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Learn Portguese (PT)

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Falsos Cognatos (False Friends) Phrasebook with audio. Complete course. Portuguese Lessons. Sample Lessons. Introduction. Introduction This is not so much a language course in the traditional sense - it is more of a study companion, which attempts to explain the things that you need to know to be successful in learning Portuguese.


I have used technical terms where I felt it was necessary or useful, but have always attempted to explain what they mean as understandably as I can, and I have worked on the assumption that you know absolutely nothing about grammar already. Vocab Files. Interlex comes with a selection of ready-to-use vocabulary files for native English speakers learning French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Vocab Files

The files use British or American English, depending on the option selected when the software is installed. There are 11 files containing approximately 1500 words and phrases in each language. A single sample file is also provided for each of the following languages: Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Swedish and Turkish. First 1000 words + audio. Quicklinks To hear the words in this book read by a native speaker, choose a page number then click on the arrow buttons.

First 1000 words + audio

Click on the links below to go to the recommended websites for this book. Important! Read our three internet safety rules. The Body - Portuguese Vocabulary. Learn Portuguese (PT) Learn online. Courses. Vokabtrainer. Beginner - Tudo Bem Portuguese. Linguasnet. Readlang. Lang-8. Lingocracy.

Polyglot - Free. VocabTrainer. Duolingo. Reading. Jornais Portugal - Todos Os Jornais Portugueses. Contos. Biblioteca de Livros Digitais. Livros bilíngue. Tales. Isso dava uma crônica!


- Livro de Crônicas Nós, da turma do PFL 4 e 5, apresentamos o nosso livro de crônicas! Aqui você pode ler e saber mais sobre tópicos cotidianos que nos inspiraram e que talvez... Adobe PDF document. The Love of the Forest - World Stories. The sun rises above the Amazon rainforest and the huge, evergreen trees allow rays of light to pass between their leaves and paint the forest floor in dappled shadows.

The Love of the Forest - World Stories

In one of the taller trees, little monkey Dora is waking up. Dora is a pretty little monkey with brown hair and a long tail. She wishes that she could sleep some more, but there is no time to lose. Today is the day of the big party. Monkeys will come from far and wide to attend the party, even from neighbouring countries such as Peru and Bolivia. Dora is very excited because this year she has been asked to help the older monkeys of the community with the organizing of the party. Dora arrives at the meeting early and is very pleased to see her friend Tinga.

The other monkeys often laugh at Tinga’s strange white hair and green eyes, but Dora does not like such jokes. Dora first met Paco at the big party the previous year. Ebooks. Contos de Grimm. Stories. Carochinha. Software I use. LWT. Fltr. A Handy App For Language Learning Last Version: 0.8.6 (28-Aug-2012, updated 21-Jun-2013) Abstract and Introduction FLTR helps you to do both extensive and intensive reading as part of your foreign language acquisition in an easy and pleasant way.


While reading, you look up unknown words in web dictionaries (you must be online to do so) and save vocabulary terms (words and multi-word expressions) with translations, romanization (like Pinyin, Hiragana, etc., optional) and example sentence (optional). Each term has also a learning status (1/"Unknown" to 5/"Known", plus Statuses "Ignored" and "Well Known") with an associated color. The saved words will automatically show up with all their data and status in all texts in the same language. Mnemosyne. Teach2000. MiniTeach app. Vocatrain. Android client for Mnemosyne. Mnemododo allows cards from Mnemosyne (a spaced-repetition flash-card program) to be reviewed on an Android-powered mobile phone.

Android client for Mnemosyne

Mnemododo does not replace Mnemosyne: cards are still added, edited, and deleted using a desktop or laptop computer. Rather, cards for several days are exported using the Mnemogogo plugin and then transferred to a mobile phone where they can be reviewed on the go. AnyMemo. Pronunciation & Audio. Beginning 15: Typical daily activities. Vanessa : ficar ou partir ? TTS. RhinoSpike.

Forvo. Meu Fado. Audio Portugais. Idioms. Proverbs - Wiki. Portuguese idioms. Literal translation of Portuguese popular idioms.

Portuguese idioms

Idioms. Useful. Keyboard (PT) LearnGlue. Example sentences. Sample sentences. Grammar. Portuguese Online Homepage. Conjugate. Konjugation. Grammar. Contractions. Conjugação. Online Verb Conjugation Trainer - Learn Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, English.

Portuguese Personal Infinitive. Portuguese Verbs - Regular verbs. Play. Brincar. O Leme. Sítio dos Miúdos. Various. Escola Virtual. ASSIMIL. I have finished one of the most helpful books that I have read so far in my entire life, “Assimil: Le Nouveau Francais Sans Peine”.


If you are already a veteran of the language learning field; the most probable thing is that you’re already aware of this method, but if you’re a new comer in this discipline, this is the right place for you and probably this is the right method for you. The Assimil Series: Available in a lot of languages The Assimil Series is one of the greatest self-learning books that you could encounter, mainly because of its unique method that consists in an overall exposition of the language you’re learning in short lessons which feature either short dialogues, short stories, jokes, or interesting text about the language or about the country in which that language is spoken. Blog. Portuguese.