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Susan George Our bones are protected by a muscular coat around them joined to bone through tendons.

This muscular pad save bones from breaking. When a heavy external force is exerted against the bones and muscular cushion around the bones fails to resist that external pressure, our bone brakes, which is termed as fracture in medical terminology.Types of Fractures Primarily there are two types of fractures based upon their severity displace or compound also known as open fractures, and non-displaced, simple or closed.Displaced Fractures As the name indicate, in this type of fractures bones breaks and protrudes out from its place against the skin, creating an injury to skin.

Its a serious issue as puncture in the skin could be a path for fungi, bacteria and other harmful pathogens to body. Non- Displaced Fractures Greenstick fractures – bone bend but do not break, mostly occurs in children.Treatment. Causes of Nausea and Dizziness. What are nausea and dizziness?

Causes of Nausea and Dizziness

When you are getting a sensation of vomiting in your gut and find that your stomach is not well you are suffering from nausea. In case of dizziness, you will feel twirls like your room is moving in a circular motion, you might not be able to move due to it. Extreme situations may lead to fainting. Like jaundice nausea and dizziness are also not considered as an independent disease because they are the symptoms of some other diseases which acts as a root cause. AstraHealth - 5 Common Infections in Infants. What Infection Imply ?

AstraHealth - 5 Common Infections in Infants

When our body is invaded by diseases causing agents like virus, bacteria, worms, fungus and the list goes on, they release toxic material in our body that bring us under the low weather, is known as infection. These pathogen don't remains restricted to us only but by the means of air, water or through personal contact they gets transmitted to other people near us. How to Recover Fast From Muscle Tear. Muscle Tear ?

How to Recover Fast From Muscle Tear

While playing badminton have you ever experienced a sudden pain which has restricted your further movement or Your foot suddenly bend when you are running and cease you from running? This is due to muscle tear. Our muscles are elastic in nature and when we pull them suddenly, sometimes they tear up and we suffer painful strains, which do not let us to move further. Urgent Care- Astrahealth Center in Belleville, NJ 07109. Successful Tips to Manage Anger by Susan George. By Susan George Urgent Care Services Almost everyone of us has gone through this stage when we lose our self-control.

Successful Tips to Manage Anger by Susan George

And then there starts an era of shouting at your friends and family members, breaking crockery, furniture, and other objects. Have you ever tried to know the root cause behind it, why we get hyper suddenly? Well, there are numerous reasons behind it. It may be associated with medical complications like high blood pressure, or dissatisfaction with current situation which makes you frustrated. 1. Our frustration, anger, dissatisfaction does not exist in a vacuum, they always have reason associated with them. 2.

Do you have any idea about why Saints remain calm and composed even when circumstances are against them? 3. Aedes aegypti mosquito when prick your skin, it inject a virus of dengue in blood streams, now this injected virus invade our white blood cells and destroy them.

After wbcs it got transferred to main blood streams infect them as well. The harm is cause to the body could be seen through different symptoms that are body reflect once we are caught by the dengue. Some of them are: 1. High Grade Fever When our body is infected by an alien agent, the immune system shows its effect by maintaining a very high body temperature, as high temperature will kill the external agents. First Aid for Hyperventilation - - New, Technology, Marketing, Health and So on.

What Hyperventilation Actually Means?

First Aid for Hyperventilation - - New, Technology, Marketing, Health and So on.

Normally we breath 15-18 time in a minute, except during yoga or exercise when our rate of breathing and deepness both increase to a certain level. Apart from that when we are not putting any extra effort to fasten and deepen our exhaling-inhaling process and still it goes too high and deep. This is the moment when you are hyperventilating. Cause Associated We can't limit our perception to a single reason for it, there are so many reasons which can lead to this situation, it could be a pre symptom of heart stroke, or for that matter any other reason such as fungal infection in lungs, injury or clotting to lungs which restrict the path of oxygen to body. First Aid 1. 2. What Causes Jaundice in Adults. What is Jaundice?

What Causes Jaundice in Adults

The cycle of forming new blood cells in bone marrow and destruction of the old one in blood stream after their life span, continue on a regular basis. When old rbcs burst in blood stream they release a chemical heme, yellow in colour, this heme is transferred to liver where it is known as bilirubin and gives yellow colour to bile juice, eventually bilirubin is excreted through large intestine. Now when a huge number of rbcs are destructed in blood stream, this is very obvious that it will raise the quantity of heme in blood, and our blood will become of yellowish tinge, which gets reflected through our yellowish skin, nails and sclera (white part of the eye) of the eye.

Generally we term it as jaundice. Physician do not consider it as a diseases because the factor which is the root cause of rbcs destruction is the real diseases. Causes Destruction of Red Blood Cells Above to Normal Rate 1. 2. 3. When Liver Fails in Catalysis Of Heme 1. 1. A Complete Guide On Blood Pressure. You may not know whenever your blood pressure shoots up, if you don't monitor it regularly.

A Complete Guide On Blood Pressure

It is crucial to take action to continue to keep your blood pressure in order. Hence, it's important to get your blood pressure checked at fixed intervals. Please be aware that the table mentions blood pressure only up to a particular age because with old age a good deal of factors get involved. Another step which you can do in order to screen your own blood pressure, is to visit the local pharmacy and purchase a decent electronic blood pressure cuff. That use in setting guidelines in regards to regular blood pressure. How To Treat Clavicle Fracture. Welcome to!

How To Treat Clavicle Fracture

ALL >> Health >> View Article Clavicle fractures are very common. They are commonly known as a breaking of the collarbone, and they are usually a result of injury or trauma. If people start discussing bone fractures, clavicle fractures are usually involved with the discussion since they are among some of the most typical bone fractures seen in the health care community.

If you are looking for expert then you can visit Urgent Care Hoboken In case the fracture has been displaced, the bones don't heal correctly, known as a malunion. Medical Mingle > Albert. If you do think you're lacking iron, speak with your health care provider. It seems iron is only an afterthought. There are no 2 ways about, iron is an important mineral.

Any additional iron can be kept in your liver. Complete Guide To Muscle Tear - Strong Article. The damaged area of the muscle protrudes outwards, forming a huge lump. 10 Most Common Diseases in USA. In today’s world medical science is growing day by day, hence providing us certain treatment for almost every possible disease. We can find a specialist for any particular disease, still there are some viruses which cause death. There are some common diseases with which USA is suffering. The human body works when various systems work in the body like respiratory system, cardiovascular system, nervous system etc. Tips For Having a Sound Sleep – An Urgent Care Service. Access to different gadgets, late night shifts, midnight food delivery services by restaurants, or thousands such reasons are forcing us to destroy are sleep. Today there are very few who are having a good sleep, required by a human body.

When you have no proper sleep, you will fail to concentrate on your work and whole day would be wasted, more there are chances of many diseases to occur due to improper sleep. Urgent Care Center: Pre Warning of Heart Attacks. Everyone is living a hectic life today,we don't have time to focus on our health.

This is not confined to one or two person or a group ,students are burning midnight oil to get successful in their studies, working people have to met their assignments with a meticulous care of deadlines . One word echo everywhere and that's stress! In past few years there have been a flush of sudden death due to heart failure. In order to avoid that you have to be aware of the symptoms of heart attack so that you should have better idea when to approach a physician.

Symptoms of Heart Attack Thoracic Pain The most common symptom of heart attack is pain in your thoracic region, you will feel like your heart is coming out from your mouth .It will ache like anything and throw you in a huge discomfort .This chest pain will last for few minutes ,exceptional cases may be there when you have to suffer the pain longer.

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7 Early Signs of Decreased Liver Function. Benefits of Dot Drug testing - Urgent Care Services Near New Jersey. 9 Common Signs of Jaundice You Shouldn't Ignore. AstraHealth - How to Prevent Respiratory Infections.4 27 2017. 7 Early Signs of Decreased Liver Function. Blog - What Is Bell’s Palsy? How Can It Be Cured – Susan George – Medium. AstraHealth Services PowerPoint presentation. Urgent Care Clinic South Plainfield. Urgent Care Center: What is ADHD and How Is It Diagnosed? First Aid Tips you should know in case of a Road-Traffic Accident.