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How to Regrow Food in Water: 10 Foods that Regrow Without Dirt. Semilleros. Boskke Sky Planters. Interior Trends We’ve been intrigued by Boskke sky planters since we first came across them a few years back. they look incredible hanging in kitchens, over tables and we’ve even seen them in bathrooms.

Boskke Sky Planters

Crafted from high quality stoneware ceramic, every piece is made by hand and available in mini, small, medium and large sizes. Their clever slo-flo irrigation watering system helps to avoid over-watering, and their unique upside down hanging system helps to save on bench-space. Some of the the plants that Boskke recommend planting in their sky planters include; ferns, ivy, geraniums, orchids, parsley, lillies and even strawberries.

Boskke Cube: A 'self watering' transparent planter. Bonny Plant Lamp. 41 Cool Flowerpots and Creative Planters. Collection of ‘Cool Flowerpots and Creative Planters’ from all over the world.

41 Cool Flowerpots and Creative Planters.

Plant Growing PC Concepts: "The main idea of this project is to design a CPU that is more concerned about "green thinking' and 'life style' by having a decorative piece. " Mansion Planter: Creation of designer Nobuhiro Sato, this unique planter resembles a realistic small-scale mansion; its incredibly detailed, complete with windows, balconies, handrails and stairs. 15 Creative Planters and Modern Flowerpot Designs - Part 6. Collection of 'Creative Planters and Modern Flowerpot Designs' that will make your indoor and outdoor gardening more interesting.

15 Creative Planters and Modern Flowerpot Designs - Part 6.

Cork Planters: These cork planters are really cute, they are easy to make and make awesome fridge magnets. Planter Coffee Table: This coffee table is created from Scandinavian foam that allows the plants to retain their freshness. Elica Idroponica: Elica Idroponica is a self-sustaining hydroponic domestic garden. Planto: Developed by Wesley Chau, it shows the three main phases of plant growth in a smart, space-saving manner. Up Top: This carafe holds 1L of water, comes with a cup, and small planter up in the top perfect for plants, lemons, or snacks. 15 Unique Planters and Creative Flowerpot Designs - Part 5.

Collection of 'Unique Planters and Creative Flowerpot Designs' that will make your indoor and outdoor gardening more interesting.

15 Unique Planters and Creative Flowerpot Designs - Part 5.

Lamp Flowerpot: It's a beautiful combination of a desk lamp and a flowerpot; it uses the USB as its power source, and for data transfer. It comes with a built-in microchip that keeps track of power usage and also detects when you need to water your plant, and notify you via SMS or social networking. Plant Window: Its constructed from numerous planter boxes that together creates a natural curtain that filters light. 15 Modern Planters and Creative Flowerpot Designs - Part 4. Collection of 'Unusual Planters and Clever Flowerpot Designs' that will make your indoor and outdoor gardening more interesting.

15 Modern Planters and Creative Flowerpot Designs - Part 4.

Succulent Pallet Table: Can you believe it that this cool succulent table is created using old pallets and table legs. 15 Creative Planters and Unique Flowerpot Designs - Part 3. Collection of 'Creative Planters and Unique Flowerpot Designs' that will make your indoor and outdoor gardening more interesting.

15 Creative Planters and Unique Flowerpot Designs - Part 3.

Rolypoly Planters: When water levels are low, the planter slowly tips over using water as a counterweight. The best part is that each planter can be adjusted to work with any plant's watering needs, though this is still a concept for now. Digital Planter: This cool planter measures soil conditions, temperature, and water - calculates these variables based on the need of the said plant, and displays its condition via a screen.

15 Modern Planters and Creative Flowerpot Designs. Collection of 'Modern Planters and Creative Flowerpot Designs' that will make your indoor and outdoor gardening more interesting.

15 Modern Planters and Creative Flowerpot Designs

Sky Planter Ceramic – Boskke. A Smart, Clear, Dead Simple Self-Watering Planter. Bless their hearts, Boskke makes super smart planting options without leaning on needless tech for their innovation.

A Smart, Clear, Dead Simple Self-Watering Planter

The brand is already a familiar friend around my house and the internet, thanks to their surprisingly practical upside down Sky planter, but this new design has its feet solidly on the ground. Called the Cube, this planter explodes the notion of hiding a self-watering chamber inside a pot... and the idea of an opaque pot too. Enter a caption (optional) Just plant your small green buddy, fill the tank through the small hole at the top, and grow. The design hinges on the company's "Slo Flo" passive irrigation, which uses a terracotta disk at the bottom of the planter to slowly wick moisture to the plant's roots.

A Minimalist Dinner Table That Doubles As Sound Dampening. Mealtimes can be messy affairs, and not just with food.

A Minimalist Dinner Table That Doubles As Sound Dampening

Wakufuru is a new furniture collection intended to take the edge off the loud sounds that often come with dining spaces. Designed for Glimarka by Johan Kapui, the set of tables, benches and additional seating all incorporate sound muffling materials within the simple solid ash wood frames. Enter a caption (optional) The tabletops are veneered MDF. Below is a hidden acoustic filling pad made from felt, perforated board, foam, and a layer of air to maximize the threat to clatter. The furniture itself is elegant, sturdy, and modern. Shockingly Sleek Indoor Garden... Furniture? Despite grumpily noting the few options for nice indoor plant lighting the other day, and the few safe plant-incorporating lights before that, I'm grateful that Goula / Figura escaped my attention until now because no one else would have stood a chance.

Shockingly Sleek Indoor Garden... Furniture?

The Barcelona-based duo recently unveiled their Viride series of plant… things, and they're in a category by themselves. The planters aim to address several common issues with indoor greenery: insufficient light, inconsistent humidity, and tragically embarrassing un-chic form factor. These experimental pieces highlight the plants themselves, while making the different needs of the plants attractive as well. Urban Oasis by Andrea Mangone - Design Ideas. Urban Oasis was born as an internal project at Bantum, a design consultancy based in Shanghai. The project, in fact, was initially thought for the Chinese market as in China the global urbanisation trends are even more extreme.

The name Urban Oasis nicely translates the product’s philosophy: a natural island in a city covered by concrete, where people can reconnect to nature and re-gain control over the food they eat while learning something new and having fun.– Andrea Mangone In Shanghai we could experience first-hand the trend that inspired our design: people are moving to live in mega-cities facing rising levels of air and water pollution, increasing amount of trash produced, food safety issues while growing more and more disconnected from nature. Urban Oasis wants to shine a light over a more virtuous lifestyle where people would re-gain control over the food they eat by growing vegetables directly in their homes. – Andrea Mangone.

VÄXER Acces ilum cultivo. VÄXER Acces ilum cultivo. Fabrica's Statera desk tidy brings plants into the workplace. Researchers at Italian design centre Fabrica have created a desk tidy for both plants and stationery to encourage office workers to make their spaces more verdant (+ slideshow). Fabrica's designers wanted to bring "the therapeutic properties of plants" to desks, including space for foliage in the Statera desk organiser. Statera – taken from the Latin word for "balance" – comprises a black metal structure that holds a small ceramic pot on either side and features hooks for hanging roles of tape. 17 Creative and Innovative Plant Pot Designs – Design Swan. Spring is almost at hand. Are you ready to green your home? Heavy Petal » GroBal by Karim Rashid. I wandered over to Velocity Art and Design after seeing housemartin’s tour of their Seattle store.

What caught my eye was housemartin’s photo of the Esque terrariums (which, by the way, are beautiful, but for $600, I’d want mine to come planted, thankyouverymuch). Anyway, I was quickly distracted by GroBal, a planter by hugely-prolific product designer Karim Rashid. According to Velocity, “GroBal is plant care evolved no green thumb necessary. With its unique self watering system, and stylish design by Karim Rashid, Grobal keeps your house plants lush, green, and looking sharp.” The best indoor gardens to gift this year Veritable Smart Garden – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Esta es la maceta inalámbrica Parrot Pot que te ayuda a cuidar las plantas de casa. ¿Con la vuelta al trabajo no tienes tiempo para las tareas domésticas? Que esto no sea una excusa para no tener una casa "a la última" y bien cuidada y para ello en toda casa es necesaria la presencia de macetas o plantas que le den un toque de frescor.

Hidroponía, para que tus plantas crezcan felices. Menuda palabra, hidroponía. No sabía que existía hasta hace dos horas, pero ya me he enamorado de ella, y mis plantas aromáticas más aún, porque hará que crezcan sanas y felices sin tener que estar pendiente de ellas ni hipotecar demasiado espacio con sucias macetas llenas de tierra, que en la terraza están muy bien, pero no son lo mejor para mi cocina. Jardín vertical minigarden. Jardín vertical minigarden. Jardin Vertical interior Garden Center online. Jardín vertical Citysens: hidropónico, modular y con riego automático. Jardín vertical Citysens: hidropónico, modular y con riego automático. URBIO: recipientes magnéticos para DECORAR las paredes.

La idea original de URBIO era la de ayudar a hacer de las paredes unas superficies más verdes y hermosas, mediante un sistema modular metálico sobre el que se pudiera pegar magnéticamente diferentes tipos de maceteros. No es un sistema de jardín vertical propiamente dicho, ya que no incorpora instalación de riego, por lo que está indicado más bien para plantas que requieran poca agua, o para personas con tiempo suficiente para su cuidado. Pero además de servir como mural decorativo, URBIO es también un moderno método para organizar nuestras cosas, es versátil, ya que se puede utilizar para almacenar en la pared cuadernos, lápices, utensilios de cocina, etc… Cada recipiente está hecho con plástico ecológico, y los imanes son de neodimio, con tamaño suficiente para sostener cualquier cosa. Las placas metálicas que se colocan en la pared son modulares, y cada una viene con cuatro huellas sobre las que acoplar los imanes de los botes.

Huerta extra grande de 20 plantas vivas en Paqua. IKEA moves into indoor gardening with hydroponic kit. IKEA has launched its new indoor gardening product into stores, bringing home hydroponics to a larger market (+ slideshow). The Krydda/Växer series allows consumers to grow their own plants and vegetables inside, without soil or sunlight. It works through two interlinked systems: first seeds are placed in the Växer's moistened stone wool starter plugs. Once they have sprouted, the plugs are planted into Krydda pots, where they are hugged by water-retaining pumice stones as they mature.

Units can either be placed in a windowsill to take advantage of natural sunlight or affixed to a specialised low-energy LED lamp to enable cultivation anywhere, at any time of year. This type of product is a first for IKEA, as it moves towards a more sustainable vision for the interiors market. The company's senior product developer Ronnie Runesson was inspired to develop the range while living in China. Herb by Nick Fraser. London designer Nick Fraser presents these faceted terracotta plant pots at Clerkenwell Design Week in London this week.

Called Herb, the design for growing herbs on a kitchen windowsill will be on show with food and design collective DesignMarketo in association with the Barbican at the Farmiloe building. Plant pot by Uli Budde. Studio Ayaskan's Growth plant pot expands with its occupant. Fold Pot by Emanuele Pizzolorusso expands around growing plants. Italian designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso has designed a flexible flower pot that can double in capacity to accommodate plants as they grow and prevent the need for repotting (+ slideshow). Plantation pots combine hand-thrown porcelain with discarded glasses. Fabrica's Statera desk tidy brings plants into the workplace. Bel-Air by Mathieu Lehanneur. Naturalist exhibition aims to reconnect city dwellers with nature. Urban Oasis Gardening Kit Packaging by Andrea Mangone. Guerilla Gardeners: Waging a Green War, One Seed Bomb at a Time. No-refrigeración: diseño y técnicas tradicionales para la conservación de los alimentos.

Macetas autoregantes recicladas. Ideasverdes. Green Inspirations. Pregnancy vest and stroller for baby plants by Alice Kim. Anderssen & Voll creates tool collection for indoor gardening. Atelier 2+ designs miniature greenhouse for indoor gardeners. Philips’ City Farming: Designing The Future of Food. Zeer: innovación con tecnología "low" y tradicional. No-refrigeración: diseño y técnicas tradicionales para la conservación de los alimentos. Patrick Blanc: The vertical garden, from nature to cities. Vertical Garden Patrick Blanc. Best Practices Sustainable Innovation 2015. Winners Award PRO 2014. Winners Award PRO 2012. TetraPOT is a greener alternative to coastal defences. Elegant Kitchen Herb Planter Pots by Toyo. Una huerta para el hogar. 12 originales macetas para balcones pequeños.

Macetas y soportes para tus plantas. Garden in a Bag “Oregano” Practical And Original Design Ideas – Greenbo Flower Pot On The Balcony – Fresh Design Pedia. Modern and Creative Plant Pot Designs. Facepot: Fun and Innovative Flower Pot Displaying Familiar faces – Design Swan. Flower Pot as Natural Air Filtration Solution- Commercial Interior Design News. Grow Saplings in Cute Ceramic Egglings Planters. Create Your Own Herb Nursery With Power Plant Gadget! The Talking Flower Pot. Modern herb pots - Hi-tech And Simple Ceramic Pot To Grow Herb In Your Home - Sagaform's Trio Herb Pot. Plastic Creative Clouds Rainy Pot Wall-hung Flower Pot Set at Banggood. Schattengewächs is a flower pot that blooms light in various shapes – Livbit. Product design by Christine Facella at 1803860_32587534946. Flower Pot That Detects Your Plant Age. Wall-Mounted Modular Flowerpots : Urbio Vertical Garden. 15 Creative Planters and Modern Flowerpot Designs - Part 6.

Yanko Design. 17 Creative and Innovative Plant Pot Designs – Design Swan. Plants. Maceta inteligente apuesta por la agricultura del futuro · USM Noticias · Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María. AMBIENTA by sagegreenlife - interior decor. Vertical Garden - Schiavello. Sage vertical gardens. Deveras. KRYDDA Módulo de cultivo. KRYDDA Módulo de cultivo 3 niveles. Techos y Muros Verdes en Colombia - Groncol Infraestructura Verde. Agricultura urbana a la colombiana. - Photos. Inicio Jardines Urbanos. Sistema Sphagnum MSP90 - Verdtical. Sistema Hidroponía PRV2 - Verdtical. Sistema Cuadro Vivo. Freestanding Green Walls - Ambius. GSky® Versa Wall™ Green Wall Tray System - Ambius. Sage Vertical Garden System. GSky® Pro Wall™ Plant System - Ambius.