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UROOJ is a pioneering Staffing and Information Technology Services organization that differentiates itself from the competition by partnering with both its clients and consultants.

Urooj Corporation - Jobs: Hiring for Account Staffing in NJ - Apply online. IT Staffing & Technology Solutions in NJ. 6 intact tips to keep your IT staff and accountants upright towards your company. Have you ever wondered which is the most important asset of your company?

6 intact tips to keep your IT staff and accountants upright towards your company

Well! It’s your IT and accountant staff that act as a key of your company’s safe vault. This safe vault contains all important information regarding finance, intellectual assets, and personal records of the company. So, we can say that IT and accounting employs is the most essential asset of the company that should be hired in the most tentative manner.

Hiring for Account Staffing in NJ, USA job in Rutherford, NJ - November 2016. Staffing Solutions New Jersey. Urooj – Staffing Solutions has the ability to recruit the most qualified candidates giving you a powerful competitive advantage.

Staffing Solutions New Jersey

Our knowledgeable recruiting professionals have the experience to find the most highly educated and skilled applicants in the Information Technology, manufacturing, financial, engineering and other technical fields, without wasting unnecessary time or resources. How we work with you? Our long-tenured UROOJ Associates understand thoroughly the needs of businesses, as well as your unique culture and environment. They employ aggressive recruiting, rigorous screening, and proven processes to deliver the highest quality talent. Full Range of Staffing services: One of the leading contract and permanent staffing solutions firm with a rich 14+ years of heritage.

Data warehousing and business intelligence- key to effective decision-making. Software Product Development Services in NJ. We offer a deep reservoir of proven practices, processes, tools and infrastructure to define, design, develop, implement and support mission-critical software solutions.

Software Product Development Services in NJ

Our software product development service offerings are customized to help our Clients build complex, sophisticated commercial software products for them. By building deep competence in its products and a thorough understandingof its business, we extend our support to valuable clients with flexible resources that fit the evolving, constantly-varying demands of their business. Cloud Services - TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS COMPANY. Enterprises are recognizing that a cloud infrastructure can deliver more than just efficiencies in their IT environment.


Cloud can be a true growth engine for the business. But some organizations do not have the staff or the desire to manage the cloud environment themselves. They want a trusted cloud provider to take on the management of the cloud for their critical workloads. To fully realize the benefits of cloud, you may need a fully managed cloud environment designed with enterprise-grade security, reliability, and flexibility to handle your most important workloads. Refer & Earn, get a Bonus of $3000 while referring an IT professional to Urooj. Reap optimum benefits by hiring a professional software company.

In recent times, the software industry has really become the practical need of many individual and enterprise.

Reap optimum benefits by hiring a professional software company

This is why choosing a decent software development firm has become rather indispensable. Such a business aids you in building tailor made software which can be implemented by you to enhance the running of your business. These classes of companies are known to provide you an economical solution in relation to software development. Some of the significant benefits of hiring software development companies in NJ are elaborated below- Huge Resources Company building customized software has substantial quantity of resources that aid them perform operative and effective software development procedures.

Extraordinary Quality For drawing more and more customers, the firms are now emphasizing upon proposing extraordinary solutions. Team of Technical Proficiency Time- bound and Economical Solution So, do not waste valuable working hours in thinking. IT consulting- The impeccable way to sort out your IT necessities. With unconventional and cutting-edge IT solutions comes susceptibility owing to which numerous big organizations are looking forward to outsource or appoint IT consultancy folks rather than having their own IT consulting team within their own business.

IT consulting- The impeccable way to sort out your IT necessities

When you are searching for a respectable IT consulting firm to satisfy your business necessities, there are a few vital stuffs you must keep in consideration: When you set out to find the right IT consulting companies in New Jersey look for these things- You should carry out an appropriate background inquiry.You can seek references from others who have utilized related services.You can even find out from other trades in your slot to know which IT consulting firm they are hiring.You can browse and explore online to spot the IT consulting firm which meets all your necessities. So, hire the It firm that will accelerate your business prospects and solutions in the long term. Quality Assurance Services New Jersey. Referral. Earn $3000 ( Yes, Three Thousand Dollars !


) Referral Bonus, when you refer an IT Professional to Urooj, who ends up joining Urooj on Full time basis. This is only for Candidates who are already in USA, have a project in hand or can bring a project on their own to work thru Urooj. For those candidate, for whom Urooj have to find a project, the referral Bonus is $2000. ( Two Thousand Dollars) Referral Bonus is paid, only: When the candidate stays employed on full time basis with Urooj, for atleast 1 year.After we receive our payments from our Clients / Partners.50% of the referral fee will be paid after we receive 6 months of Billing and the balance 50% will be paid after we receive another 6 months of billing.This is only for Candidates who are already in USA on a valid work permit.

Staffing Solutions New Jersey. IT Consulting Services in NJ. IT is an extremely dynamic field.

IT Consulting Services in NJ

More sophisticated and newer technologies arrive every day and the IT professionals and IT consulting firms need to update themselves constantly to be ahead in the race. The professionals at Urooj help their clienteles to thrive in an extremely competitive IT environment. We aid the clients to realize a particular business potential, technology problem and identifies the solution associated with the problems. Engineering Staffing New Jersey.

Strategic solutions.

Engineering Staffing New Jersey

Premier engineering talent. Any engineering staffing organization demands an equally effective workforce partner, with the integrity and technical competence to ensure high performance from its engineering talent. Urooj Services specializes in providing workforce solutions to the engineering staffing industry and has been placing contract engineers with clients since 2002. We’ve built our recruitment success on the value of quality people. That’s years of history in developing our solutions to address the workforce challenges of the engineering community, across an array of specialized industries.

Reliable quality performance Here, your business can realize service excellence delivered at its highest level of performance: through a fully scalable range of engineering workforce solutions, led by a tenured staff for more efficient, consistent outcomes. Work with Urooj. IT Infrastructure Services NJ. A robust infrastructure is critical to data protection and maintenance, as well as effective day-to-day operations and core business activities of an enterprise.

IT Infrastructure Services NJ

The Experis Infrastructure and Data Solutions Practice implements best practice delivery services, enabling a holistic infrastructure project/service approach that meets the demand of today’s enterprise environment. We provide organizations with a comprehensive project approach structured by phases to ensure timely and accurate deliverables. Each phase includes high-level work activities broken down into the specific tasks for an orderly, simplified implementation. The framework is designed to ensure that both the customer and Experis understand their respective roles and the necessary components required for success.

Our solutions are further strengthened thru our Partnerships with Cisco, Microsoft, vmware, EMC, IBM, Avaya, etc. Web Design & Development companies in NJ. Essential four steps to select the most capable IT staffing agency in NJ. IT staffing is no small business and entails huge responsibilities. The staffing companies do not only supply IT experts to the IT firms but they also screen, trains and pays those staffs. So, selecting an IT staffing firm to employ IT recruits is a decision that should never be taken casually. Since, they will have access to delicate data or passwords, and will be managing all the technology that aids your business role. If you are a business devoid of technical proficiency and must depend on an IT staffing NJ agency to deliver trustworthy staffs then check out the below points- Remoteness can frequently impact communication badly.

Healthcare and Medical Staffing Agencies NJ. The cost of labor has skyrocketed for all healthcare & Medical staffing Agencies. Labor costs are easily a healthcare facility’s single largest expense, representing between 50 -55% of revenue. These costs have largely been driven by the nationwide shortages in nursing and other disciplines that is forecasted to continue for the next several years. Despite many attempts to control these costs, it is a challenge for healthcare organizations to address labor and benefit costs internally without investing additional money to develop systems to manage the problem. Urooj has implemented a number of unique outsourcing solutions for Federal, State, and Local governments for healthcare and mental health facilities.

Each outsourcing project has been customized to meet the unique needs of our client.