on-location in their natural surroundings. The results are spontaneous, priceless moments of your pet’s unique personality captured in photographs that will last forever. His passion for working with animals shines through in his craftsmanship, whether he’s on location in Beverly Hills photographing a pampered pooch or volunteering at the local shelter taking pictures of dogs and cats to help find them forever homes.

View the website. Cake Art. DeviantART. Yuanyuan Yang. Artist Tim Schumate. Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg. Bryan Lewis Saunders - DRUGS. "Near Death Experience" 25I-NBOMe Abilify / Xanax / Ativan (dosage unknown in hospital) 90mg Abilify (after 3 months usage 3x maximum dose) 1 sm Glass of Absinth 10mg Adderall Alcohol 10mg Ambien Ativan / Haloperidol (doseage unknown in hospital) Bath Salts 15mg Buspar (snorted) 4 Butalbitals (doseage unknown) Butane Honey Oil 250mg Cephalexin (painted w/ watercolor pencil, water and cephalexin) 1/2 gram Cocaine Computer Duster (2 squirts) 2 bottles of Cough Syrup 1 "Bump" of Crystalmeth 20mg Cyclobenzaprine 4mg Dilaudid 1 shot of Dilaudid / 3 shots of Morphine (In the ER with kidney stones) DMT (during and after) 60mg Geodon Hash.

Bryan Lewis Saunders - DRUGS

Zhoira on deviantART. The Secret to Composition by *lulie on deviantART. Pixel art. Pixel art is a retro form of digital art which is gaining a lot in popularity these days.

pixel art

Pixel art is generally thought of as a computer graphic where the image is literally drawn pixel-by-pixel in tiny detail, usually using a limited color palette and primitive computer graphics tools. For instance, Microsoft Paint, which hasn't been updated or changed in years, is a perfectly suitable tool for creating pixel art. Pixel art resembles the jaggie 8-bit computer graphics of the early 1990s such as those seen in computer role-playing games and Nintendo (NES) systems. Computer icons are typically created in a pixel art style.

Although pixel art is not hard to create, it does require a great deal of patience! Rose Covered Cottage Pixel Painting with Paint Shop Pro XPaint a rose-covered cottage country landscape in the 'pixel art' style using Paint Shop Pro. The hand. The hands are a notorious source of frustration. This section won't concentrate on the muscle structure, since the hand is very complex in this regard, and knowing this won't help much in drawing them. Instead, we'll look at proportions, range of motion, and possible simplifications. Structure and proportions Figure 2.20. Bone structure and proportions of the hand There is a very easy and surprisingly accurate way to remember the proportions of an adult's hand. The palm of the hand houses the metacarpal bones. The palm of the hand can be simplified to a box. Figure 2.21.

Notice that the box does not line up with the contour of the fingers. The two black arrows in the previous figure show how the little finger can move up and down. Warm-up Lists and Activities.